Adele - All I Ask, Birmingham NEC Genting Arena, April 2nd 2016 (sound failure)

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kent80082006 : May i know what you recorded this with? The quality is really impressive

Zaine Ridling : That's an unforgettable moment, if there ever was one!

b1gje55e : 2:35

The Frøst Dragøn : Everyone here's all "oh Adele's fans are the best" and "that song is cursed" I'm like yeah the same happened to Twenty Øne Piløts so chill

beealeaf : Fail starts at 2:39

Toricorn : She really does look a little confused ;p like "Why r u people singin all of a sudden"

Deyvid Wasser-Liebe : Impossível não amar está mulher... Perfeita, Rainha ❤

Richard Wolfe : Adele is a classic.

Marion B : Amazing and thank you for sharing!

Celine Halim : This is SOOOO SWEEET <3

Thomas : 2:38 Sound failure

محمد يوسف : Wow

Rafi Nabil : this is amazing

Abas Fathir : I Love You Adelle 😍😍😘😘😘

Lisa Zamri : Its crazyyyy serious im goosebump. I love ittt!!!!

Dian Ariska : Aku sampe nangis kedengar nya.. pas mic nya mati semua pada teriakkin dan lihat adele terusin nyanyinya semua orang juga pada ikut nyanyi... itu yg ngbuat aku sedih dan terharu....

captainkrunch : could save us all a bit of time and just put the failure point in the fucking description

Melodramatic Boy : IM CRYING

Illiana Vee : I love how everybody was trying to harmonize with each other💖😭😍

The Outcaster : All her fans sound amazing!

Gabriel Lyra : 3:42 "Pode preparar a demissão"

Scott Price : I weren't miming

Nurul Bahrudin : This reminds me of her performance on Grammy, there was an issue with the piano but it ended up she's got standing ovation. And here every body's jumped in at the same time took over her, how incredible

Evynn Grignon : This is amazing

jayjay2016 : 2:35 mic cut

Fares Alatwi : خطيره اديل 😳❤

Kaliyah Deshields : at least we know she really sings

lynell docto : this sound failure touch my heart.... we love you adele...#LSS...

Zaina Bieber : I love this song and the best fans❤️

lynell docto : thats what people loved adele..

Daniel Furii : Who are the 80 people that dislike this video? How can you dislike this???

Mays Mama : I couldn't understand what she said at the end but she's so amazing ❤️❤️

LuisGarzaHo : The audience singing the chorus gave me chills, I love this performance.

Kail Bum : this is so beautiful 💓💓

TheLegendInYou : this is what class looks like

Alexa brown : song?

Ibrahim Benqadi : What would Mariah Carey do?

turtleh : Such a high calibre human being

NoobDood : Only Adele fans would do this

Aditya Ravishankar : reddit is a hell of a drug

Kim Soo Jung : i love all the songs fro 25 album, but at first hearing All I Ask is my fave... watching how all the fans was singing like that when the sound went mute just give me goosebumps :)))))))

Isabel : adding this one to my bank of 'women I love and how they deal with hurdles '.

Ahor MaySix : Skip to 02:41 to see the microphone went mute! Thank me later.. lol

Joerick es real La puta madre : Adele 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Timbacto Bros. : chills man

Arjen Robben : 03:36 "And im asking for forgiveness" It fitted so so well there :D

squiresoft : 2:33 sound failure. (more like 2:40, but better to start watching at 2:33)

Jered Baker : i wish this happened more often at concerts so that you know that your fave celeb is not lip syncing

buru898 : go to 2.35 to see the failure

Brandon Garduno : like the pro she is no stops.