Afghan Guitar vs English Guitar

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SN1350 : Why do some commenters act like this was a competition? They were playing along together to bring out the best in the performance. It had nothing to do with who was better or worse or Afghan vs English. They played together and they sounded great. Stop the negative insinuations.

SN1350 : Love from USA, this was just amazing. Only music can bring people together. not guns, not fighting, not wars.

Uday Mohole : Afghan Guitar is Call Rubab

Kim Mador : I wonder how on earth can a country like Afghanistan have such a wide range of music? Its Rabab, its dambura, its binjo everything is so exciting that I have fallen in love with Afghanistan. 🇦🇫 🇦🇫 🇦🇫 🇦🇫

Ian Morris : The afghan guitar sounds so much better because its "exotic".

Rajan Sondhi : Love Afgan......From India 💓

abdullah latifi : They guy in the guitar is so wonderfully following the Rubab player, amazingly done!

sunil khot : Both plays very nice...Love from Bharat...India

Rutvik Joshi : The tune is from a 1961 Hollywood movie, "Come September". Music directed by Hans J. Salter & Russell Garcia.

Omid Omidi : The German guitarist must be a real professional following the Afghan master like this

Rahul Gautam : Indian song Nazre mili dil dhadka mera I dont know who copied whom Hahahaha

Hani : 140 dislike , what kind of monster can hate such music !

robabnawaz : The "guitar" is german as well as its player :-)

Fevzi Gungor : Afgan gitar çok güzel Meledisi de öyle (Türkish) A love you Afganistan..

Sajid Shamim : Great....... Salaam from PAKISTAN

Wayne Dombrowski : Since the past 8 years or so,Afghan music has been blooming more beautifully than ever before,and I've been celebrating ever since. To my Afghan musical colleagues,stay strong and hopeful:you're making the rest of the world sit up and take notice.

3333teebee : Soulful rendition. Beautiful! My fellow Indians, this is not an Indian song. It's 'Come September' classic from the early 60s

Azam : Never heard something like this. Brilliant rabab.

Furqan Rathore : Nazren mili .. dil dhadka .. meri dhadkan ne kaha .. from Raja , nice tune :D

MSM : A great romantic conversation between Rubab and Guitar...

yasir rana : wow love from hong Kong

afg princess babe of isk : Beautiful amazing both sides love the mix musical

Danish Ziya Khan : Afgaan is best

Mohammad Amin : why this audiance is not dancing in the air. this is great

آموزش ریاضیات : بهترین رباب و گیتاری بود که تاحال شنیدم

Rezaul Islam : Simply Wow! I can't explain how pretty to listen this by closing eyes!

Omid Omidi : From Iran Beautiful. With love.

Captain Price : its amazing when modern instruments meets traditional ones.magical

Battterian Evans : There is nothing called English guitar

Hamed Janbaz : دولچی های بیچاره دست شان درد گرفت تا آخر کمره مین خدازده فلم شان ره نگرفت 😂😂😂

Roshan Sher : Live from pak

Dryss You : Greetings from Morocco👍👍

Mujebur Rahman : A musical war between two countries...without any haters.. I love this... Wishes from india...

Sharp Shooter : Wow mind blowing performance. Wish thesw guys perform in london.

In Nomine Satanas : do you know name a rabab player? very impressive style...he play so gracefully and absolutely perfect..very nice for relax

ayman gobara : ،،😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

samy mourad : Salam from Morocoo...peace and love ...

Sefiane Germany : الماني = germen

Bismillah Khan : I Love Afghanistan because all people Lion

Afg A : this musical groupe is from Afganistan they had musial tour to europe on 2017

هزآع الهلال : الافغاني فخم سلطان 😍😍

Safi Khan : This scene deserve a cmnt. My compliments to both of these masters.

Khaled Alotaibi : I want this to be my ringtone

Davood Sheytoon : بی شک بهترین اجرای هست که در تمام عمرم دیدم

هاشم مولاي : اليوم سمعت موسيقى صح شكرا للجميع🇩🇿

sajen ali : Who created this tune? Someone please tell me.

Abadez Blues : Can anyone give me the name of the band plz?. love from Saudi Arabia

HOW TO Play : Afghan guitar 🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫❤️❤️

نيوترون NautronSA : الي سعودي ودمن العزف لايك 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Yasir Ismail : John mclaughlin has a video similar to this and these guys are amazing