Chilli Eating Contest MotoGP Silverstone Woodlands August 2018

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3..2..1..EAT! 10 brave souls take on the chilli pepper eating contest held over the Moto GP weekend at the official Silverstone Woodlands campsite. Who shall win? Winner: Elizabeth Salt Runner up: Chaz Burns Prize: Camping for 2 at either the MotoGP or F1 Grand Prix (worth £100's) Held at Silverstone Woodlands Chillies procured from: Westland Peppers: MotoGp: Our nominated charity is' it's in the Bag' a Testicular cancer awareness charity. They provide hands-on support for men with testicular cancer in the South-West of the UK, as well as raising awareness of the disease across the region and beyond. It’s in the Bag is run by a group of testicular cancer survivors with support from specialist National Health Service staff. Please feel free to take a look and any donation is very gratefull. Please note: We do monitor comments on our channel and we will remove any profanities or any language that is derogatory, we also delete any comments which have just a link in trying to promote any channel. We wish to keep our channel as family friendly as we can. Thank you. Please share and subscribe, thank you for watching. Also check us out on: FaceBook @ Twitter @ Instagram @ Google+ @ Website: Visit our Merchandise page to buy our branded clothing etc: Want to enter one of our chilli eating contests? or attend an event we are at and say hi or just have fun? Then please check out our events page: Reproduction of this video is prohibited without express & written permission of the Clifton Chilli Club. All material is copyright. You are welcome to share & embed this video from it's original source only. © Copyright Clifton Chilli Club


Smooth Criminal : Tomorrow she will give birth to the sun

kakvsegdaprav silavpravde : R.I.P. anus )))

AmeliAmeli Onare : She was super annoying but her perseverance won me over

alexis karle : I would have enjoyed this video more if she yaked! I like a bad ass girl don't get me wrong, I wanted to root for her, but she was annoying.

POF 415 : Hopefully they all put a roll of toilet paper in the freezer the night before 😉

Angela Gotimayum : She dances like an earthworm.... Is she high or something....?😂😂😂

Number Eight : Bl**dy hell she's certainly got determination. Impressive.

comme ceske : I dont think that chick is gonna dance like that when she hits the restroom

Emo Veil Angel : These contests are so fun to watch.

BONNET : I think people who are under influence of alcohol should not compete, because then your brain is fooled and you don't really feel the fire of hot peppers. It is basically cheating.

LETS ROCK DANTE : Elizabeth you have strong determination

anand venkat : Tomorrow She will facing back problem restroom 😂

Dan f16 dcc : Adult Hermione Granger won. Awesome

Aussie Mozzie : Is that young lady sober? Or not? Or does she always act like she's had a few? To be fair to all the contestants everyone should be alcohol free!

Bonnie Simon : I got heartburn and acid reflux just watching this video. I took 2 Tums and I'm better now, thanks 😁😁

La Thị Lía : That girl is awsome Superwoman 😁😁😁

Joseph Hu : P.s : she is hotter then all of those chillies

Jh h : i think im in love.. that woman is incredible the internal fight and dispkay of strength is sooooooo inspiring

Onion : Next day fire farts lmao

Courtland Summers : I absolutely love that lady's facial expressions! She is hilarious. 😆

Steven Jennings : Awesome effort and Awesome Informational educational video experience Y'alls

Asyraf Azman : That's woman just overwhelming 😋

Leonora Johnson : 🇧🇷 eu não aguentaria nem a primeira! 🤷🏻‍♀️🌶️

Postmodern neo-Marxist Hoe, Dr.Gavagai : Chaz is such a gentleman , i felt in luv with him 😘

Angela Tim : Oh my goodness!! WOMAN POWER HA❤️😇😊😂. Congratulations! Thank You Clifton , Peppers, and crew. Oh of course the ever loving brave souls who challenges them. God's blessings!!!

Edwin Chin : Scrolling through the comments... I just realized is it so rare for a woman to win some thing that so many people pay attention to it... I don't hear men going men power, you go man, it's always the individual which is congratulated not the gender

Heather Hodge : That was the best one yet😅😅😅

Walter Palmer : Idea : Do a video with your contestants the day after a competition. I think we’d like to hear their tale of that 24 hour period.

krhub79 : Very well done!! You go girl! My eyes water & my stomach hurts just watching! What a champ!


Kye Zimmermann : I bet they all crapped lightning and farted fire the next trip to the restroom.

Royal Abe : The guy with glasses 👓 Definitely let her win lol 😂😂, he probably felt bad for her 🤦🏻‍♂️...

Hina 324 : best chili contest ever....😻

Adrian Velazquez : She is amazing. Beautiful too.

Master Beethoven : She's braver than I am! I would be worrying more about the next morning than eating the chilis.

WillWill 3911 : Dude Im literally sweating off this vid omg

BeamNG Drive Funzone : Hot toilet adventures are coming soon!

TehGoldfish - : hot chillies, hot girl

passion angel : Her backside is going to feel like hell 🤣😂

Ali A : Wow she's a tough one. Well deserved win. A true soldier

Gato Tito : Elizabeeeeeth !! ♥♥♥

manu mathews : Shes a real motivation for determination

m. T.B : RIP Dear Stomach and W.Cs

Angela Tim : Oh my God😲 she was far more than interesting 😇❤️. God's blessings!!!

Kyle Walker : One more Amazing video from an Amazing Channel ... Good Jobs Guyz 👌👍...looking forward for more 😍🔥

Kitz Mawniuh : Winner always a female contestant, same here my wife can eat hot spices but me nope🤗🌶

Danny Darkai : I'm mexican and I taste those chiles at breakfast every day 😂

Jh h : oh my that girl has soooo much charisma. shes def gonna win

Amanda Adamz : 6:53 the look on her face there .. "bout to puke" lol well done girl... although not too sure what all the weird movements were about but everyone deals with heat differently i suppose lol