Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2

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Unicorn Reviews : I have no purpose for it, but I still want one.

Bhalesh Patel : *First thing I checked was upload date to make sure it wasn't uploaded on 1 April.*

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : Oh nice. I really like this. Super futuristic.

Lightfox : A mazing

INDroid : I want a wall of my room made with it. 😍 This is why windows exist. This is why Apple is 'Different' because they can't think of it.

Defias Bandit : I have no need for one. I likely can't even afford one. Yet I want 7 of them on my wall at home.

Baldeep Birak : So much technology technology at your fingertips.

mohammad fasih : Hope it doesn't cost 2 kidneys and a left ear.......

Dendle : It’s official. We’re in the future.

The Rest Of Us : Microsoft has become fantastic at making products that make for a great presentation. Unfortunately there is zero understanding of how people actually work. I can already predict the inevitable discontinuation of that thing.

Non Profit Robloxian : Everythings better until you know how much it costs.

Arya Volvoicar : Microsoft is back in the game. Also those were the most beautiful cinematics ever.

RAZzullix : Tfw Microsoft is selling Bill Gates old furniture.

rsato8 : Cool. But I’d probably just use it to watch YouTube videos

Justin Y. : We have the same thing at school it's just called a *Smart Board*

CK Media : im just going to say it, why does everyone ave their hands in their pockets???

Mj Vision : Looks like a really heavy phone to carry around, is the stand with wheels included?

Matt Mustang : Asian women with butts are a treasure, and should be protected at all costs and appreciated by all humakind.

Anjaann Anjanna : But how can I put that window phone in my pocket..

Almighty Element : The future is coming closer. This is what products in future tech videos use to look like. If I can afford it I’m definitely buying one.

Marcus : Last time I fell in love with a product like this, Steve jobs was still alive.

Whatevs : I never thought I would say this, but Microsoft has out-appled Apple!

LizardGorgeous : Apple taught them well. 🙂

Ahh Trying : Did the video had to be so dramatic

Jules Winnfield : A marvel in software and hardware engineering. Wonderful development.

Dapper Dop : Just take my money...

Tina Garza : Goodbye Apple hello Microsoft 😎😎

Terry Kay : but can you go to pornhub with it ..that's the question

Jose Calderon : Now I can never miss a tile playing Piano Tiles.

Jason Peng : so its just a touch screen, wireless TV...aren't there plenty of those already?

AdemolaVictorTv : Classes using this would benefit. Teacher will just send videos of the lesson plus what's written on the board (screen)

Stealthy Ninja 115 : We already know this is gonna be 2 trillion dollars

xnuit : Is it just me or does anyone else remember seeing these in the dystopian movie *EQUALS* ??

TheUnstoppableBrigade : Watching on my Surface Hub 2

HELPFEEDBALTA : Anyone here knows where I can find similar instrumental music played in this video. I find it so good and I want to immerse myself with more. Hope someone can lead me to the right direction. Thanks!

Internet Superstar David Elliott : Music: Epic Cinematics: Awesome Product: Uhh that wont fit in my pocket

YungKiraupsetMusic : Big mini pad now on wall? 🤔

Devendra Singh Shekhawat : Wow what did I just saw?!

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xNUMBER1GUYx : How much?

Fact Hunter : This is what beauty means

Dewanto R. : Ahh, another technology only 50% can afford. Is it weird that I want to play a game with touching the whole screen like a maniac?

azron201 : The lag will be strong in this one. I also feel the heattt and radiation off the screen

Francisco Javier Valdez : NANI!!??

Skilbhumen : That women sure love the back stand there

Justin Lieber : 4k comment

Lilpunk Ss : People they just don’t realise it yet that we are now living in the future..

azizam azizan : At least I have surface pro. Awesome laptop

Luis Perez : Where is my Surface Phone?

Luciano Lizana : As an architecture Student i have an excuse to have one! <3