Poor Vandy Really Shouldn't Trash Talk

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jive turkey : He sounds like he knows what kinda ball he wants to play with

Backdoor Bubba Brown : "When you come to our house, we show you how to play some SEC ball" Says the punching bag of the SEC...

JesusChristIt’sJasonBourne : Jesus they had families!

String Bean Rick James Looking Fool : What he wanted to say was.....Alabama we next.

A Name : Didn't know they could nationally televise rape

courther : I bet his voice got higher after the game. Players heard him say during game, "Ouch, I feel something in my butt" It was Big Al.

PC Sports Enthusiast : And they say you can't tell....um, we can all tell.

soonersdevil : he thought they had Alabama A & M up nx 🤔🤔

Hendo Nagasaki : That Vandy player was definitely closet homo.

alibobo baba : Let's just be real yall.... the real final score was 66-0. I'm pretty sure saban was substituting our fans there at the end keeping the line fresh hahaha.

Roll Tide World MF'in Wide ! : Bama Porn.... Alabama does Vandy.... Bama goes deep ...Black and Gold Panties ..Nick's Crimson Stick.... Bamas up Vandys down,...Rammer Jammer deep in Vandy Candy .. Vandy Cum in Doors .. Doing the Nasty in Nashville, Vandy does it Hurts

Caleb Bookout : Where's the vandy highlights? Oh wait lol

Zatch : So that's what it sounds like when Michael Sam talks shit

Ian Fisher : Skips to end of video 59-0

Gene Paulk : Vandy got their asses kicked up around their ears !!!! Do you still want BAMA ??? NO BODY DOES !!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL 🏈

Joe Veitch : His voice was high before the game imagine how high it is now that we cut his nuts off and gave them away.

Ray Ray : Ok 3 things: First of all this was Vandy... Second of all this was the Commodores.... Third and lastly but most importantly this was Vanderbilt....!

sonicdeviant : Haha !!! 😄 I bet this guy gets a blanket party from his teammates.

Fortnite Player : The guy didnt even play lmao

Jomo Walkler : This game was a lot closer than people though it would be ......

Pop Holmes : Please don't come to our house again Alabama. You know what ball we play.

I’m a nigger : We show u how to play sec ball more like middle school ball

chester kleinhans : You know what they say Vandy; Act like you've been there. Oh, wait, you never have been there.

Kyree Parker : He sound like a female😂

Enrique Duarte : That is one sassy football player hahahaha

Premier SportsTV : Gaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy 😭😭😭 don't ever let him speak on behalf of the Vanderbilt team ever again 😂😂

Chris Harper : "Alabama, you're next!... to teach us a lesson about trash talking!"

Bob Gaston : Bless their hearts.

Mark Pitre : I'm a Clemson fan but I respect Nick Saban and the Tide. That's what happens when u poke the bear.

Connor Weiss : 59-0 😂

Orssidia : I go to Vandy. My friends and I complained about what this guy said for weeks lol. K-State ain't Bama

Lee Bostic : He was sweet af! You could tell lmao

Alonzo Sanchez : 1:48? Against Vanderbilt Tua Touchdown pass to Smith? 🤔🤔 Georgia game Tua Touchdown pass to Smith ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

Brandon Fitzpatrick : I Expect to see more of tua... this young man can throw as a lefty #props

RedElephantStampede : Oh that's right Commodes, give yourself a hard time.

Lucky Underwood : I believe Nick Saban tells his players to never trash talks #1. It's stupid & when you lose you are a fool for doing it & makes you look bad & the entire team looks bad...Vandy player should have never done that at all. Vandy is SEC that is even worse for doing that! SEC is better than this...

Dentatus Dentatus : Wow! Talk about writing a check you can't cash.

John Wills : That performance will win every game. It won't even be close.

kalani galdeira : Damn that game was basically Alabamas team practice 😂

Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies : Is that kid related to that linebacker from Notre Dame that fell in love with a man pretending to be a woman? He sort of looks like him and sounds about as intelligent. Well guess what son did you get to play Saturday because we came in at Big slap your team all over the field so that's what we did and out of the 50,000 fans packed into Vanderbilt Stadium I think about 40,000 for Alabama fans and I was one of them so all I got to tell you son is that is our house not your house. Everybody knows Vanderbilt doesn't have a fucking house , they have a shack. Next time you call somebody out son you better make sure it's somebody like Western Missouri Southern State Technical College. You know somebody Vanderbilt might be able to handle. What a joke of a football team you have. Sticker baseball and basketball son and again shut your mouth and learn your role and that role is to the kings of college football or we will make you bow down son. Kiss our ass and good day you're a joke

Delrico PAPI : He probably sings better than beyonce

Tree Mask the Trunk God : We playing football not balls balls

Eric Foreskin : They kneeled at vandys 7 yard line to end the game with about 20 seconds left, think about that!

Nate Joyner : I mean...you shouldn't talk shit with that voice.

xele fonte : Plot twist: the guy is straight. How's that for inception ahaha

LifeofNalathepitbull : Tua»hurtz

Supreme Hakiim : Oh, we know what ball you play.

Darrell Bush : Vandy plays 59-0 ball!

Pawel 26 : Some say bits of Alabama shoes come out every time vandy uses the 🚽

Samuel Munoz : He stayed silent after😂😂