Afghan Guitar vs English Guitar

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Uday Mohole : Afghan Guitar is Call Rubab

robabnawaz : The "guitar" is german as well as its player :-)

SN1350 : Love from USA, this was just amazing. Only music can bring people together. not guns, not fighting, not wars.

yasir rana : wow love from hong Kong

Furqan Rathore : Nazren mili .. dil dhadka .. meri dhadkan ne kaha .. from Raja , nice tune :D

SN1350 : Why do some commenters act like this was a competition? They were playing along together to bring out the best in the performance. It had nothing to do with who was better or worse or Afghan vs English. They played together and they sounded great. Stop the negative insinuations.

Danish Ziya Khan : Afgaan is best

3333teebee : Soulful rendition. Beautiful! My fellow Indians, this is not an Indian song. It's 'Come September' classic from the early 60s

Rutvik Joshi : The tune is from a 1961 Hollywood movie, "Come September". Music directed by Hans J. Salter & Russell Garcia.

abdullah latifi : They guy in the guitar is so wonderfully following the Rubab player, amazingly done!

Sajid Shamim : Great....... Salaam from PAKISTAN

Rahul Gautam : Indian song Nazre mili dil dhadka mera I dont know who copied whom Hahahaha

sunil khot : Both plays very nice...Love from Bharat...India

Mohammad Amin : why this audiance is not dancing in the air. this is great

Ian Morris : The afghan guitar sounds so much better because its "exotic".


Sharp Shooter : Wow mind blowing performance. Wish thesw guys perform in london.

MN 9 : 🇦🇫🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️❤️

Azam : Never heard something like this. Brilliant rabab.

Wayne Dombrowski : Since the past 8 years or so,Afghan music has been blooming more beautifully than ever before,and I've been celebrating ever since. To my Afghan musical colleagues,stay strong and hopeful:you're making the rest of the world sit up and take notice.

Vishnoo Rath : To anybody trained in western classical, this guitar is tuned differently. it is setup to mimic the eastern instrument. A classic Spanish guitar would sound different. sorry I don't agree. "Do re mi fa so la ti ido" s not the same as "sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa". music is universal, but this is trying to be black white brown and yellow - trying to be the same. Appreciate the differences.

Chachi Mogo : The rabab player doesn't look Afghan. Where is he from?

hazara very nice : Especially known as king of rubab greetings from india occupied Kashmir

Amol G : Ha ha , just love it. I enjoy tthe way they both play with guitar & each other

ذاکت اللہ خان Khan : Very nice ghulam Husain ustad

Omid Omidi : From Iran Beautiful. With love.

Muhammad Naumaan Khan : Awesome Combo

Ayoub Bayat : بح بح چقدر لزت بردم با ديدن اَي ويديو long life Afghanistan 🇦🇫

D C : I think it is not about their instruments . it is their talent . I think they both are talented in their instrument

Bismillah Khan : I Love Afghanistan because all people Lion

Mudassir Ahmad : Love from India spectacular composition that I have ever seen

khan dada Khan : This one is the best

MSM : A great romantic conversation between Rubab and Guitar...

Jan khan : Music knows no boundaries. Thanks for uploading this video.

Afg A : this musical groupe is from Afganistan they had musial tour to europe on 2017

Omid Omidi : The German guitarist must be a real professional following the Afghan master like this

Mustafa Rizai : brilliant

popal atayee : Just Love Robab :)

Nauman Naeem : love <3

khan dada Khan : Supper

syed hussain shah : That rise 5:45 onwards 👌 wow

Sohail Atib : عالی است

Aryan Farahi : legend of rabab

duki bury : Love from uk Birmingham nice 1 very good

Preet singh music tutorial : Feeling of rubab is more clear to guitar Bcz rubab is fratless so its clarity is much better than guitaar

Captain Price : its amazing when modern instruments meets traditional ones.magical

Habib Urehman : perfect rythem

Ali Nazari : Omg mind blowing love it

nikrusty : Wow, love it. Need a better description who these players are? For a better recording.

Huzaifa Sajid : absolutely amazing! i cant imagine why this video has so less number of views... it should be in billions