Saving Private Ryan with the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Opening

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Randy : I really shouldn't be smiling

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : When you have a ticket for guardians 2 at 8 but need to liberate France by 9

Shaggy : fun fact, the 2 german soilders at the end of the clip were saying "Dont shoot, we are not German, we didnt kill anyone, we are czech".

Straczlak : Steven Spielberg: *makes a historical accurate d-day scene which gets several awards for its realism* Some weird kid in the Internet:

A Common Soldier : The nearly 800,000 people who watched this video and smiled are going to hell... *See you all there!*

TheYoungPanda : I saw the title and thought I was ready... I wasn't ready.

Nøvæ : If my grandad saw me watching this he’d kill me 😂😂😂

The Debater : I showed this to my grandad, he laughed then died.

yeah I'm still alive : We played this in the bunkers while shooting yall

Clay : Damn these anime openings are really starting to push it.

Texas Guy : It's amazing how music can change the mood of a scene.

George Washington : well..... That escalated quickly

Antonio Tyler : This is wrong. But then again I made out with my girlfriend in the theater during this film, so who am I to judge?

RYU Nap : 0:40 me every time I spawn on squad in battlefield 1

Salokin : Ha Yeah I'm going to hell

Vince is Depressed : we’re not going to hell cus were laughing at a movie. We’re not laughing at actual footage of real veterans being slaughtered so i believe it’s ok to laugh

Dr PhoTonix : They should make one where every death is a roblox death sound

salty dogg : what the first captain America movie should have looked like

Christian Jackman : Ok this is disrespectful and fucked up. But I cant help from smiling. Im a terrible person. 😭😂

sir steve : I'm confused should I laugh or hate it

Fernando Contreras : 3:31 well, that's war crime

Nick Shermer : It's actors in a movie, not the real soldiers. I wouldn't laugh if this was actual footage, but since it's not, I don't feel bad laughing. 4/10 needs more Baby Groot dancing

All Nine Livez : At least Groot is in here lol

Someone : This ended my grandfather's PTSD

A fine Murican : When mom says youre going to the beach . Expectation : fun stuff , reality : this

Beefierlayer ! : The soldiers at the end said: "Please dont shoot me, im not German, I'm Czech. I didnt kill anyone"

PkmariO64 : I’m going to Hell for laughing at this

Griffer Doodle : “It’s a beautiful D Day!”

Egri : Respect for those brave american soldiers, who risked theis lives for freedom! Love from hungary <3

Lucas : Still more realistic than the Battlefield 5 trailer

The Great Bootleg : Video should be called "Saving Private Ryan but with Mr blue sky, in the intro."

DJ : Skipped over that one guy who’s guts were out as he cried for his mother. Probably for the best...

Bazilaz : Reminds me of Fallout trailers

Im Laki ya cactus : Mr. Blue Sky fits to everything confirmed

CPU Purple Heart/Neptune : I think this video shows how effective music is at setting the tone of a scene and how the missuse of music can cause feelings that were not intended when filming.

Big Sai45 Productions : Oh My God! How am I going to live with myself.....I mean, I hate it but I love it at the same time....the hate part is because I don’t really like people joking about deaths of hundreds of thousands of people (especially like D-Day), but this video was just well, I can’t hate it, but I can’t love it.....all I have to say is that this was a really messed up video that was well done......great job, you broke my mind....because I also saw the title and thought that I was ready to hate this video, but as soon as I saw this, I wasn’t......I really don’t know what to do with myself right now

Southern Gentleman : This is so horrible. My Great uncle fought in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy in WW2. But the music made me smile. 😭

USS Richard M Nixon : "Go to the beach" they said. " It will be fun" they said.

Tom Guam : Truly The Greatest Generation

MichaelMoustache Conti : Drax was actually in this scene but he was standing so incredibly still that he was invisible to the naked eye

Colli Helix : We’re all psychopaths.

Ross DiamondThief : I’m gonna burn in Hell for smiling

Poizin Rath : That made the whole sequence so much less traumatic.

Emajyob Gaming : Man better opening than the original

MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN : This feels like an alternate universe where Tarantino directed it

Mr Norsk-Finn : I love life.

neb519 : Normally this type of content is funny but this is too much for me even. D-Day was a dark scary horrifying day for many and... I can't get behind this video. Brothers and best friends died side by side watching their fellow man ripped to shred by the German MG-42's they already feared before they even landed. What a day... Bad day, bad video.

Garrett Drudik : This is darker than I expected and I knew it was gonna be bad

Kevin Hillary : It’s so wrong but 0:39 got me wheezing over here

Dillweed : I'm... Conflicted.