Who is Ryo Fukui? 福居良

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The Youtube legend, the self taught Jazz Master. Ryo Fukui. This is a retrospective into the world of Japanese Jazz and the life and times of Ryo Fukui, looking through his entire discography. 日本語字幕は画面右下のCCを押してください・ PATREON-https://www.patreon.com/stevemmmmm Follow me on Twitter for Updates on Videos-https://twitter.com/SteveMcCarthyII Support Fukui's music- http://wrwtfww.com References Sakamichi no Apollon (2012) Drunken Angel (1948) http://www.jazzinjapan.com/other-views/304-yokohama-and-jazz-history.html History of Japanese Jazz http://www.unesco.org/new/en/unesco/events/prizes-and-celebrations/celebrations/international-days/international-jazz-day-2014/jazz-in-japan-a-history-of-tradition-and-modernity/#.WyoDsJKn-Rs https://www.npr.org/sections/ablogsupreme/2014/04/30/308275726/how-japan-came-to-love-jazz https://dlib.bc.edu/islandora/object/bc-ir:104170/datastream/PDF/view Ryo Fukui's Slowboat (most of his autobiographical information is from here, Japanese only) http://www.jazz-slowboat.jp/ryo-fukui/ https://www.reddit.com/r/indieheads/comments/4luyvi/artists_from_japan_intro_to_ryo_fukui_jazz_modal/ https://overblown.co.uk/artists-from-japan-an-introduction-to-ryo-fukui/ https://www.jazziz.com/short-history-happen-jimmy-van-heusen-johnny-burke-1943/ Rise of Communism in Asia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tOL-f_KsaA Cosmopolitanism https://hbr.org/2016/12/in-defense-of-cosmopolitanism https://www.britannica.com/topic/cosmopolitanism-philosophy Recommending Japanese Jazz http://projectrevolver.org/genre/jazz/japan-came-love-jazz-10-pioneers-japanese-jazz-scene/ Original Ending Tribute by Barry Harris https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfzJYucosLs On Toshiko Akiyoshi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSee70-iWPg #ryofukui #japanesejazz #福居良

Comments from Youtube

Trockenbrett : I saw this documentary maybe 2 weeks ago. I went to Sapporo last week and went to a Jazz bar without really paying attention to the name of it. After the concert, I was talking to the owner of the bar. During our conversation, I realized the poster of Ryo Fukui on the wall and told the owner that I recently saw a documentary about this jazz musician on YouTube. She told me that Ryo Fukui is her husband and that this jazz bar is actually "Slowboat". I felt a little bit dumb and couldn't believe it. I told her how people all over the world learn about Fukui's amazing music and she said that she's so happy to know that. Just wanted to let you know that...

MvN : ryo's album in my recommendation feed was a gift from the gods

Victor P. : I loved how you took an unusual topic, some random quirk of youtube's algorithm, and tied into a historical perspective of Japanese jazz and the way digital and online music which helps to give new generations of music listeners a chance to discover old, obscure pieces of music.

Melanie Anne Ahern : Stumbling on his music was one of my happiest moments.

Dashing Theroux The Snow : Glad this has been posted. Listened to his album 'Scenery' about 3 months ago thanks to a YouTube recommendation. Fell in love

Josh Coneby : Very neat video! I was the one who sent My Favorite Tune to Marcel a few months ago. Ryo's wife Yasuko is still running Slowboat in Sapporo and there are shows there every week! :)

Gino Israel : dude i became a fan of him when he popped out of my feed. its like accidentally founding a diamond in a pile of hay. its goddamn life changing and thats not even an exaggeration. i listen to this every chance i get. thank you universe.

Jared Hicks : youtubes music recs have improved greatly, i used to just get recommend that one tycho album(dive) but now theres a lot more variety and a lot more obscure great stuff

keikikeiki : Outstanding video in every regard. I was left with not only a newfound appreciation for Ryo Fukui, but also a lot of respect for your work.

Cloud : Nice k-on reference. I remember seeing that Ryo Fukui album on youtube a while back and gave it a listen but got bored and forgot about it. Thanks for this informational video, I understand a little bit more about Japan and Jazz music now. I'll definitely give the album another listen.

Flugmorph : sick dude, nice to make a video on fukui, i love his music.

katsuru : Can confirm. Youtube recommended Ryo Fukui to me and it was love at first listen.

Deckel : this, and you are so underappreciated.. godspeed my friend.

