Stock & Chicken Noodle Soup | Basics with Babish

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Isagail : According to my mother, chicken noodle soup can cure anything...turns out that includes boredom too. Thanks for the video!

tia by : I am craving melons . . maybe honeydew

amyz : Babish: This soup will cure a broken heart Me: *buys soup ingredients*

Wolfy1345 : I was going to say “will it make my dad come back?” but I realised he’s a jerk and I just want some good soup.

Lisa Fenix : This is just in time for flu season... everyone at my job is getting sick! I gotta make this in preparation for the inevitable sickening.

Colin Ferguson : I just made this recipe today. I've been peeling, chopping, cooking and cleaning all day and it's all been worth it because this soup is heavenly. The only thing I added was jicama, which turned out delicious because it stayed crunchy in the final soup and has a nice bite and sweetness. Thanks Babish!

Ignat Remizov : Is there a way to make this without onions?

Ilay Gilat : do the eriksen famliy 7 layer salad from how i met your mother!

Confused Alex : Please do a Naruto special: Miso ramen with pork, Japanese brbq the whole splabam

Adams Eats : Snap! Did a chicken noodle soup myself the other day. Such a great soup to eat when you're unwell. Thanks Andrew for sharing!

Ineluctable Smith : Thanks man, I am a chicken soup fan as well. I am glad there was no cardamom or liquorish in it. I Like well done, well brothed, well seasoned, and well cooked chicken noodle soup! I will have to try the root vegetables, turnip and parsnip, in my soup as well. Thanks again!


Yaboi Jimbo : I don't think Babish was a very big fan of this soup

donkeytacos : Christ man. You cut off and throw away half the veg

I'm Smexy : Oh yeah daddy Babish is back.

doug12345doug : A few things: 1) Adding a bay leaf or two at either step would be beneficial. Smartest to include it in the stock. 2) This recipe isn't "completely from scratch". For the noodles, borrow from the pasta episode or substitute with drop dumplings (easy!). 3) Chicken wings are one of the most expensive cuts of the bird. If you can't go to an "ethnic" grocer, go to your butcher and ask for backs/bones/feet (the gold standard). If it comes to it, drumsticks are a cheaper alternative to wings.

Marie Ford : HOW MUCH WATER DO YOU PUT IN IT?!?!?! Why is there nothing about that?!?! HELLLP!!!!


Kai Bully : Very shiny head 10/10 gordon ramsay

Koltin Nilam : *B O N E L E S S*

Hans Kopf : Daddy Babish...I love you man

Jjsb94 : If you’re making stock, there is no need peel and trim all these vegetables. I know it’s pretty for the camera, but unnecessarily wasteful.

WeePee831 : you really should have served this with a soda on the side.

ceeM : Love you man, but skimming the fat from broth / stock is a blasphemy where I come from. Also, add grated nutmeg, whole allspice and bay leaf to your stock for that extra 'umpf'. Whole potato and a bunch of sweet red pepper does wonders to it! If you like your soup healthy, skip the noodles and slip in 1 beaten egg while continuously mixing.

Abbreviated Reviews : Did I miss the addition of water in this? We went from dry vegetables to a full pot.

X : dude, love your videos, been watching since you only had like 80k subscribers, but i have to critique and say you screwed the pooch on this one. That stock barely had any color at all when you poured it into the strainer. It comes out SO MUCH darker and flavorful if you use a 6 pound whole chicken (same price to buy already cut up), remove all skin so you dont have to skim off fat, and once cooked remove the meat you want to use for the soup. after 3 hours everything on that bird is disconnected into a pile of small pieces and that stock is a beautiful and flavorful dark brown. Also gotta go bay leaves and cloves.

James Steimel : Is there a way to find a written version of this

Matt Solomon : You should do a video on stuff from the cartoon ‘Chowder’

Gyaltsen Moktan : You should make the Clogger burger from the Simpsons movie

sɹǝʞɔɐɹɔ ʍɐɹ : I don't even cook, I just like watching your videos

PoopAce Gaming : gordon ramsay: let the knife do the work binging with babish: let the flavours get to know each other i think i cracked the secret to good cooking- leave ur food alone in a room with a knife

Fairdrain : This is amazing! I'll definitely try it! Just a quick question: wouldn't it be better to cook the noodles separately? The starch from them could cloud the soup, no?

Zachie Snacks : Do the stupendous stew from Mario Odessey!

Daniel Cullen : A N D Y W H E R E A R E T H E N O O D L E S

tra ler : Can you use the vegetables from the stock for something

Daz Dee : Does this cure erectile dysfunction? Asking for a friend.

Kristi Chau : I would say you don’t even need to really peel the veg before chopping it and boiling it into stock, except for the onions

Alex Kellison : Do the every pizza place salad from Family Guy

Unknown Unknown : Dadding with dadish Edit: Since I have so many likes I'm gonna ask Dadish to do Peter Griffins car panini Hopefully he sees

Seth Gray : Do the mississippi queen drink from regular show

TwistyDude : You have to come to Asia!!!!! If you need suggestions, gimmie a shout

Big Bod : PLEASE make a gourmet and easy lunch video

Ian McPherson : So does he just add water for the stock??

Sofia Moreira : _Andy, where are the noodles?_

3ThreeHeadedMonkey : So what do you do with the veges and chicken that was used to make the stock?

Brad Kuei 桂敍晨 7A : can you make a video of frying? Can you also teach us how to make fry butter?

Asiya Farah : What do you do with all the vegetables you drained out of the stock?

Johnny Martin : Meat flavored water

Capitan Kaktus : Its probably the most popular soup in Poland.

Ostrich Nostril : Enthusiastic hand gestures with Babish