BTS (방탄소년단) 'FAKE LOVE' Official MV

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MrsJK : Grammys is today!

Maxine lyne Alina : Str34m pa more... Fighting.. good morning ARMY

ᴋɪᴍ ᴘᴀʀᴋ : Vamos armys hay que seguir dándoles *Logros y cumpliendo los sueños de los chicos* así que ya saben que hacer con DNA Y FAKE LOVE ✋♥️

Kpop_ Author : @rmys always remember that if BTS are winning an award that means we are achieving too because we work hard

Maxine lyne Alina : Str34m pa more... Fighting army...

Golden Sugakookie : It ain’t a BTS MV if it doesn’t stop randomly for the storyline and thousands of theories

BTS x GRAMMYS : How Many ARMYS here Today ? 1 Like = 1 Person

Budi Lesmana : RM Mono is the highest charting Korean album and the first Ever to get #1 on iTunes in 91 countries for the next cb we should aim for #1 in over 100 countries, this year we ✈ world domination. btw, bt$ was the most played group on global YouTube for the week ending February 14. BT$ once again received nearly 100 million plays. (99,4 milllion) after 2 weeks across 100 million and the only group to do so!

Yellow Marmelade : It is my favourite song💓💓💓

MX-ARMY- Jungkook : BTS: Fake love Me: Fake cake

changbin's grr : *If this is your first comeback, I wish you all to have a great experience and stay here for more comebacks*

Antonia Quispe : Un amigo es aquel capaz de hacer desaparecer el suelo, con tal que nuestro ánimo no tenga a donde caer ¡!!! Amigos a no desesperar si escuchamos que a otros les va mejor que a nosotros. Confiemos en nosotros y a la larga se verán nuestros logros. Prohibido bajonearse y decaer; recuerden:LO QUE NO TE MATA TE FORTALECE!! Army a dar pelea!!!!!fighting!!!

namjoon : dont reply haters just report thank you dont waste time fight with them

Neazy Army : How can bts x bighit always put up such a perfect music video everytime?!?! Ive been binged watching their music videos and you cant say this one is better because their carfts are equally fantastic.

Ed Cldz : But we have to focus on something. We have to make achievements by ourselves, BTS won't win if army does nothing. We have to focus on a goal. Last year was prosperous because army was strong and BTS talented, we all have to work harder. If we don't do something than other groups will take the lead, it's not bad but I think that watching our boys on the top is the best thing for ARMY. So please do not say words that make people lazy. I mean if you don't want to, it's okay but do not spread that thoughts. In order we str34m, and buy their songs they'll get more recognized all over the world. We're doing it good, let's do it better. I'm a new ARMY. I started listening their music last year, seven months ago. I wasn't in the beginning of their career, but I'll be walking next to them till my last day.

김태형Heo'ss VKooK : 27M OMG.... ➡ 28M

Ikram khan Khan : 😨😨😨these songs are very energizing. Am in love with it

MAC P : You're my hope.. My sunshine.. My everything.. You give me a reason to live.. Reason to smile.. I may not be by u'r side.. Celebrating u'r special day with u.. But I want u to know that I'm thinking of u & wishing u a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

100% OtAku : HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOBIII!!!!o(〃^▽^〃)o MY ULTIMATE BIAS . MY FIRST EVER CELEBRITY CRUSH . MY FIRST LUV. MY HOPE. MY EVERYTHING.. I LOVE U !¡!¡ (//・v・//) I purple u soo much !! 💜💜💜 by the way...I'm a gurl ( ̄^ ̄)

Bts love : REPORT COMMENTS PROMOTING OTHERS GROUPS IN BTS MV. Don't trust and don't do deals with multi. Multi " I am ARMY, BUT " always use BTS to promote their groups, many times threw BTS under the bus. Not be naive, others fandoms and Multi Always come with their 'Support for BTS' when their favs ones comeback (then they start promoting and asking army str34ms for their 123445 groups) OR they NEED str34ming, vote in RETURN. New ARMY, not believe Exol, Vip, Blinks, Ahgases/Igot7 and some others fandoms from BIG3; Monbebe/MonsterX too. Exol are trying to destroy career of BTS with era of 'I Need U'. This fandoms always help Exols, Vip against BTS, participate in their projects, tweets hate hashtag, vote against BTS, write petitions.

steric : thank you namjoon for being such a good leader and for believing in yourself, bts, and us. you definitely put others before yourself and I will always support you even if everyone else sleeps on you. We love you namjoon.

cường phạm đình : Everyoneee!!There are many antifan's comments in MV of BTS,and IDOL has most.Let's report all of them

i-que me : FAKE LOVE remains one of the most iconic BTS songs and one of the best MVs they have ever done. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the next comeback!

BTS KINGS OF KPOP. : BTS WILL HAVE MORE THAN 4 Mvs at 500m .Mic drop, Fake love, BST , Fire & Dope . Army fighting .

Lara Penson : Se hacerca los Premios Billoard. Hay que r€pr0du¡rl@ lo mas que podamos. Y tambien IDol

Golden Sugakookie : Everybody please stream Fake Love on Spotify from Today’s Top Hits🙏🏻 It’s #50 and we’re so close from falling off the chart and this can negatively affect Hot100 greatly so please stream!!!

