Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2

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Defias Bandit : I have no need for one. I likely can't even afford one. Yet I want 7 of them on my wall at home.

Jonathan Li : I guess this will replace windows

Ula : When you try to catch up with Apple and you end up running 32523264 years ahead of them. Well done.

Malik King : They did it..They've actually made a windows PC that looks like a window

AnbaLen : The biggest iPad. Fruit ninja would be a full body workout on this thing.

Unicorn Reviews : I have no purpose for it, but I still want one.

Iced_Up : Microsoft is taking the word windows literal

Akshay Joshi : Sadly I have only 1 kidney left because of iPhone X.

Yan Haw : Hey Microsoft. This product should be named " THE WInDOW"

I Am An Animal : 2 years later apple introduced the iHub😶

Netsuko : Tablets in 2018 are getting ridiculous. How am I supposed to fit that thing into the bus for my morning commute?

Jessie Z : I don’t need one but i want one. This is amazing! Apple is losing its innovation and Microsoft has continued to show us the future!

K.B : Microsoft: *Announces new technology* Black Mirror fans: iS tHis blAcK MiRrOr?!

JellyEpicness : Looks great until it decides to update itself every 3 seconds

Luis Perez : Where is my Surface Phone?

Marcus : Last time I fell in love with a product like this, Steve jobs was still alive.

tjturbojap : I see literally no reason to dislike this, unless you just dont like Microsoft... in which case... why click the vid?😂

shashank Gunda : Finally Microsoft are building Windows **Coughs Futurstic Windows

Omar Rochet : BREAKING NEWS: Western civilization bankrupt for buying Microsoft’s new Surface Hub 2.

Meerkat M-H : I don't need this but by god does it make an interesting concept.

Luca Stronks : See, Apple, *this* is innovation.

Aziz N : The only company that seems to come up with original ideas and products...

Prince Dhaliwal : I keep coming back just for music.

so_useless • : I'll install Linux on it

KYRAN : I can say they are making what actually is suppose to be the future 🤷🏽‍♂️

Non Profit Robloxian : Everythings better until you know how much it costs.

Perpson Alien : And people think apple is better

GamesGALORE! : A screen which you have to stand to use? Buy me eight of those bad boys senpai

jose perez : OMG i can only imagine how my bbw favorite stars would look on this thing.yeah

TheUnstoppableBrigade : Watching on my Surface Hub 2

Bhalesh Patel : *First thing I checked was upload date to make sure it wasn't uploaded on 1 April.*

Simon Kaiser : I would say Microsoft is the new Apple

Billy Gray : Anyone else think those are the screens from portal 2

SoundofNivi : I want one instead of a mirror

Shresth Kapoor : Microsoft please release the MS surface poketable pc. We have been waiting to see a glimpse not just that even to buy if it gets available in INDIA. 🇮🇳.

Internet Superstar David Elliott : Music: Epic Cinematics: Awesome Product: Uhh that wont fit in my pocket

weka : _Only 399$_

r .ra : Apple = consumer Microsoft = producer

Matthias Devers : Looks fantastic. I work in a small team of Front- and Backend Developers and these things would be awesome for our meetings. I would love to have some of these.

Haoxuan (Albert) Yang : But the question is: what is the price?😂😂😂

Debangsu Sarkar : I want one in my bedroom; so that every morning when I wake up, I'll sit infront of it and act as if am living in 22nd century and watch memes cause I am crippled with depression.

Victorian the Nameless : it would be such a delight to use this as a full sized canvas for a painting... I need this. I really love what Microsoft did with the surface product, I hope just that the price will drop a bit, I'd love to get my hands on the latest surface book, although I gotta say my surface 3 still runs smooth even after the two years or so. Love every bit of it.

Sedgy Fergo : Starts at $69.999

Christopher Mason : I wish MS would invest in the software to make this a reality. This is the same promise ALL the other Surface products made but without the software to really push the hardware it's more stand Windows just with a bigger touchscreen

Apurba Roy : This is innovation at best. Like the Surface Studio!! i wonder if this will also support Surface Dial! Wow! The rotate feature with the inside display intact and the multiple displays approach ...just mouth gaping!! Kudos to the music as well loved it!

Phys Meonnx : I'm 15 I don't have a purpose to use it,but I want one so bad

Gasvi Turk : Mucho muy bueno, pero muy lejano, mas allá de los sueños de mi clase obrera trabajadora.

Артур Клочко : That feel, when you are still waiting for Surface phone

Colin Yuan : wow, that's so cool! wow, cool! cool! wow... wow...

CK Media : im just going to say it, why does everyone ave their hands in their pockets???