Nardwuar's questions give priceless reactions

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theme542 : What interview was the last one haha

PlutoTheGod : seriously the best interviewer of all time

Sammy : Omg Diplos mans took him away!

JeehoonOh : The last one... I have so many questions but I don't want them answered.

Mister Natural : Snoop sounding like Martin Scorsese.

yung existential crisis : is this the condom you said you put on back in 9th grade?

Tyler Campbell : Wiz Khalifa: "Ha Haaah.." yeah, priceless reactions bro just like the rest of them :)

LEGIT FBI : if i ever lost my most precious things, i'm just going to be famous and let nardwuar finds it for me

Stephen Maclean Rogers : Nardwaur is the David Blaine of interviewers.

Hidden Power Channel : "Is this the sperm cell that almost beat you?" "Wtf, my arch enemy, how did you?"

Neo : 0:55 ...who are you?

Ned Gold : Pharell is such a cool guy for liking the nardwaur so much that he put him on his yt network.

Paperclips : lmao

Nolan Baldwin : nardwuar is a god among men

DeterminedGoat : A musician not being cool to Nardwuar is the quickest way to make me not like them.

Dexter Legaspi : this is so amazing...i watched it twice. oh and hello from #reddit.

peedurr north : call him a dork, nerd, geek whatever...the guy does his research... when yuo can WTF an interview with amazement.. thats TRUE journalism...

ALAN : best thing diplo has done

Ricardo Batista : whos the girl fro mthe ending

Jake Trae : belt.

Devon Austin : Get this guy to find Trump's taxes

WSG Man : ima put you down with the squad lmao

KrisEh : when Flocka's buddy puts the chain on him lmao

DEC : that ending doe

Lil Murphy : How to get away with spying You're (blank) we have to know

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel : *TAKE OFF THOSE FAKE GLASSES AND KISS ME* Gotta love Eric André!

Makhoe van der Vlugt : Holy shit... Give this interviewer an award. Give him something... Don't leave a man like this out in the cold.

vegetaouji333 : Is he still on Much? Love that guy.

King of the Trap : Bandicam.. That looks familiar

The Straw Hat King : Nardwuar the GOAT of interviewers idc

Tommy Gun : Tyler's reaction was the best!

Zeno : This guy could find Hillary Clinton's deleted emails

thafinessekid : "is this the first place you ever had sex ?" "bruh how the..."

bibber : "take off those fake glasses and kiss me"

Van Damme's Frosty Mullet : I heard Nardwuar found Waldo and 2pac chilling in the same joint

Tony Laberti : take off those fake glasses and kiss me, dude's about to get ranched

Brandon Cole : That ending was hilarious. Haven't seen that one before.


Namida : 'Is this the first nude picture you masturbated to?' 'Wtf man? How.!?'

Fanchus : I need more Nardwuar compilations!!! PLEASE!

ian O'Shea : How to find an old song that you really like but don’t know the name of 1. Become a famous rapper 2. Get interviewed by nardwaur

Hijodemaiz : Can we pls get a name for the twerking chick she fine asf

Shaun Mendes : Any one knows that black chick's name that twerked on him in the end?

Lunatic108 : What the fuck did i just watch .... Seriously, either it was cut too short to grip the context or its just hard to follow but yeah seemed impressive i guess :D

Steven Cruz : tbh that diplo one is awesome as fuck

thisscreensucks : ive been watching the human serviette since the early 90`s

Depressed Grandpa : Snoop dogg is chill af even when impressed

Ned Gold : Haha I love nardwaur. You can tell he loves his job and its nice to see how much the artists like to be interviewed by him as well.

The Boy : Nardwuar could fuckin find the lost city of Atlantis

Spocklee : Sometimes I think Nardwuar is a cartoon character come to life.