Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2

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Unicorn Reviews : I have no purpose for it, but I still want one.

Jonathan Li : I guess this will replace windows

mohammad fasih : Hope it doesn't cost 2 kidneys and a left ear.......

AnbaLen : The biggest iPad. Fruit ninja would be a full body workout on this thing.

Yan Haw : Hey Microsoft. This product should be named " THE WInDOW"

Defias Bandit : I have no need for one. I likely can't even afford one. Yet I want 7 of them on my wall at home.

K.B : Microsoft: *Announces new technology* Black Mirror fans: iS tHis blAcK MiRrOr?!

Ula : When you try to catch up with Apple and you end up running 32523264 years ahead of them. Well done.

Skilbhumen : That women sure love the back stand there

Iced_Up : Microsoft is taking the word windows literal

CK Media : im just going to say it, why does everyone ave their hands in their pockets???

jose perez : OMG i can only imagine how my bbw favorite stars would look on this thing.yeah

INDroid : I want a wall of my room made with it. 😍 This is why windows exist. This is why Apple is 'Different' because they can't think of it.

Luis Perez : Where is my Surface Phone?

JellyEpicness : Looks great until it decides to update itself every 3 seconds

Marcus : Last time I fell in love with a product like this, Steve jobs was still alive.

Luciano Lizana : As an architecture Student i have an excuse to have one! <3

weka : _Only 399$_

shashank Gunda : Finally Microsoft are building Windows **Coughs Futurstic Windows

Joko JMC : basically iPad with giant screen, nothing new

Dapper Dop : Just take my money...

TheUnstoppableBrigade : Watching on my Surface Hub 2

Jessie Z : I don’t need one but i want one. This is amazing! Apple is losing its innovation and Microsoft has continued to show us the future!

Billy Gray : Anyone else think those are the screens from portal 2

Prince Dhaliwal : I keep coming back just for music.

so_useless • : I'll install Linux on it

Francisco Javier Valdez : NANI!!??

FlyingDoritos : Yeah but I bet it's more than $20,000

SoundofNivi : I want one instead of a mirror

Non Profit Robloxian : Everythings better until you know how much it costs.

Aziz N : The only company that seems to come up with original ideas and products...

Emre MUTLU : Yeah yeah yeah... you are running some flashy charts and animations on a touchscreen LCD TV. So, what is new in here? Did you invent the home networking from zero? If so, why don't you update our windows PCs? :D What is the hardware that restricts me from using this tech on my desktop pc? I am curious why CSI guys do not release a phone which has the graphical interface they use in the TV show, also with those bleep bloops sounds. I think they could find some people who would want to buy it just for those flash animations :) Why you people exaggerate a big touchscreen TV that runs on your old school computer? Just buy an LCD and connect a mini windows PC, or you don't even need a whole PC, just search for "latte panda". You can also add touch control to any surface with some 3rd party hardware. Here is one: *Do not pay lots of money for things that deserve much less...* Or they will ask more for nothing* for next time. * maybe they would add a notch.

Victorian the Nameless : it would be such a delight to use this as a full sized canvas for a painting... I need this. I really love what Microsoft did with the surface product, I hope just that the price will drop a bit, I'd love to get my hands on the latest surface book, although I gotta say my surface 3 still runs smooth even after the two years or so. Love every bit of it.

GamesGALORE! : A screen which you have to stand to use? Buy me eight of those bad boys senpai

AdemolaVictorTv : Classes using this would benefit. Teacher will just send videos of the lesson plus what's written on the board (screen)

KYRAN : I can say they are making what actually is suppose to be the future 🤷🏽‍♂️

Physics Meonnx : I'm 15 I don't have a purpose to use it,but I want one so bad

Shresth Kapoor : Microsoft please release the MS surface poketable pc. We have been waiting to see a glimpse not just that even to buy if it gets available in INDIA. 🇮🇳.

Sloth On Meth : A Waste of time. And money.

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : Oh nice. I really like this. Super futuristic.

Omar Rochet : BREAKING NEWS: Western civilization bankrupt for buying Microsoft’s new Surface Hub 2.

Akshay Joshi : Sadly I have only 1 kidney left because of iPhone X.

Elvin Xelilov : What a great CHALLENGE to the other companies!!! Other companies don't producing anything like that or I didn't see them. But, allow us to use it as a computer monitor otherwise this thing is just a whiteboard.

MountainBiky : Take note apple.... This is innovation.

Bhalesh Patel : *First thing I checked was upload date to make sure it wasn't uploaded on 1 April.*

华泓淳 : The music makes me nervous

Dewanto R. : Ahh, another technology only 50% can afford. Is it weird that I want to play a game with touching the whole screen like a maniac?

Arbaaz Patwari : I thought it would be an April fool's joke until I realised it was from legit Microsoft Surface and it isn't April 1

Moinak Deb : What is the point? Just use a smartboard.

Internet Superstar David Elliott : Music: Epic Cinematics: Awesome Product: Uhh that wont fit in my pocket