Stock & Chicken Noodle Soup | Basics with Babish

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9 Year old : Dadding with dadish Edit: Since I have so many likes I'm gonna ask Dadish to do Peter Griffins car panini Hopefully he sees

Poopace : gordon ramsay: let the knife do the work binging with babish: let the flavours get to know each other i think i cracked the secret to good cooking- leave ur food alone in a room with a knife

amyz : Babish: This soup will cure a broken heart Me: *buys soup ingredients*

Philosophy Monkeys : My mom made chicken soup in a very similar way, and prepared her stock for 24 hours. When I first moved out of the house, I ended up in a colder environment than I was used to. I ended up getting sick for awhile, and felt awful. I remembered my mom's chicken soup - she prepared it much like you do - and bought some from the store. It barely helped at all. My mom found out I was feeling ill. She made a whole batch of chicken soup and sent it to me in mason jars. I was feeling so awful one night, the last thing I wanted to do was eat, but she made me promise to. One bite - everything changed. I felt a warmth radiating through my whole body. I could literally feel myself healing. My appetite came back. I ate the whole bowl and had another. Slept soundly, woke up, and the sickness was gone. Thus I can attest that this heavenly stuff will indeed cure anything.

Jared Clay : I've been a longtime viewer, but this is the first time I've made anything from the show... and OH BOY. This soup is a life changer. I have never tasted so many flavors in a simple stock before, and it only gets 1000x better after the whole soup is completed. If you are hesitating on making the soup, DON'T. Make it right away because it will honestly change your life.

Izzy : According to my mother, chicken noodle soup can cure anything...turns out that includes boredom too. Thanks for the video!

Colin Ferguson : I just made this recipe today. I've been peeling, chopping, cooking and cleaning all day and it's all been worth it because this soup is heavenly. The only thing I added was jicama, which turned out delicious because it stayed crunchy in the final soup and has a nice bite and sweetness. Thanks Babish!

DarkSun : I wish you'd include the amounts of ingredients needed in the description. It would make copying your recipes so much easier.

Daz Dee : Does this cure erectile dysfunction? Asking for a friend.

NovaOW : Please do a Naruto special: Miso ramen with pork, Japanese brbq the whole splabam

Abbreviated Reviews : Did I miss the addition of water in this? We went from dry vegetables to a full pot.

TomTucker : I used to make a similar chicken noodle soup for my mother when she was going through chemotherapy. I haven't made it in such a long time since she beat the cancer, I'll have to make it again for her and use this recipe since it looks way better than what I made. Thank you Andrew.

Jeroen Postma : Why are you peeling the veggies? Most kitchens I worked in just used skins, peel and other offcuts for stock. Better flavour as well, right?

Ilay Gilat : do the eriksen famliy 7 layer salad from how i met your mother!

Babi Rusa : I don't even cook, I just like watching your videos

Lisa Fenix : This is just in time for flu season... everyone at my job is getting sick! I gotta make this in preparation for the inevitable sickening.

miguel gonzalez : PLEASE please please could you do the multicolor cheeseburguer palette from spongebob? I mean, that world be awesome

doug12345doug : A few things: 1) Adding a bay leaf or two at either step would be beneficial. Smartest to include it in the stock. 2) This recipe isn't "completely from scratch". For the noodles, borrow from the pasta episode or substitute with drop dumplings (easy!). 3) Chicken wings are one of the most expensive cuts of the bird. If you can't go to an "ethnic" grocer, go to your butcher and ask for backs/bones/feet (the gold standard). If it comes to it, drumsticks are a cheaper alternative to wings.


donkeytacos : Christ man. You cut off and throw away half the veg

Koltin Nilam : *B O N E L E S S*

Matt Solomon : You should do a video on stuff from the cartoon ‘Chowder’

ceeM : Love you man, but skimming the fat from broth / stock is a blasphemy where I come from. Also, add grated nutmeg, whole allspice and bay leaf to your stock for that extra 'umpf'. Whole potato and a bunch of sweet red pepper does wonders to it! If you like your soup healthy, skip the noodles and slip in 1 beaten egg while continuously mixing.