Kristopher Luna : I found his album on the recommendations almost a year ago and when I first found it I listened to it in full everyday for about 3 months and it inspired me to take up learning the piano. I’ve taken two semester of piano now at my local community college and have a newfound appreciation and love for all things piano and jazz related. Thank you Ryo Edit: Wow, just found out that him and I have started the piano at the same age. Interesting how life does that huh?

biaza : Saw Mugi, hit like.

Acid God : The effort put into this documentary is crazy. Great informative package coupled with really pleasing visuals and musical recommendations. Ryo's story has to be told to every single young musicians out there.

Mykroe1 : Great video, terrific visuals as well! The animation of Barry at the end tho, deadass brought me to tears. An old friendship between two masters. This is like a success story for the internet, though. We were there when Barry re-dedicated Fukai Aijo for his late friend, and we were there when Marcel (the absolute Madman) uncovered My Favorite Tune. It's a great feeling, like Ryo's story is still being told, and we've got seats in the front row.

Acid God : Honestly, the track "Mellow Dream" reminds me a lot of Keith Jarrett's Köln Concert

Filippo Corradini : I don't know why, but every video that you make is beatiful; I've enjoyed also this one, that is about a person who I didn't know. Compliments!

mr_torle : I love "Early Summer".

Eternity's Scribe : Funny thing I saw him in my recommendations was sad to find he passed away after doing a google search, I'm happy you did this video on him. This actually inspired me to do videos on more talented artist like him never got there due!

Coolkat : Where is the "love" button ? Anyway, Scenery is an album I've always seen popping up in my recommendation feed without giving it much attention although I noticed it had a lot of it. I will listen to it with all the attention it deserves from me now. Thank you for the video, that was cool.

ClawDeeAaa : Fantastic video. The editing made it such a visual journey. Good job!

pinkiedestroyer jr : top quality video. not often you see them. im so sad that i missed liking jazz when he was alive but its thanks to youtubes platform that i have come to love it.

Jino Kim : I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Thank you for this great vid.

MrBean Dip : God Bless Ryo Fukui and Marcel the Drunkard

___ : I appreciate the effort put into this video. Also had a soft spot for Ryo Fukui. It was a year before he died when i discovered him and the album had just come out. Felt lucky he was still alive. My luck ran thin.

T E T H E R E D : Perfect video

muk as : Your mic or w/e has way too much bass.

verwunderlich1 : Great Video! I'd recommend using an equalizer next time to clean up your low end and low mids. Your recording sounded slightly muddy, IMHO.

Fernando Paulino : "k-on" *o*

Ana Reyes : Just want to say: Thank you for doing this, thank you for opening our eyes to a new world and to history. You earned a subscriber. I know it's not a lot, but I'm really happy to see your videos.

MrBean Dip : Thanks for the link to the European website that sells his albums. I own Scenery on CD but I have made it one of my personal endeavors to collect all of his albums. Except for My Favourite Tune since it is impossible to do so.

the pieces : Fantastic video! This was information I didn’t know I was thirsty for.

Grand_Opus : Finally, YouTube recommended a 💎!! Ryo your legacy will live on! 🎹 🌊🌊🌊

Ben Flowers : Loving these vids! I NEEEED a Casiopea video. youtube recommended me all these classic albums about a year ago and i havent looked back since.

Mustachioed Bear : I'm gonna be turning 23 in a few weeks and I've always wanted to learn to play the piano. Great vid.

Ninja Sushi : A Letter from Slowboat is my favorite album from him I think.

SIkang : Thx for this video I found him thru YouTube recommendations and loved his music without knowing anything abt him

Kubotron : Jaaaaz omg, that manierism:/ be real

MrBean Dip : I am so happy this video came out. I found Scenery last year at the start of Summer and as a lover of Jazz I could not stop listening to it. I am glad Fukui's mysteriousness is finally solved through this video. I did my own research on Fukui but nothing can beat this video. I also find it interesting you used "Kids on the Slope". Assuming you have seen it, I hope if a season 2 comes out that Ryo Fukui and his album are played respects.

Cameron : Thank you for making this video!

ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ : Wow I should really check this guy out

Asayake : That fully watched Casiopea 1979 though. <3

Therover19 : So happy to find out more about Ryo. Scenery has stood out in my musical life for the past couple years. Thank you.

Ben Kohler : Someone finally did it. Thank you

Sergei Petrochemie : Great editing and great topic choice ;) relatable and interesting

Samuel Silverman : Thank you so, so much for making this video!

少年二号 : これは嬉しいですねぇ