China news confuses rubber vagina/anus for special mushroom (SUBTITLED)

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Raymond Lui : "there is a rumor that emperor qingshi while looking for a secret to longevity found this herb to be one of it's important ingredients" HAHAHAHAHA

Tio Dave : Can we see the follow up report?

Frantic Leap : OR maybe you just don't know that sex toys that you use everyday was harvested from china.

Magus : I wonder if some kid bought this, used it once, felt ashamed and buried it never expecting to see it ever again.

Razzy1312 : You know what's funnier to me? The fact that they just discovered this new "plant" and they already have a story lined up about how it has magical medicinal properties and one of the Emperors used this plant. The Chinese sure do love their hocus-pocus medicine. Everything over there has some sort of magic medicinal quality. Some are true, most are completely made up. If tomorrow we discovered bigfoot, the Chinese would be saying "Eat the penis - it will make you fertile! Eat the biceps - they will make you strong!"

Hoof Arted : Villager: "the filling was quite unusual, creamy yet chlorine flavored"

SuperSaiyaman3 : 0:27 it's secretly the village elder's fleshy he lost but he pretends he doesn't know it

MTN_MAN CO : its like the coke bottle in "The Gods Must Be Crazy."

Pjor Berger : Some say Joe Rogan planted it there while searching for bigfoot.

Jonathan Hall : This story would be very different if it happened in Japan

Alvis M : Reporters update..'"Upon squeezing the mushroom a white substance that is sticky has come out! Maybe this is the key ingredient in this herb that leads to longevity!"

Mike Brink : A girl once found some purple rubber anal beads in a field by school and another girl told her it was a plug for soda bottles, to keep the soda from going flat so u can save & drink later.So she washed it off, kept it,and was walking around school with it used as a plug in her 1/2 drank mountain dew bottle.

iplaythru : 0:24 they consulted the village elder? wtf is this the 1500s? do they not have internet? maybe they don't actually....the government is really fucking their society's intellectually growth over there

Dan Gerous : and what exactly is a fleshlight doing buried beneath a remote chinese village? apart from creating slight mirth

Aellom : } : I mean I can definitely understand why guys wouldn't know what it is. The censorship in China is absolutely unbelievable. But honestly anyone with a vagina should have immediately been able to tell that this was something dirty based on the exact mold of a vagina on it :\

galexy : Ahahahah! So, at the end of the report they said there's gonna be a follow up from a scientist or whatnot—did anyone record that report? Is that video footage available anywhere? xD

TheRepty818 : A special mushroom indeed.

realeques : you GOT to be kidding me!

MedEighty : You'd think, with the crazy rate at which they breed in that country, that they'd recognise that one end was in the shape of a woman's genitals and, the other, an anus. I understand that the people gathered around that tub (which I hope was filled with pure ethanol and not just water) were mostly men, who may have never been around a woman before. But how did the correspondent not realise what that thing was?

Melvin Blumsley : So that's where I left it!

dadoopie37 : Is this a glimpse of how it's going to be when future generations unearth stuff from our timeline? Lol!

Loading... : oh. oh no.

XDarkxSteel : Hah! Looks like China got trolled by 4chan...

Luiz Ricardo : kkkkkkk cogumelo vagina

RedStar : I wouldn't be touching that if I were you

South Texas Fail : And I all ways thought that sex toys where made in China, not grown...

Zheng Youlai : LOL..You can't image how I laughed that day when I saw this....

Alethea Totty : For all of you who are wondering what that is, it really is a mushroom and these people are trying to pull your leg.

MV N : haha is this even real? so embarrassing just to watch, people believing its a mushroom, broadcast it in hong kong and macau, haha.

Luís H. : Didn't they make a tea out of it? lmao

Josephine P : Cong cing bong bung bing dong ding ding dong

Sujit Singh : i am just wondering what would be the followup report of the i dont think so they would report that !!!! lol

Akai Mizu : thanks vin

87jello : Oh nice. An food item served as a possible aphrodisiac 

MadNut321 : Damn. The Flashlight reviews have really changed.

bbababonbon..bonfire! : omg my sides

Michael Minugh : I want dat follow-up report!

Ledgerdary Knight : it was to long compared to their usual size

Angelica Del Carmen : I'm ordering this next time I go to our favorite Chinese restaurant. This and Chickety China the Chinese Chicken.

robopony : I'm in the weird part of youtube again...

jaw2floor : who is that ashamed of owning one that they bury it 80m in the dirt

Jordan : Fail

TicallionStallion : I wonder why it was slimy.

Beavis : This is a perfect example of how Mao destroyed China and its people. Ignorance!

white_shadow.exe : Im guessing no one know what a vagina looks like lol

Anon E. Mouse : "This "mushroom" looks familiar and it feels like silicone or something."- The guy holding the vagushroom, probably. I hope they don't try to chop it up and eat it... Lol. I'm hoping this is an Onion-esk news program because if it isn't lawd help these poor -stupid- not very smart people. I wonder how many of these villagers own bears or a variety of other unconventional pets, thinking they are cats and dogs. 😂😂😂

Lord Murugan : HAHHAHAHHAHAHahhaha....i think i pulled my back laughin

Re : This is what interstellar aliens would think if they found my sex toys

Bronze Goblet : This girl is so pure and cute XD, I like her <3 awwww

hedgeclipper418 : This is why I don't trust Chinese medical journals.