China news confuses rubber vagina/anus for special mushroom (SUBTITLED)

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I translated the video myself and added it in using FCP. It is as accurate as I can understand from it. Besides the obscure name of the villages, it is mostly accurate. Downloaded the video from Tudou. Xi'an Up Close 《西安零距离》, an investigative journalism programme which airs on Xi'an TV, has become a national laughing stock after airing a report on June 17 on a "mystery mushroom" which was discovered by villagers in a rural part of the city. For more information, refer here:

Comments from Youtube

Magus : I wonder if some kid bought this, used it once, felt ashamed and buried it never expecting to see it ever again.

SuperSaiyaman3 : 0:27 it's secretly the village elder's fleshy he lost but he pretends he doesn't know it

Frantic Leap : OR maybe you just don't know that sex toys that you use everyday was harvested from china.

Hoof Arted : Villager: "the filling was quite unusual, creamy yet chlorine flavored"

Tio Dave : Can we see the follow up report?

MTN_MAN CO : its like the coke bottle in "The Gods Must Be Crazy."

Jonathan Hall : This story would be very different if it happened in Japan

TheRepty818 : A special mushroom indeed.

Pjor Berger : Some say Joe Rogan planted it there while searching for bigfoot.

Loading... : oh. oh no.

Alvis M : Reporters update..'"Upon squeezing the mushroom a white substance that is sticky has come out! Maybe this is the key ingredient in this herb that leads to longevity!"

South Texas Fail : And I all ways thought that sex toys where made in China, not grown...

Dan Gerous : and what exactly is a fleshlight doing buried beneath a remote chinese village? apart from creating slight mirth

nothingtoseehere : Ahahahah! So, at the end of the report they said there's gonna be a follow up from a scientist or whatnot—did anyone record that report? Is that video footage available anywhere? xD

Melvin Blumsley : So that's where I left it!

realeques : you GOT to be kidding me!

Ledgerdary Knight : it was to long compared to their usual size

Angelica Del Carmen : I'm ordering this next time I go to our favorite Chinese restaurant. This and Chickety China the Chinese Chicken.

dadoopie37 : Is this a glimpse of how it's going to be when future generations unearth stuff from our timeline? Lol!

RedStar : I wouldn't be touching that if I were you

XDarkxSteel : Hah! Looks like China got trolled by 4chan...

white_shadow.exe : Im guessing no one know what a vagina looks like lol

87jello : Oh nice. An food item served as a possible aphrodisiac 

Bose-Einstein : How have I missed this gem? Absolutely hilarious!

bbababonbon..bonfire! : omg my sides

UTEKE : Is there a follow report, I gotta see it! 😂

Lord Rudra : HAHHAHAHHAHAHahhaha....i think i pulled my back laughin


Carlo Martini : Yeah... it's still hilarious, though.

Mr. Rokk : That being said, it's still fucking hilarious.

Charles Manning : this is the type of shit you would expect from North Korea

LoLBluEcss : no thats chinese

denis1110 : had to be sure the wife wouldn't find it

Janet Cushey : no, that's chinese.

barrack obama : Why was it 80m underground?

adreus villain : chingchongcheewangchonchangsamachingwongchangyangchiy

burritopimp18 : cingpongkongyongdongchinconmnhg

Coderedpirate : NI HAO. wait that's Japanese......

L Xh : 这不违法,现在在中国的网吧几乎很多人只要去网吧就看色情片,装个快播就可以看。中国观看,5岁小孩都懂得。USA

下沙 : 国际笑话

Pinoy Royalty : AGAIN this goes to show how STUPID CHINESE PEOPLE ARE. THEY are so CHEAP and LIKE Fake items because they cannot afford to buy originals. EVEN the chinese in the US are so dumb and UGLY. They look like shit and all. Why are there Chinese in this world anyway? Lets bury them all at the Center of the Earth and let THEM TOAST.

jim k : Butt plugs

Sukuraidogai : Start streaming pornography and visit several differen porn websites a day every day and I'll be laughing when the cops start knocking on your door. Viewing porn on the internet is ILLEGAL in your contry, sir! Sure, most cases end with a slap on the wrist, but there are several cases of Chinese being arrested for downloading pornography at home. Look it up.

Li Zhonghao : I don't care what you read on the news, I have lived in China for 17 years. If you caught because watching porn, we Chinese would consider that is a news

Sukuraidogai : Did you read? That's exactly what I said.

Li Zhonghao : bullshit, making porn is illegal in China.

Yen Tao : this is quite believable not to be a spoof if made a few years ago. somehow along the way, china lost its innocence.

johnnylin981 : China dirty pussy

johnnylin981 : I been there in china before I see a lot of young whore there