Adele - All I Ask, Birmingham NEC Genting Arena, April 2nd 2016 (sound failure)

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Cora LovesGlam : This is honestly so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. It's amazing how music really does connect us.

Ahor MaySix : Skip to 02:41 to see the microphone went mute! Thank me later.. lol

n1ko : The only singer in this generation with a fucking great voice with class.

Bea Kiddo : it's crazy how everyone jumped in at the same time. Proof that Adele's fans are the best!

Observoyager : An exhibition of talent and poise. The only real superstar today!

jboy ox : It's official. This song's cursed 😱

Nurul Bahrudin : This reminds me of her performance on Grammy, there was an issue with the piano but it ended up she's got standing ovation. And here every body's jumped in at the same time took over her, how incredible

BigJesse : 2:35

beealeaf : Fail starts at 2:39

Lovejazz01 : I love it! That's why I love Adele! She is real down to the bone!!!!

Ray Perth : 3:42 "You're so fired"

Archanium _ : Grammy - She sounded pitchy and there are technical probelm. Ellen - Pitchy and kinda flat at some parts, but the sound system is working properly. Here - She sounded very good, but, again there are technical problem. Is this song cursed or what ? haha

Merissa Tan : I love how she's like "The PA fucking cut off?!" hahaha too adorable! x

Faye Holland : Daydreamers are the best fandom by far xxx

Jerson Taguibao : The power of her voice you can definitely hear at 3:28 when she sings "remember us"

Lynn Hartshorn : My seat was directly behind the sound guy and when the boards went red - he leapt about 3 feet in the air  !!!  He actually sagged in relief when whatever he did got the sound back.  Just before crowd kicked in, i could still hear Adele.  At the end, some guy shouted 'we got your back Adele !'  Not that she needed us, but for that short time, we actually felt part of her backing group ! :)

Megan Williams : I was there Screaming the words at the top of my lungs

Anthony Brennan : This video is going to go viral lol

Michael de los Santos : Someone's getting fired....,,


stan smith : This is my favorite song from 25, what a great crowd, her fans are the best.

Allison Moores : What a legend! what great fans supporting her. Epic

Cha David : I can still hear her voice even when the mic went off! Powerful! The best!

EuroMIX2 : It's funny how it looks like Adele is miming along to her fans singing her song. Like she's the literal voice of a nation.

kent80082006 : May i know what you recorded this with? The quality is really impressive

Kaliyah Deshields : at least we know she really sings

Evolutionz : Respect, a singer who actually sings their songs without playback!

captainkrunch : could save us all a bit of time and just put the failure point in the fucking description

Linda Green : I was at this concert. What a true pro she is. I could still hear her singing even without the sound system, pretty amazing. Great show, great singer, great night.

Ibrahim Benqadi : What would Mariah Carey do?

Jerson Taguibao : What's with this song and its affinity for malfunctioning microphones? 😂 Perfect no less

Ayush Atri : why doesnt she sing cant let go? its such a beautiful song

Pete Molkenthin : She's a legend tbh.

Cry Baby : Adele is more than gift to this earth.

alice steanson : This is amazing.. Your all fantastic.Speechless Adele ❤️

Mary Thomson : amazing how the audience came on so strong, and she didn't have a clue about what happened!

Igor Almeida : "Every f***ing show I sing live", very few artists can say the same. Adele rocking on talent!

MakingAmerica GreatAgain : She's a pro..sailed right thru it and didn't miss a note/beat/pitch

tezza daysoff : loved this , everybody singing , when the pa cut , fantstic i was in section 5 and not one person moaned through the clitch , it made the concert even more special , every emotion , crying , laughing singing , prob the all round best live act ever !! thanks for posting .

Warm Coffee Virtual Drum : lovely, lovely, lovely. . . . . .

Viola V. : Why am I crying?

Rajeev Anand : True fans of a True Musician !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A.K.A THE GREAT DAYDREAMERS

Joann Dolce : talk about love

Alice Castro : linda performance 😍

NoobDood : Only Adele fans would do this

squiresoft : 2:33 sound failure. (more like 2:40, but better to start watching at 2:33)

Heartmae Perez : That song & voice My god I'm melting I love you Adele w/ all my heart 😘😘😘

Adnan Ahmed Hashmi : HATS OFF TO THIS LADY and her fans. I love Adele!

ThatPentaholicOdie : Wow. I love how you can still hear her voice over the audience.

Christine Z. : Such a blessing voice!! My ears are blessing with adele's voice