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clitoral hood : Lmao ..ok im so happy you shot down this bum.nothing should be expected to be given free just because they consider themselves "influencers" lol

superali12 : So confused ? This was published months ago but it actually happened Elle Darby recently ? Is this just a coincidence? So confused haha

rivenade : I need AMERICAN subtitles please!

Barry McCormick : Can you say "Self Fulfilling Prophecy"??

W J : Funny how this is two months previous to that entitled snowflake melting down because you didn't give her a free week at your hotel lol.

Rachel Cloak : Amazing.. spot on! Couldn't help but think of a certain few 'influencers'

Marleo Ca : Sick and tired of influencers and vloggers.

Lainee Says : Bang on, some are so pretentious, love your videos guys and will try and visit the cafe next time I’m home in Ireland. My mam has been and was gutted she didn’t get the pancakes 😉

T1TU5PULL0 : should have sent this link to emma darby

Danny Tonnessen : Wow you put out a video and the exact same thing happens 3months later...🤔 this girl and the insta ho even look 👀 the same...

My Sunglasses : This is so prophetical and self-fulfilling it’s actually scary. That being said, awesome job, keep those nasty lazy vermins from YT and Instagram at bay.

Cathy Prince : Omg Paul that was amazing!!!! Jen is a great actor!!!

FORDtw35 : The best real life documentary of the Year perhaps!

iamnotanumber iamnotanumber : This make up brush gave me herpes 😄 superb video !!!!

Terence O' Reilly : If only a certain someone saw this!!

Dee_ : Haha This is brilliant love u guys 😂😂👍🏻

kayla : Willine y'all ?

CalumB : Anyone from willne 😂

uhqa : WillNE

dan luttrell : Very well done. Love it.

res1492 : OMG this is too much ....haha, love it

MrFiddleedee : like is this language she is speaking english? holy god.

Gerry westerby : I love her.

Nobby Bobbinger : This is gold.

Amy Cotter : 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hilarious like

Mike Bentley : So prophetic

DoloresButtons : Fuckin yeeessssss

Barry : Brilliant 😂👏

Nun Ya : Gas hahaha So spot on

Thomas Joseph : Wow, I gotta get myself a spicy little Irish Lass. I could listen to that accent all day and for sure all night.

karl martin : Brilliant😁

Tony Tony : This is brilliant!

Bye Felicia : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Cath in Canada : Love it

Noviam Mapping : This n🅱️🅱️a just exposed every influencer ever. I ❤ you now.

whitney e : Hilarious.

LewisTopic : Anyone come from willne? #SUBTOWILLNE

Katie Sinclair : Is this a joke? When she bangs the table it really just sums up how angry she is

Lexi Unicorn : lol 0:34 = that creep john kuckian

Dmitri Ivanovich : I don't get the reference, maybe it's GoT or something, but it's still great!

Brian Findlay : Bwahahaha. Brilliant 😂😂

Erin Frances : I love this, I don't know why.

rob waldron : Elle Darby = freeloader, duck face, duck lips and probably duck breath ..... I mean " Literally "!!! ( to quote the silly little mare). And she thinks that improved the lot of a cetain huge theme park in the USA !!! LOL !!

Genkuro Shuriken : @Elle Darby... I hope you watched this over and over again.

John Quinn : I saw this add, and I literally fell out of my armchair, like literally. I mean my head hurts. Oh lordy, an influencer is making me literally compelling me to travel by boat from Johannesburg South Africa to the white moose cafe.

English Kernigit : Love it

alpha shanahan : What is that sentence mentioning Filipinos? Can someone transcribe? Sorry, i really did not understand that one. Thanks!

Paul Taylor : you deserve the blue tick

judijaba : Brutal. I love it.

Chris van : Why didn’t she get pink eye before she made this wonderful video. It’s what every major influencer has. Hashtag pink eye