Korean students dancing during class while the teacher isn't looking

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The original Jackal : I was an English teacher in Korea and my students did stuff like this , it was really cute.

april00026000 : Asian students are too pure, while American students over here be spittin spitballs at teachers, they instead dance, lol I'm a sucker for innocent and harmless pranks

helloitsbo : HAHAHHHAHAHAHA this was so great :D

Suzuya : I live in Thailand and we change our seats while the teacher is not watching, And teacher gets very confused 😂😂😂

nyanyan cat : Who's recording this then? I get really nervous whenever the teacher about to turn around

IamAlison : omg they all look like clones of each other LOL they have the same hair style and they're in sync LOL

Kevin Coem : I wonder why a music company never made an idol group out of this class, lol.

Airi Berries. : they all look like mushrooms haha so cute

Rinia27 : They were dancing to Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls, not Gentleman xD This vid came out years ago.

Overthinking : I wonder if the teacher work together with the students or not..

nilukashin : and here i'm a teacher.. yet enjoying this.. lol.... ^^

Frankie Kawaii : It's so pointless that the teacher move them away, because nobody isn't looking anymore to your lesson ( they didn't before but yeah). The girls were funny haha I want to do that too

Navpreet Kaur : Koreans are so cool I wanna go to korea

Jordan Jensen : at 4:30 i said, "and we have a winner!"

Mabi Fukushi : The question is, who filmed this?!?!

•KAISOO FANNN• : In my school they bully teachers and make WEIRD noises while our teacher's back is facing us. One time they even light up fireworks in the class room. 😂😂 it's actually pretty fun

blueberry.ostrich : At my school when the teacher was looking at the board, one of the students started dancing. So the rest of the class did as well. Then the teacher turns around like (⊙o⊙)

Ayesha Irfan : I laughed way too much hahaha. The teacher kept saying "Imma" which is the only Korean word I understood but loooooolllll. Teamwork. I love classes like that. We too were like that in school. Once a teacher didn't show up and about 10 of us started playing with the basketball in the classroom, shooting it around the room and stuff when suddenly the PRINCIPAL came in and we were shocked and she was like "whoever was playing, COME OUT'' and the entire class walked out. Such a sense of camaraderie feels soooo good. :)

CeleBait : OMFG asian people are just to cool

Junicorn : In my school they do this while the teacher is watching.

Alexis Martin : It's so weird how the girl who was sitting closest to the teacher didn't get caught

박지민 : ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i cant stop laughing 😂😂

Nun Gh : All of them have the same hair cut

Elena :3 : This is so funny ... its just a joke dont take it so seriously gosh 😂 sometimes you Just gotta have some fun 😂

Kimie Derps : yeah its funny but really rude towards the teacher ;l

W S_killing : is it me or all the hairstyles are all the same

smellmyFart bruh : i lived in a place where if you ever pull a prank like this on your teacher,they will beat the shit out of you...

bvngtan trash : I have done this so many times in class but it was with a mean substitute. I got up and started dancing. When she turned around and asked why I was standing up I said "Oh I was just gonna sharpen my pencil."

Deimos The Badass : In my school, we would fight when the teacher aren't looking at us.

Mae Jeon : In our school, we don't dance, we sing 😂 One of my classmates always had a speakers with him and let it charge while their is class(it's not allowed but we charge our phones still) and when we have free time, he'll connect it to his phone and play musics on spotify. We turn off the lights and close the doors and windows Sometimes if there is an event and have to go to the gym, we just stay at the classroom and do nothing. We all gather near the aircon and talk to each other and sometimes take group photos. It's so fun that I'll miss it when I graduate. And btw, if the teacher isn't looking at us, we laugh at certain things we don't even know why we laugh at it 😂

Alexandra Koo : I live in Greece and if you do stuff like that you get out of the class and get 1 missing mark. if you get a lot missing marks you will not pass the class even if you're a good student or not. Also if you don't go to school for a day you get 7 missing marks because we have 7 periods. God I hate my school.

2ne1monsteraddict : Am i the only one who's enjoying this? How did they film it???

Shinezako Troll : I live in philippines and In my school... we do stuffs like that even if the teacher is already giving us death glares... then.. out

shane : im from the PH and my teachers arent strict so we dance whenever we want to but not during the time the principal or if theres an observation.... sometimes even our teacher dances with us

MoiraKelly 8_23 : is there someone notice about their hair it looks similar to each other

K nims : So funny cant stop laughing !!!!!

Msp Serena : ha 1:28 the teacher sees a girl dancing

Jessy Jafer : damn dat girl that was dancing ''gentleman'' from PSY slays hahaha

Michael Henoquin : Is it me or they just have the same haircuts? Hahahahhah

iChick : This seems fake.

heturaunanua : Ahahah this is soo funny ndd like I love watching videos like this cuz Koreans/Asians are funny ndd awesome

sodasirap : Why the class only have 2 rows of students?

laialy : It's like he's trying to humiliate them...-.-

Ahmed hussien : ha ha ha. very funny i love korean

nova doll : THIS IS HILARIOUS I would do that because all my teachers are pretty chill but honestly their classroom looks intimidating af

Rami Jarash : هبلوووووواااا عرضه للاستاذ😂😂😂😂

hashtagg she01 : I'm from Malaysia,and i was hoping that my classmates would be sporting enough to dance in class,LMAO,damn,Korea are just the best,Thug life...their students are active enough


Gaurav Mohanty : Ahh.... it's so funny

BAEKtoSlay : Hahaha.....Here in Philippines you cant do that