uptown funk but every other beat jason bourne hits someone

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Ruben Lange : That was awesome! but wouldn't it have been more satisfying if the music just played normally and Jason bourne's hits are synchronised to that?

Jacob Want fOooD : It actually sounded wayyy better than i expected

Evan Berard : Change speed to 1.25 to make the video 10x better

Lanie Ns : I high key like this better than the original HAHAH

Tim Dela Torre : This deserves more views

A&E Studios : Omg great trailer 😂

Redcr33per Productions : Jason Bourne 3 Coming to cinema/theaters whenever

Old man Wunder : Glad to see that this exists, keep up the good work

Juan Son : Nice

Oiyeahnahmate : Nice

Sparklecat16 : That would go surprisingly well

Unmannedair : Ha ha, that was awesome! Also... First! ... Time ever being first!