Saving Private Ryan with the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Opening
Saving Private Ryan opening with an unconventional song choice works so well

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Bulbo Baggins : Nobody: Not even a single soul: YouTube recommended: D Day funny

The Lone Wanderer : When you have tickets for Guardians 2 at 6 but need to liberate France at 7

Billy Bob : Only 1940’s kids will remember this

Moonscript : “Mr. Blue Sky’s up there waiting.” Oddly dark meaning to that lyric now.

John Gotter : When u realize vin diesel was in both movies

Krager : *Shows one of the most deadly battles in recent history* YouTube: *Category: Comedy*

Io : 2:01 "Welcome to the human race" takes on a much more real meaning with this imagery...

Meme Man : *Brave Soldiers fight one of the most brutal battles in human history* 75 years later some neet in his bedroom: HA LOSERS!

T H : Cracking open bunkers with the boys

Randy : I really shouldn't be smiling

TheMrMussolini : 3:28 they said “We are Czech we didn’t kill anyone!”

Mr. Bigglesworth : This is beyond inappropriate and is also my new favorite video on the internet.

Preston Garvey : petition: put ocean man over this scene plz 👇👇

Gaming Soldier : Soldier: play gaurdians of the galaxy 2 opening Mp3 player: playing morale:200%

MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN : This feels like an alternate universe where Tarantino directed it

Gabrieldragonslayer69 : Those guys at the end were saying, “Please don’t shoot me! I am not German, I am Czech, I didn’t kill anyone! I am Czech!"

Emperor Echo : *Soldiers dying in France, Mr. Blue Sky is playing* Pure evil

shawndra martens : The part at the end those soldiers aren’t really German in fact they are speaking czech trying to tell our troops they weren’t German best scene in the movie but also most overl looked

moonlight infinite : College students waking up to go take final exams

Tim W.Feld : 0:40: This is horrible 1:02: *me singing* RUNNING DOWN THE AVENUE, SEE HOW THE SUN SHINES BRIGHTLY

Mark Parkinson : It’s funny, because Vin Diesel is in both movies.

TakeTheHonkPill : If you look hard enough, you can see baby groot making a sandcastle just feet from a body.

Imperial Chimpanzee : The drum roll to imitate the mg was genius.

USS Richard M Nixon : "Go to the beach" they said. " It will be fun" they said.

Adam Pixel : It's so ill fitting, yet the energy matches. Why?

Goopi Beast : 0:41 when mommy walks in and your playing with your pp

PlasticGun 25 : What a beautiful morning in the beaches of Normandy

Ares : The headshot opening had me laughing like an idiot. Didn't expect that hahaha

Texas Guy : It's amazing how music can change the mood of a scene.

absoloote madlad : "hey you with the pretty face" shows guy with blood all over his face noice

Ryan Gage : If Quentin Tarantino directed Saving Private Ryan.

Elite_Stormer : The sky isn’t blue in this video, 0/10

Blake Khan : 1960's France: "Hey can you get your US troops outta here, we are feeling occupied." USA: *remembers* "Does that include the ones buried in Normandy?" r/Destruction 100

Kostas 5420 : 2:00 "welcome to the human race" damn

Sir SupesAfro : 0:38 that snare fits too well with what's going on on-screen. Like to a scary degree

Holbrook Stark : No joke, this is pretty damn profound

Andrew Bergeron : 3:34 , so sad in a way . They were saying they are not Germans. They were czech forced To fight

Da ni : The best 5 minutes in film history. And he dont forget the war criminals.

Dominique Odom : I feel so bad for saying this But that fucking title card freeze frame is perfect

AustoGamer : This turned into a comedy real quick

Its jake 101 : Stepin on the beach Doo Doo Doo stepin on the beach Doo Doo doo. No disrespect to the soldiers who have been and or died in world war 2 or in any conflict.

TFPS Legend : Whoever made this video wouldn’t have made this if they actually experienced the battle this video is messed up it actually makes me mad. Men who served the country disrespected. Man this was a super sad fight and people joke about if they only experienced the fight firsthand

Jorgen von Strangulagansos : 2:24 Wait a second... Did that dude just grabbed his mate's juicy and thicc butt?

Under The Box Productions : I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Apex Mechanix : This is why I love the internet

Gulags r' us : Mr. Blue Sky goes so well with this lmao

spidey central : Fun fact I was heard that this song was playing in German from the bunkers during the first 3 waves

sir steve : I'm confused should I laugh or hate it

Amare Odiea : Germany: *exists* Usa, Britain, Canada, Australia: HEY THERE JACKASS!!!!!