Samsung India Service (SVC) - Most Watched Video in 2017 - We’ll take care of you, wherever you are.

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TRENDING Section : First Ad To cross 100M views.....Woooohoooo. That shows how good this Ad is.....Amazing

Nitesh Girigosavi : Who came here because of Jaby Koay?

TARUN Bisht : Anyone in 2018???

Deepak Kumar : Proudly watching this ad on my 4th samsung phone! (S Duos, S3, J5-6, A5 2017) classy product, Excellent after sales service, not like other cheap local brands. Great job Samsung! Heart touching ad...

Naresh Vattipalli : Advertisement business was heart touching....... thanks to Samsung.........

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu : This Ad made me to look for Replay button instead of Skip button.

Gautam Singh : Just Watched and don't know from where tears started to come

Aashish Jain : #proud owner of Samsung..!!🔥🔥❤️

Aashish Jain : No company beats the service and quality of Samsung..! Inspite of ups and downs still ppl believe Samsung than the Chinese companies coz Samsung has become like one of our own Indian companies now...🔥🔥❤️❤️

Fun4sure : That's amazing video :)

Santana Basu : The song is very lovely. who is the singer? We all see the blind man but we can't feel about them. Only they can feel how sorrow is locked inside of them. It's absolutely true that they have more talent than us. We should help them. TRULY I SALUTE THEM. hats off👏.

Bihar ke lala : Love u samsung

Suresh : Jai Modi Jai RSS Jai BJP Jai Hind

Kartik Nunw : I bet this is the best ad ever !! Always makes me cry !! I never ever skip this ad i've seed this 3-4 times, still the same satisfaction !! This is just brilliant !! Totally in love with samsung..

chikati raju : The voice of that little girl in the contest made me goosebumps.. really heart touching 💓 💓..

Tony Faxton : It's been a year since I watched first time...and it still makes my eyes filled with tears. I can tell you my personal experience with those great Samsung men. I lived with my grandmother when I was very young in Korea and these great Samsung service men, they always come to your house whenever your Samsung fridge or TV don't work and make sure they are fixed every time! Also they make sure you are cared for. I didn't have mother or father, so, when there is a great snow storm sometime those Samsung men often would call to make sure my grandmother and I were ok in the mountain we were living. This is 80s, when it was long before South Korea had more mature and comprehensive social welfare programs. So just knowing that there are Samsung men was a relief for us. Nothing in this ad is made up, stretched or exaggerated. This is how Samsung treat their customer and what they do to make sure your Samsung products are taken care of, not just for this decade but all the decades since as long as I remember. They really stand behind their product and service. This ad particularly, moves me so asks you what is happiness, and how we define that to be happy. For those blind kids, luxurious goods, expensive house and cars, or sexy boyfriend or girl friend mean nothing. What are they gonna do with a bucket load of money? To them, happiness is to hear their best friend sing their heart out, and she's gonna do it on Samsung TV tonight. To see them enjoying their friend's really does make you wonder, do we really need anything more than this in our life. Or how well have we prioritized what's important in our life?

Akshanshu Anand : Samsung's sale went up 42% after they launched this ad. Btw who else watching this in 2018 ??

Anil BeardBuddy : Hats off to the cinematographer, director And My fav Mohit chouhan

Cineon VFX : Best way to make place in Indian market is to make emotional TVC

Jitu Paikra : 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

Adheesh B : Because you can't always know how your actions affect others, and their situation, its always worth while to go that extra mile.

Digvijay Todkar : Only one request to Samsung... Please give updates FASTER! Some of ur phones still stuck on 7.0 while Nokia and others have 8.0 But I still love samsung!!!

poornima pandey : It's amazing add and heart touching but so lovely Iove this add awesome

Aashish Vishwakarma : Mohit 's Gunj 😍😍😍 ,, His Voice !!!! Aaj Main Beh Chala !

Dhaval Makwana : Samsung best service

Kartikey Malviya official : This song be hurt toch

SHIVAM JOSHI : Tge best tv ad my favourite i saw in my life..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

Limelights! : Heart touching ad!!Big thumbs up 👍

Peter Paul : How much mileage does tht car give??

chandrapal singh : world greatest advertisment

Arun Adsule : Cute girl and. Cute vice.... one of the best ad ever seen


Mariyam Shaikh : Rula diya😭😭😭😭😭😭

Naa Peru Ravi : Ossummmmmmmm

Mohd shoaib ahmed : First ad to cross 200M date:08.04.2018 any one here from 2018....??

Ashok V : I don't have words to express about this add. Gud job team samsung.

Sumit Sharma : great advatagemante

AnSanGo : I love this ad man. Made me emotional in the end.And the background music is so good.One of the best ads of recent times!💕

MoHmed ShaHab : What an advertisement 💯

VG News : Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Abhimanyu Madhusudanan : A very heart warming and emotional video. The whole team deserves praise for creating such a well scripted and cinematographed ad. Hats off and good luck.

masti Shahanur Alom : Heart touching

B. Echo : Very Heart Touching Ad. Hats off Samsung. !

Swaroop Sai : music pick's

남윤성 : 정말 인상적인 광고였다 감동받았다

jordan khan : love Samsung n spcl thanks for this ad love and respect from kashmir

Akshay Patil : this add is so beautiful

SaNdeep Dev : Who's feeling EMOTIONAL ??????????????

Nhi Nguyễn : Please tell me the name of the song, I want know 😭😭😭

Rajesh Biber : Semma super