BackwardMapTravels : I just made this and it is fan-flipping-tastic!!!! The dill and lemongrass really bring this dish to a whole other level! Thanks for another awesome recipe! : I made it, and it is amazing. I used a few less ingredients to save money. First, I used Babish's how to cut up a chicken video. Then I used the wings, legs, and spine for the stock and the breast and thighs for the soup. For vegetables, it was just 3 carrots, 5 celery, 1 onion, and half a parsnip for the stock and the same for the soup. For herbs, I just used thyme, parsley, and peppercorns in the stock, and I used thyme, parsley, and dill (from a cannister) in the soup. I tasted the stock after six hours, and I was a little worried because it tasted a little bland. But, after adding the salt at the end, it really brings out the flavors in the stock. My stock kind of tasted mostly like onion with a strong hint of chicken, but it tasted really, really good.

Christian D'Amore : *PETER* *GRIFFINS* *CAR* *PANINI*

Pat Dwyer : made this today. took about 6 hours or so. worth every second. I can confidently say that this is the best soup ive ever made and one of the best soups ive ever eaten, period. the lemongrass and dill really add a lot to this, and obviously you cant put a price on homemade stock. this really is liquid gold. 13/10.

TheBcoolGuy : I agree. Chicken noodle soup is the best soup in the world. I might makes this for my girlfriend in the future, you know, once I have one. :P

Jake Burke : I don't think Babish was a very big fan of this soup

Not Gay Bear : Made the stock last night following your ingredients exactly and it is the best chicken stock I have ever tasted/made. I have watched your video while making chicken noodle soup many times and usually I just leave out all the ingredients you use that I normally don't (parsnips, turnips). From now on I will do it your way first then make modifications if desired.

Adam's Eats : Snap! Did a chicken noodle soup myself the other day. Such a great soup to eat when you're unwell. Thanks Andrew for sharing!

Ariana Bell : HOW MUCH WATER DO YOU PUT IN IT?!?!?! Why is there nothing about that?!?! HELLLP!!!!

Lars Westerhausen : Great video. Just my two cents: If you don't skim the stock, the scum will actually become solid, sink to the bottom and the liquid basically clears itself. If you don't stir like a madman in between or let it boil rapidly, nothing will get cloudy. It will be clear like consumée. Also you might want to leave the onion skins on, because they add to the golden color. What can't be said often enough is: DON'T SALT IT. You are absolutely right. You never know, how much you're gonna reduce it. And furthermore, there is a second reason why we don't salt, called osmosis. Water always flows from the level of low to the level of high salt concentration. So if the cooking liquid is not salty, the natural salts in the meat and veggis will suck in the water. The cells fill up and eventually burst, so all the flavor gets washed out into the cooking liquid (diffusion). That's why we don't salt the water if we're after the stock, but lightly salt it if we want to use the meat later on.

Asiya Farah : What do you do with all the vegetables you drained out of the stock?

Captain Patch : I made this today with some minor changes and it was wonderful. I never really thought to make my own stock before and it really can be fantastically complex. I used a whole sectioned/browned chicken (minus breasts) instead of just the spines/wings, added some rosemary, and I used more pepper and less dill. Thanks so much for the video!

Daniel Cullen : A N D Y W H E R E A R E T H E N O O D L E S

Angrytoastlord the angriest of the toast : Can it fix a broken marriage?

Samuel Yorke : So just did this and it is fantastic. It was my first time using lemon grass, and I just googled what to do. I had no idea how much to grind into the soup. Is there a recommended amount? Thanks!

James WK Brown : Just made this stock and soup... when you said a lot of dill I think I went a little to much.... it became over powering... but to that note still the absolute best soup I’ve ever made. Thanks babbs

johan burgermeister : So whatd you do with all the stuff you made the stock out of? Toss it out?

I'm Smexy : Oh yeah daddy Babish is back.

Not Gay Bear : Who's Andy?

tra ler : Can you use the vegetables from the stock for something

Ray Mora : Can you make homemade mac and cheese please.

fuking king gal : nah my mom makes it better

Gavin Smith : Can you start a new show called "Broke with Babish" so you can teach us how to cook something delicious on a really small budget

Ignat Remizov : Is there a way to make this without onions?

megan louise : This needs to be a Netflix series

Kattykat49 : My daughter would love this! You have a new subscriber ❤️

Jjsb94 : If you’re making stock, there is no need peel and trim all these vegetables. I know it’s pretty for the camera, but unnecessarily wasteful.