Nardwuar's questions give priceless reactions

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theme542 : What interview was the last one haha

PlutoTheGod : seriously the best interviewer of all time

Sammy : Omg Diplos mans took him away!

thafinessekid : "is this the first place you ever had sex ?" "bruh how the..."

LEGIT FBI : if i ever lost my most precious things, i'm just going to be famous and let nardwuar finds it for me

KrisEh : when Flocka's buddy puts the chain on him lmao

Mister Natural : Snoop sounding like Martin Scorsese.

El Duderino : That fucking ending

JeehoonOh : The last one... I have so many questions but I don't want them answered.

Natesart : i think he calls their moms before each interview

Illuminati : "Is this the first pipe you smoked crack from?" "Yeah! How the fuck!?"

WSG Man : ima put you down with the squad lmao

Tyler Campbell : Wiz Khalifa: "Ha Haaah.." yeah, priceless reactions bro just like the rest of them :)

Stephen Maclean Rogers : Nardwaur is the David Blaine of interviewers.

Neo : 0:55 ...who are you?

Paperclips : lmao

Dexter Legaspi : this is so amazing...i watched it twice. oh and hello from #reddit.

Jordano Diaz : dude their reactions are nothing short of how reactions should be. this dude is asking actual questions. I mean imagining having to deal with interviewers 24/7 that don't know what the fuck their doing and this nigga comes along and bam instantly can ask real questions

Nolan Baldwin : nardwuar is a god among men

ALAN : best thing diplo has done

Earl SweatShirt : " Take off those fake glasses and kiss me "

RKFCGSBGK : Yo I still to this day am waitin to fight kid cudi after he dissed nardwuar and left the interview without sayin goodbye and bein rude as hell. That fuck nigga messed with the only real nigga I seen do interviews

Ned Gold : Pharell is such a cool guy for liking the nardwaur so much that he put him on his yt network.

International Mello : "Is this the sperm cell that almost beat you?" "Wtf, my arch enemy, how did you?"

peedurr north : call him a dork, nerd, geek whatever...the guy does his research... when yuo can WTF an interview with amazement.. thats TRUE journalism...

Makhoe van der Vlugt : Holy shit... Give this interviewer an award. Give him something... Don't leave a man like this out in the cold.

DEC : that ending doe

Ricardo Batista : whos the girl fro mthe ending

The Joker : is this your cum from when you fucked that ho??? yeah... what the fuck!

Brandon Cole : That ending was hilarious. Haven't seen that one before.

Depressed Grandpa : Snoop dogg is chill af even when impressed

DeterminedGoat : A musician not being cool to Nardwuar is the quickest way to make me not like them.

Jake Trae : belt.

The Straw Hat King : Nardwuar the GOAT of interviewers idc

yung existential crisis : is this the condom you said you put on back in 9th grade?

the week : dam that girl at the end find asf. anyone know her name by any chance? or what interview that was?

Lil Murphy : How to get away with spying You're (blank) we have to know

Gabe Pomales : "Is this the first nut you busted?" "Yeah! How the fuck?!"

Namida : 'Is this the first nude picture you masturbated to?' 'Wtf man? How.!?'


vegetaouji333 : Is he still on Much? Love that guy.

Lunatic108 : What the fuck did i just watch .... Seriously, either it was cut too short to grip the context or its just hard to follow but yeah seemed impressive i guess :D

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel : *TAKE OFF THOSE FAKE GLASSES AND KISS ME* Gotta love Eric André!

NIGHT : nardwuar be like "your dad's dick is 6 inches"

Tommy Gun : Tyler's reaction was the best!

Steven Cruz : tbh that diplo one is awesome as fuck

Shaun Mendes : Any one knows that black chick's name that twerked on him in the end?

Fruity boy 77 : Get this nigga to find my dad

thisscreensucks : ive been watching the human serviette since the early 90`s

Fanchus : I need more Nardwuar compilations!!! PLEASE!