Nardwuar's questions give priceless reactions

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theme542 : What interview was the last one haha

Veridian : He probably knows us better than we know ourselves

PlutoTheGod : seriously the best interviewer of all time

Hidden Power/Prophcey Channel : "Is this the sperm cell that almost beat you?" "Wtf, my arch enemy, how did you?"

Bubble Bass : (Interviews president) Nard: do you remember when flight 287 flew over the Bermuda Triangle, got lost and was never found again? President: yea, why? Nard: *whips out a plane with all staff and passengers still alive* President: yoooooooooooooo YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSJEJRJFKCFNDMSKDIJFF

Lil Murphy : How to get away with spying You're (blank) we have to know

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel : *TAKE OFF THOSE FAKE GLASSES AND KISS ME* Gotta love Eric André!

Aspern Park : Yo Nardwuar! Where my car keys at?

King of the Trap : Bandicam.. That looks familiar

Van Damme's Frosty Mullet : I heard Nardwuar found Waldo and 2pac chilling in the same joint

Mr. magorium : A part of me wants to become famous just so I can have nardwuar remind me of some nostalgic shit I don’t even remember doing/having.

Sgt Pepper : when you actually care about what you do instead of just asking questions for a paycheck

GET_Elliott : "take off those fake glasses and kiss me"

Spocklee : Sometimes I think Nardwuar is a cartoon character come to life.

Generic Asian : nard : "is this how you create universe?" god : "holy shit tf do you know"

Max Saucedo : 00:49 the way they sound ,the same lol

bigshotlukas199 : Narduwar vs Eric Andre. That's just the definition of absurdity. Who tf thought that would be a good idea.


Josh Berger : Pharrell's reaction killed me

Namida : 'Is this the first nude picture you masturbated to?' 'Wtf man? How.!?'

Bon Sheedy : But seriously all Wiz Khalifa did was laugh, he could do that at any moment.

vegetaouji333 : Is he still on Much? Love that guy.

Rafel Jaggai : "Take off those fake glasses and kiss me" Ya like jazz?.

1 Dunno : 2:45 I guess we can call him hardwuar now *wiiiinnnkkkk*

yung existential crisis : is this the condom you said you put on back in 9th grade?

Aspern Park : Take off those fake glasses and kiss me lol

Danny Sullivan : Eric Andre hahahaha

Tishan Sabaratnam : Asap rocky has the beszmt reaction

WhY !? : Bruh somebody gotta update this 😂😂😂

CheesecakeLasagna : I love how you can count Wiz's laugh.


YourDaddy Biih : 2:36 lmao take off those fake glasses and kiss me

Jayoo Plays : Ive seen all of these except for Snoop Dogg. These are hilarious 😂😂

Sammy : Omg Diplos mans took him away!

ChanceTheKingg : Wiz khlifas part lmaooo

Cleto : Lmao Waka's boy had me dying

Jonah Stephenson : The last one 😂

Debo Datta : Eric Andre's interview was trash too man kept trying to be funny but it came off as cringey.

Edward Dube : He is the FEDS.

Ivan Gulko : Narduwar is probably an FBI agent

good ass weed : Nardwuar doing full background checks out here

Paul Martinez : Lol salt n vinegar chips 😂

jayinmonochrome : "is this the first place you ever had sex ?" "bruh how the..."

PopsiclesInMyCellar : I think through their managers or some shit he gets a family hookup like their moms or whoever, then asks some extra spicy cool questions just to impress them during the interview.

Elijah Kelly : 2:34 best part

drumtravelfun : Lol gotta love Nard. I played in a punk rock band many moons ago and he had us on CITR radio, we played live on air, he interviewed us afterwards, and yes, he IS that way off air. Good dude.

Scott Sophia : Why does he shove the microphone 🎤 so close to their face?

Natesart : i think he calls their moms before each interview

justl16 : 2:37

Mimiyo : I almost thought that Rocky was Travis and Travis was Rocky lamo