Budi Lesmana : BTS (방탄소년단) 'FAKE LOVE' Official MV 2019-02-16 06pm KST:453,921,332 2019-02-17 06pm KST:454,810,513 *Today:889,181*

A.R.M.Y OFICIAL : Hay que r3pr0duc1r dna bebés 7v7.

Budi Lesmana : previous record for most watched vlive video in real time is seokijin birthday vlive with 5,9 million watchers (if im not mistaken) and now j-hope birthday lvive now already on the way to get 10 milllion watchers in just 60 minutes!!! bts is becoming bigger and bigger evryday! you better ready to get that worlwide record for their next cb!

Bts Are Legends : For the new armys: If you don't like BTS' 7 members equally or if you stan just 2-3 members & you leave other members behind , I think your are not welcome in our family & don't call you an armys!

changbin's grr : *A HUGE shoutout to the non dance line for DANCING THAT GREAT to one of the hardest bts choreographies*

Anne Taylor : Let get Fake Love to 500M and don’t let anything distracted us!

khezzane lazhar : U who's reading my comments u deserve all the best ,

Netsanet Assefa : This song explain how the devil controls you and uses you, at the last part when jimin stands and the water flows, shows the last day of the earth. And how there while be no peace, their dance part 🙈🙉🙊 covering their eye, ears, and mouth, shows not accepting the things the evil spirit wants them to do ( Watching bad stuff, hearing bad thing, and insulting or disrespecting). When J hope was lying on the snickers chocolate,shows the devil want us eating sweet thing, so that he could enter by that ( you will get sickness when you eat to much sweet). “ love you so mad” doesn’t means they love him, but love his work ( insulting others, fighting, etc). BTS are explaining how people love the bad things more than the good, bc it’s easy to do so and we like it. “ I grow a flower that can’t be bloomed in a dream that can’t come true.” Means I did everything I could but it was all useless.

sa ra : I really like V hairstyle in this Song 💜

Hayden Brock : jins talent says hi

moon Biswas : Love this song.. INDIAN ARMY HERE..,😉💜👍

Pastel Suga : This will always be one of the most important things to me. I makes me so happy, but also sad. It can cause me to want to hide out for a while in my room but also want to talk to more people. It always gives me mixed emotions that I can never properly put into their place. I feel like BTS does so well in giving people feelings that can literally not be put into place. Like the part when Jiminie is in the water, it makes me feel worried but also happy that he's facing his fears. Also, Suga~ Hyung near the fire makes me irritated that they put my baby near a haxard. But at the same time, I feel daring to do more things, make changes to get to those places in my life. This song gives me a bag of mixed emotions.

Dominga Guerra : They never fail to make the most beautiful, unimaginable, powerful music videos. These aren’t even music videos, these are some unexplainable things from out of this world that we are lucky to be able to watch and have. Along with them. They put so much emotions into their songs and dancing which make it so much stronger. Grammys, we’re coming for you and you better watch out! 😎👊

sin marina : To keep str3am Idol Fake love DNA and other bt$ song!!

YoonJin SINner : on another note, RIP to new armys who will struggle differentiating them coz they all have black hair 😂

BTS X ARMY : How Many ARMYs here Today ?

Min Yoongi : Army str3@m : 1-DNA to 1B 2-fake love to 500m 3-Fire to 550m 4-Idol to 400m 5-mic drop to 500m 6-dope to 500m 7-not today to 300m 8-spring day to 300m 9- save me to 350m 10-blood sweat &tears to 450m 11-boy in luv to 300m 12-war of hormone to 200m 13-danger to 150m 14-I need u to 200m 15- scenery to 50m 16-promise to 50m 17-just one day to 150m 18-euphoria to 50m 19-serendipity to 100m 20-run to 100m 21-young forever to 100m 22-we are bulletproof pt2 to 150m 23-singularity to 100m 24-daydream to 100m 25-give it to me to 50m 26- boys meets evil to 50m 27-seesaw to 50m 28-epiphany to 50m 29-lie to 50m 30- begin to 50m 31- forever rain to 50m Fightingggggggggggggggggggg Happy birthday jhope....I purple you

rain n : I love you Army so much. You are my family. I'm cry because we are so beautifull family with Bangtan 💜💜💜 I purple uu

worldwide handsome : How many armys are active now

MrsJK : GoldForRM 💿

Daegu Savage : ARMY LEGENDS 🔊 FAKE LOVE ✈ 500M before their comeback. Please Focus on DNA, Fake love & IDOL. Billboard is near we needs ratios to get nominations. Encouraged each others. Don't worried about other group mvs. Stre@m on Spotify too. 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜

Ojimadu Victor : Wow this world is changing... Now Korea has the best boy band in the world... Well us and Britain keep looking out... First Latino now Korea... The power is moving

Bad gal Bardi : This group has so many good songs, & I’ve noticed they have about 4/5 songs about to make 500m. I came across them through Grammys .. not sure if I’m army or not yet.

Budi Lesmana : BTS (방탄소년단) 'FAKE LOVE' Official MV 2019-02-17 06pm KST:454,810,513 2019-02-18 06pm KST:455,582,604 *Today:772,091* ill update this everyday at 6pm kst