Eric Clapton The Last Waltz - Further on up the Road -

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John Johnson : I love how Robbie steps in when his strap comes off, I love claptons face after Robbie rips that solo at 2:30

Ren Jay : I don't get all the comments saying one is better than the other blah blah blah. They're both fucking brilliant at what they do and the both seem to be enjoying themselves. I enjoyed it. Great stuff.

Eugene Ward,Jr. : One of the best things about this documentary for me was realizing just how damn great a guitarist Robbie Robertson is. (Never saw them live) On their records he rarely took center stage so to speak with long solos. Never really tried to standout from the rest of The Band. So l was like holy shit,this guy can really burn it up when he cuts loose. I didn't give any thought to wether he or Clapton was out doing the other. But it's obvious that they were both having fun trading licks. Just a great performance by two exceptionally talented musicians.

James Schuster : Robbie steps up and matches Clapton. Killer intensity. He had to show his chops. Well done. I will bow down now.

Clarence VonDusenberg : In this video Robbie > Eric

John W : Clapton blows him off the stage.

Doug Smith : Mark Knopfler hangs with EC

stripervince1 : what fucking moron gave this a thumbs down. had to be a rap person

Harry Verey : I hadn't noticed Clapton's guitar strap coming off either and Robbie Robertson stepping in to take  over the lead- just shear professionalism.

Adam Dion : robbie gives it his best effort...clapton ruins him!

John McInturff : Clapton is the bluesbreaker here, completely blows away Robbie. Sorry Robbie, but what did you expect when playing with Eric. To be honest it sounds like you are playing a strat strung with rubber bands. Eric has the touch dude ....

Caoimhin O'Duinnin : The 2 thumbs down on this video gave me cancer

mike galante : Finally, a good youtube version of this. best version of this song ever ,better than jef beck and bossama{sic] . answer to why eric's strap fell off in at the beginning of this video for any conspiracy freaks

Bluesboy Jag Cigar Box Guitars : this is out of tune, the vid is slighly faster than it should be, raised the pitch a 1/2 step.

leirbag51 : Not everything in life is suposed to be a battle! Just enjoy...its music at its finest! God save the Blues!

Christian Sefesi : The only time Clapton really overplayed his hand. The only time I seen him steal the show on purpose. He nearly did it against Otis Rush as well. He is a better player then Robbie. He didn't need to outplay Robbie. It was his and the Band's farewell. He is generally a very humble and gracious player.

Northern Boy : Robbie can play those solos, but man, his rhythm playing is spot on. Never overdone - just what needs to be done.

Matt H : It would've been cool if Clapton stepped in when the band split up and made them HIS backing band, since Robbie was the only one who really wanted out. He sounds so good with them here. Much better than other live audio from him during this period in my opinion

Brian Rothenberger : Eric Clapton wanted to be in The Band. Went to Woodstock to ask them if he could join and was too intimidated after hearing them play. Don't believe me? Listen to his speech inducting them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

hop3777 : OHHHHHH!

stripervince1 : no such thing as anything even resembling rap that's remotely good. and I'm not your friend

stripervince1 : 2 masters at the top of their game ,40 years ago.....God music sucks today

Vic Soboleski : That was awesome , Robbie held his own with Clapton till that last come back of EC ,which was other worldly clean .....was the vid fast or did they uptempo it or something ?

Dana Bradley : The Last Waltz will forever be a video I re-visit, and largely to listen & watch Eric Clapton's genius musical magic!!! Thanks Martin Scorsese for uniting in one unforgettable documentary, all these wonderful musical treasures!!!

Gergely Riba : According to Clapton, The Band was his favorite band, and he respected them highly as musicians.

G1975 : Someone is gonna hurt you like you hurt me!

Nash Records : cocaine

james monty : One of the most underrated guitarist's of all time.. Robbie Robertson

matthew smith : is Robbie playing brownie?

Brian Murphy : Robbie show the coke head how it's done brother xx

Doug Smith : people say Robbie hangs with EC BS HE can't touch Clapton.

Todd Graeber : been watchin this video for years & seems everyone wants to pit eric vs robbie...truly an extraordinary performance... seems like people overlook the bass rick lays down, and levon's tempo

Gill Westner : Amaising guitarist's



Phillip McConnochie : awsome remember watching it first time 6 years ago the whole thing.

Fabian Robertsson : I have the biggest smile on my face everytime I watch this video. You can tell all of them are really feeling it playing with such enjoyment. They didn't care about who being the better player, it wasn't about that. Why should we?

AeonKage : For me this is these are the best solos I've heard from Robbie... So far.

Baz Barrett : And not one proxy mobile phone in sight

Mandingocub Mandingo : Not only are they THE Band, but they're also the best backup band in the business

Greg Martin : i'm thinking back of my e a rlies t concert going days and remembering the best lead guitarits i saw then .....J.Geils in 72' Martin Barre of Jethro T ull on their Thick as a Brick tour in 73', Johnny Winter in 73;'and 74. Rick Derringer with Edgar Winter on Frankenstein tour. Lynrd Skynrd's 3 guitarists in 74' or 75'. ZZ Tops Billy Gibbons in 74' or 75' . Carlos Santana at Red Rocks in Colorado in 82 ' THE WHO in 82 ' at Folsom Stadium in Boulder Colorado in 82' the IT'S HARD tour. Cry if you want, E mminence Front, and all their classics. Steve Howe and Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe tour I think in 87' or 88' YES Reunion tour this time with Chris Squire and Steve Howe in 92' ,......Last one I also love Jonny Lang in March of 2 004.........

Marijus Pileckas : outstanding :)

Lennon Burke : Robbie saved Clapton😉

Mac : love Claptons laid back but then really tough full on attack in his playing, wow!

John Pino : Clapton went in on that closing solo!

Eugene J Ward : A true class recognition by the band by inviting EC to join them for their first final concert. Clapton actually came to Big Pink & ask to join the band because he felt they were making the best music of all the groups @ that time. Of course that couldn't be. But the Band was so flattered by EC's request they generously asked him to appear. And the guitar play back and forth is simply two great talents enjoying playing on the same stage.

Rob Francis : Wow, great people, great music and a hell of a lot of fun!

RL VanNostrand : Got to love the Band covering an EC cover - great work by all

Redbush : I've been a Clapton fan for a long while and while I've enjoyed listening to the Band, only recently have I really delved deep into them. I don't know where to stand on the whole Robbie Robertson song-writing credit ordeal, I very much respect what he's done in the Band but I also believe he other members should have gotten their credit. I will not compare Robbie and Eric here, but this song really showcases how well Robbie can play lead. He holds his own with Slowhand here, in my opinion.

Colin O'Connor : Clapton is God!