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I look at the absolute SIZE of Gru from Despicable me/minions. He's a bit of a unit. GRAB SOME MERCH Twitter ► Instagram ► Patreon ► Facebook ► Subreddit ► Background Music: Pharrell Williams - Despicable Me [Instrumental] Running in the 90's Outro song ► Lemaitre - Not Too Late


Vaughan Stephens : Imagine walking down the street and you see a 14 foot man running at 257 meters per second

James Jeffery : Nobody: Nobody at all: Literally no one: Slazo: THE ABSOLUTE SIZE OF GRU

Yeehaw Grayson : Legal size for a truck: 4.45 meters Gru’s car: HOLD MY BEER

i just want to look at memes : He *big* He *chunky* He *round* He *plumpy* Look out, I think moto moto likes gru

Charlie Flynt : The craziest part is that there are taller people than Gru in the Despicable Me universe

Nugget : Slazo: His most noticable feature, Me: His peni- Slazo: His nose. Me: oh... okay. Edit: Wow that's more likes than I expected.

Z-star * : Gru? Tall Minions? Yellow Lucy? Badass Agnes? Cute Nose? Extended Hotel? Destroyed by Gru's car

Karreff The Mayor : nobody: not a single minion: my youtube recommendations: THE ABSOLUTE SIZE OF GRU

MafiaCow98 : Usain bolt: **JOINS THE CHAT** Usain bolt: *I’m the fastest man on the planet!* Gru: **JOINS THE CHAT** Usain bolt: **LEFT THE CHAT**

DavisH Mayo : Gru is BIGGER than you Gru is FASTER than you Gru is SMARTER than you Gru is RICHER than you Gru is BETTER than you

Cupcake - : Does this mean Gru can dickslap at the speed of sound and cause a thunderclap in the process of doing so

SteveRay : *Gru's dickslap will be as destructive as the bomb that hit Pearl Harbor*

squicc : nobody: youtube recommendations: THE ABSOLUTE SIZE OF GRU

JPG Nuclear : Since Gru is as tall or nearly as tall as every other person and people over history have grown in height noticeably over many years, Despicable Me universe is taking place in a distant future

Jennifer Simcic : Centimeters Inches Feet Yards *Grus*

bob duncan : my brother is taller than a MINION. that sounds very scary.

Olivia Océan : Minions? Many. Height? 14ft Despicable? Yes. Hotel? Trivago

Anti-social Crisis : 5:24 thanks for the ear-rape out of nowhere mate 👍

Backflip Kid : For all those US fans, Gru moves at 2775600 mph

2 far 2 walk : This is grate information, but I have a question... HOW TALL IS DOCTOR NEFARIO 😂

Dusty And Despair : Wait, now comes the big question... *H O W B I G I S H I S D I C K????*

Braedon Lee : Albert Einstein: I am the smartest man ever Slazo: hold my tea

1-800- owo : Here's the highlight of your day. I wrote this down for a creative writing essay and i'm sharing it in Language arts today...

Suicidal Sundays : Spent many hours finding hight and sped of gru, even went out of his way to measure his house, nose, and rocket of gru aswell... This man is a *hero*

BenjiGoldilocks : Next do The absolute size of a CVS receipt.

dynamic Dylan # : Welcome To another episode of " da fuq dis in ma recommendations?"

Panic! Trash : This madlad did all this math and research just for our entertainment. *thank you*

Rubbish Bin : So your saying Gru is huge and faster than the speed of light

Quentin Rosver : Is nobody gonna talk about how Gru just *punched* a shark?

YJX Is OP : Alright Youtube, I've watched it, *_ya happy now???_*

ChaosKnight HD : Lets also assume GRU has a higher grip strength than the Great white shark's biting strength in order to break its jaw before snapping his arm off, that means his arms are over 1,800kgm/s² converted into grip strength. That's enough strength to lift buildings alone. Absolute unit

Inhaler Grandma : this is why we take math so we measure cartoon logic

Jebos : Gru is 4 times the size of a minion A minion is 105cm Whiich means... Gru is 420 centimetres

ChaosKnight HD : Science predicts the fastest human could run 40-50 mps in optimal conditions. Gru is over 5x faster than usain bolt.

Toasted Microwave : *I bet there will be flying cars in the future* *the absolute size of gru* This.... Surpassed my expectations for the future

KenMakesVideos ZL : the absolute size of his wife / gf (who is taller than gru)

Scorpole : I was a little hesitant to watch this because of people talking about his... Part...

yeetus deletus : He's bigger than you. He's stronger than you. He's faster than you. He's richer than you. He's gru to you.

Dasoku AzureFlux : No one: Youtube recommendations: Yo you want to know Gru size?

Beebz TeeVee : Roses are red The walls are plaster The kids are fast But gru is faster

tearice : I-I have a life, I swear, okay? This is just important research. -Slazo 2018

Gaming Ocelot Kailash : You spent time calculating a cartoon characters nose. You're a good man

OutOfIdeaRandomness : Doctor: you have 11 minutes to live Me:

Bimo Junito : I notice that the "IRL Gru" looks like Seth Everman lmao

Pandaser THE Panda : But that's just a theory a *S L A Z O T H E O R Y*

Skyler Sy : Thai is the only time we will use school math in real life situations. or this

bloodclaw 2.0 : Wait a minute... *_this isn't film theory-_*

Kaila Y : I agreed with everything except when you said he sold his stuff to build the rocket He didn’t He literally used a bunch of his stuff to be parts of his rocket😂

vincent castro : what about elon's big f*cking rocket