Inktober ☀️ Day 19 ☀️ Scorched ☀️ Algeria and the Fennec Fox ☀️

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aartadventure : Do you have a favourite country (other than your birth country?). Do any of my viewers live in Algeria, or have travelled there? Tell me more about it if you do/have!

Michele Sharp : A really diverse range of subjects for your pieces this month. Loving following your Inktober journey

Art With Kishlay : Amazing

Super Easy Art : This is beautiful. I love how you are highlighting different countries and their traditions through your work. While my home country is India, among my favorite countries are Japan, Italy and Switzerland where I have had the good fortune of traveling! A big like and subscribed, I hope we can stay connected.

Annie G : Great artwork. Many thanks for all the info on Algeria and the fox. This was really interesting and it's always great to learn new things. A few months ago I watched a BBC tv programme on a woman's 2000 mile journey from Morocco to Timbuktu, so you talking about Algiers reminded me of that tv series.

The Windy Artist Loft : Wow! I think this is your best piece yet. The fox came out so good too!

Dennis C. Nolasco : What a fantastic idea to go along with Inktober. Good job 👏

Emy Art : the coloring is so good keep it up