BTS (방탄소년단) 'FAKE LOVE' Official MV

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Cực's Kì's Bẩn : *300M in 25/7 😢😢😢😢... We Are fighting!!!!!*

ARMY NHÃ : Get 300M faster ARMY

Santiago Fabras : 300 Million? Fighting 😍

Golden Sugakookie : Study like Namjoon Eat/be kind like Jin Work hard like Yoongi Stay positive like Hoseok Love like Jimin Be yourself like Taehyung Be passionate like Jungkook

Golden Sugakookie : My death: August 24, 2018 *Nice knowing you all*

iKeshPeri : *Can we talk about the freaking lyrics of this video, it hits you in the damn soul*

Golden Sugakookie : Love Yourself: Answer will most likely be BTS’ last comeback in 2018 seeing as though they have a world tour. Let’s make it a lejindary one!

Golden Sugakookie : BTS really coming back in a little over a month even though I’m not over Tear and Fake Love... ok💀

Golden Sugakookie : Can we get 300M before comeback?

Golden Sugakookie : KINGS ARE COMING BACK AUGUST 24th BTS already owned first half of 2018 and now they’re gonna own the second half

Golden Sugakookie : A quick tip for ARMYs: start saving right now because BTS will most likely have a repackage album around August before the start of the Love Yourself Tour just like You Never Walk Alone before Wings tour

• Shannon Braxton • : *We have another chance in the next comeback to break more bts records. Don't stress to much about another group/fanbase breaking our past records. For the time being just concentrate on Bts and keep streaming!🤗*


Özge : 240M SOON!! ❣

The Walking Dead Dublado : 234.616.876 visualizações

Özge : _Who's streaming everyday?_ 🙋


TaeTae Kookie : Stream Fake Love everyday. ARMY fighting!!!

Xayda sv2 : *link ka đua T đên đây*

Chuối ARMY : *ARMY năn nỉ các cậu..làm ơn hãy stream view đạt 300M view cố lên nào!! Fighting!!!*

Golden Sugakookie : I know how to read Hangul I just don’t understand what I’m reading😂😅

Jimberly Jams : Armys some of you may be sad of our records that are being broken by other groups, but that's ok! Records are meant to be broken and BTS's comeback is next month so let's try to regain back our records. I'm pretty sure after this fake love comeback, new Armys joined. So let's all come together and try our best for the boys! Until next comeback let's stream *FAKE LOVE* 💜💜

Nour Ben : one month before ANSWER so let s make it 300M

Golden Sugakookie : Can ARMYs not engage in fan wars and reply to antis and just focus on BTS this comeback? Whenever they insult our boys, use that anger to stream and vote a thousand times harder and slap them in the face with BTS’ success. Just block, report, or keep scrolling

Viengmany bounkham : I LOVE YOU BTS

Chocolate flavored Tae : *200M IS HIT Y'ALL,, WHAT'S NEXT?*

Min Yessi : *Army! Who is streaming?*

Kristina Gjorgjev : Why do some people have to hate on their success? It's not our fault,that your groups can't do the same things BTS does today. Maybe you just have to wait and see what happens. Do you think,we knew 5 year's ago that they will be this successful? No, we didn't. 5 year's ago our biggest problem was their debut. And for all of you who say that they use America to get famous are wrong. It's not like,we tell them to go to America and to to something outstanding. They go there cause it's choosen by their company. Actually I wanted to say that if you like a group,then you should help them get successful. That's how a fandom works. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. If they are underrated ask others to listen to their music and that's one of the many things,how your fandom can grow. And how your group can get recognized.

Angelo Valdez : No one's asking but it's been 1 month since my journey with BTS and ARMY was started. I became an ARMY because of this song. 1 year ago I'm a basher of KPops especially BTS and now? I just found myself loving KPops especially BANGTAN SONYEONDAN💕

stop motion maker : We can do it army's 300 million 3 months or maybe 2 months and half keep streaming so we breack ddu du ddu du record

তেই তেই এর বউ /V's illigirl/ : *A list of things that makes me happy :* - *Thinking about Bts* - *Talking about Bts* - *Streaming Bts!*

Thành Hậu : fanboy bts

MJ Geroso : Hello beautiful Armys! 💙 I know some of you are sad, disappointed and maybe even frustrated with the fact that our record for streaming 200M views for this mv was broken 💔 But don't be discouraged guys! BTS is already proud of us for what we have done for them. So lets try our best and stream harder next comeback okay 😊 ARMYS LET'S CONTINUE WALKING ON THE FLOWER PATH WITH BTS! HWAITING!

Noura Noura : Don't forget to vote for Jungkook at mwave kpop poll

MKookie Lalisa : Can we make it to 300M before their comeback ? yess of course we can ❤ Army fighting

Özge : *230M SOON!*

taehyung's girlfriend : Get ready for bts next comeback my fellow army's. We will break the records again.

KiriScripts : Who's streaming 24/7? 300M is near!!

it's your ronit : BTS BTS BTS


Hòa Bình MegaFun TV : I Love BTS

Hasna Isyarahwati : and for my family army I love, report every comment haters, just focus on bts. 300m before they come back. we can, if we have the will, and the cooperation. FIGHTING

Quan Thanh : I like BTS

《Black Dargon》 : Go to 300M 😚😚😚❤😚

Thành Hậu : fanboy i love bts


N G : 🚨Just a heads up if you're not on Twitter: (For US fans) Streaming now counts LESS towards Billboard charts. Buying/Paying helps the most. If you're going to stream, using a paid service is weighted more as opposed to a free one. But if you can only use a free service, that is better than nothing because it still counts but in a smaller percentage.

taehyung af : hey everyone reminder that bts are coming out with another love yourself album titled Answer it’s a repackage/mini with a total of 7 new songs with songs we already know from ly her and ly tear it will also include Jin’s finally awaited intro!!! remember to preorder the new album on amazon or target, the album will be officially released on August 24th with the music video and album!! Make sure to stay tuned and be ready to stream on all official platforms including YouTube and Spotify!! Remember we’re aiming for longevity and at least 50M views within the first 24 hours!! I’m excited

Gwenietot Cabello : Get readyy for their next comeback faaaam. Fightiiiing!💜

Tiger Saan : lets stream stream stream stream till 300m for next cb