Turning Coal into Diamonds, using Peanut Butter

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zaheer coovadia : Next video: how to turn your 💩 into gold

Zelia Rodrigues : I tried it.. my house burned down

Vanessq 1 : Who just watch comments if it is really real

Keep it basic Allie : I thought the video was kinda cool but then... bulbasour came..

Paradox Foke : And thats, how you craft diamonds in minecraft.

captain porkie : Wait, you mean to tell us somebody faked a video? No way!

Queen Ethels' galaxy : *A POKEMON? Wow I should try this!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂*

Dean Montgomery : Now let's turn my dog into a piece of charcoal by covering it in mustard and putting it in the fridge

Cat Nerd : Now try to use jelly to turn diamonds into charcoal!

I GAMING : I like when they are being sarcastic 😂😂

WAL33D MAS : Spoiler alert No

Drip Clan : SPOILER ALERT: *I T D I D N T W O R K*

FOUR - 22 : Btw its not a myth and its called a synthetic diamond

Oly Bluntly : Mr.Scientist left the chat. Edit: Wow thanks for the like whoever did it, I never got +0 like ever.

The Phantom Ariel - Ариэл Баэрса : 1:31 *IT'S REWIND TIME*

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : but how does it taste

Lily Yazdi : instructions unclear. hand stuck in freezer.

rita heang : U need real coal not charcoal Coal comes from the ground Charcoal comes from wood Your like dipping wood in peanut butter

Batman : It's actually real but they need a high tech machine that creates massive psi pressure and heat sitting for 3 months. That's how jewelery corporates like kays, debeers and these other companies make real diamonds but artificially.

SirSade lll : Did you try turning it on and off again.

SSJ4A! GAMING : Coal is made up of carbon ..it can be converted into diamond as diamond is an isotope of carbon...but the pressure and energy required for this will be equal to a bursting star!! That's why diamond is extracted from underground!! Thus,we can't make diamond at home .. Edit:- thanks for the likes!!

Stephanie Bachan : At 5:51, the microwave had "RUN" in the top left-hand corner. Foreshadowing what would happen at 6:04

Evil guarding Tubbie/Evil walten : 3:54 I laughed when you got bulbasaur

Otaku Scum : *troom troom has left the chat*

Jorge Martinez-Ramirez : Who else wants peanut butter

D-TeK : Can i use nutella instead?

Ke4Play HERO : *Oh yeah yeah left the chat*

LeahLiveGamer32 c: : By making this video, you're making others want to try it. This is obviously not real. I already saw in the comments someone said they tried it and their house burned down. Also, I'm not sure if a Pokemon is a crystal. XD

I thought : 5:45 explodes

Clayspo : my microwave doesn’t even go to 100 minutes. It only goes to 5 :(

Germs JB : It's cause you didn't use Skippy

Eki Brekelmans : *Top ten items you've always used wrong...*

Oxygen Os : WTF 😂🤣

Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified : 3:12 my favorite part of this video

Squinter 507 : Minecraft aprove this

Cookie Cutter : *Opens coal (GRANT POPS OUT) so that is where he has been!*

QS boy MCPE : How to get ritch with nothing

SteamPunk Playz : Who else thought it was brownie?

dudexyzu : *medieval alchemists want to know your location*

Doomguy says hi : The economy didn't crash this time.

LyricWulf : darn it i thought it would really work :(

Natsu Dragneel : It said you could do that on a Snapple bottle cap where it tells you stuff you know

Memes 'N' Donuts : when I saw this video in the beginning I thought it was real, and boy I can not explain the size of the turd that was in my pants

chim chimy : 6:35 The editors 😂😂😂

KonxOmPax : im pretty sure you done it wrong

MasterSpirit1000 : It isn't even April Fool's yet...

diksha singh : coal and charcoal are two different things. Maybe this works, maybe not but you guys should know what you are working with.

taekook fanart101 : *and this is how gold diggers were born*

xxgamerxx345 Awsome : You lied