Nardwuar's questions give priceless reactions

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theme542 : What interview was the last one haha

KrisEh : when Flocka's buddy puts the chain on him lmao

Fruity boy 77 : Get this nigga to find my dad

Brandon Cole : That ending was hilarious. Haven't seen that one before.

LEGIT FBI : if i ever lost my most precious things, i'm just going to be famous and let nardwuar finds it for me

Generic Asian : nard : "is this how you create universe?" god : "holy shit tf do you know"

Neo : 0:55 ...who are you?

Gabe Pomales : "Is this the first nut you busted?" "Yeah! How the fuck?!"

RKFCGSBGK : Yo I still to this day am waitin to fight kid cudi after he dissed nardwuar and left the interview without sayin goodbye and bein rude as hell. That fuck nigga messed with the only real nigga I seen do interviews

Ricardo Batista : whos the girl fro mthe ending

Devon Austin : Get this guy to find Trump's taxes

Lil Uzi Vamp : How tf is someone half Canadian?😂😂

_ Uma : Pharrel's spirit left his body 😂😂😂😂

Tony Montana : That ass at 250 tho my god

Hayden141414 : No one can out weird Eric Andre

Lasse Kvik : IS THAT HOW NARDWUAR LEAVES THE INTERVIEWS!? A man picking him up so he doesnt have to break the pose/character lol

Bob Ross : That ending was some serious porn.

Grasshoper : Wiz khalifa as always is just like "Hahaaa"

Chi Acolyte : Who the FUCK is this nigga?

TheSunnycal : How fast Snoop Dogg tears the $1.00 price tag off his hard to find tape lol.

Ryan Bergen : lmao the end of diplos was great

HappyLittleMountains : That one with Snoop, bro that was some heart-warming shit right there I hope they let him keep that tape man that was fuckin beautiful

RiddleBoxRanger : How the fuck does Travis go from really excited to monotone as fuck in .1 seconds

Kiwi86 : What's up with that ending though? 😂

krys stal : Snoop look like he was bout to shed a tear

Pablo Flores : " Take off those fake glasses and kiss me "

david aranda : "So the last shit you took , did it burn and was it mexican food"

James Montague : Damn that man gave him his chain... that’s like the Niggadom equivalent of getting Knighted

Barb Rogers : Black Neo Nazi spotted at 0:17 , must be an alt right Trump supporter and white supremacist because he has a confederate flag on his shoulder . smh

Christian Morales : 'Is your mom half canadian??' 'Yeah her... Wtf how you know this shit ' lmao😂😂😂

the necromancer : "man, who are you"

You need to stop. : 0:21 we all know travis high af

Craigs mediocre vids : What was that comedy show that Snoop Dogg did I remember that shit was funny as hell

Leah Hart : This nigga is the best😂

Harge : I luaghed my ass of "Who are you??? Ima put you down with the squad"

Carl Eckardt : this is so obviously faked i cant stand it although im high af

Pika Power : Waka has my favorite flavor of chips too.

Verfügenichtüberdienötigekreativität : the way the dude at 0:56 looks at him had me dead.

Camaron Sandoval : Did you remove that wart on ur (beep) Bruhh... How tf!!!!

Depressed Grandpa : Snoop dogg is chill af even when impressed

Cain Albertson : How do you know I like salt and vinegar chips? That's Amazing!

Frank Sosa : We need more Reporter's or interviewers like this guy. He actually knows shit about the artist's

GmoneyMan : "Did you kill your dog?" "Bruh how the fuck?, yea."

Nicholas Golden : Nardwuar never heard of him lol, but he's legit.

Aspern Park : Get this nigga to find my virginity! Got it, nevermind

DDMAX 08LMM600HP : God I want to punch that fag

the week : dam that girl at the end find asf. anyone know her name by any chance? or what interview that was?

NaughtiusMaximus : All the best reactions are from black ppl of course.

NorCal Rider : "This is the first one I ever put out, cuz"

LaZy RaBbiT : he just got raped,kip napped, and replaced all at once. ( last clip)