Saving Private Ryan with the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Opening

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TheYoungPanda : I saw the title and thought I was ready... I wasn't ready.

Salokin : Ha Yeah I'm going to hell

A fine Murican : When mom says youre going to the beach . Expectation : fun stuff , reality : this

Abstract Films : I was expecting this video to have more dislikes than likes but it was so well executed. Jesus Christ

sir steve : I'm confused should I laugh or hate it

MichaelMoustache Conti : Drax was actually in this scene but he was standing so incredibly still that he was invisible to the naked eye

Lucas : Still more realistic than the Battlefield 5 trailer

CPU Purple Heart/Neptune : I think this video shows how effective music is at setting the tone of a scene and how the missuse of music can cause feelings that were not intended when filming.

Elmer Son : Lol I'm getting Deadpool vibes with this one.

Dillweed : I'm... Conflicted.

J J : The two soldiers are actually saying “please don’t shoot me we are not German we are Czech we did not shoot anyone we are Czech “

Tim Barleac : "Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race" has an entirely different meaning in this context

GigaAkais : We're all going to hell

Summer Skiez : AS SOON AS THE MUSIC STARTED I STARTED CHUCKLING. I’m going to hell I swear

Jaxolotl : This must be the darkest joke in history

Toasty McSauce : I can’t watch Saving Private Ryan anymore without imagining baby Groot

A Street Fighter Fan : Let’s play... Spot the Triggered American!

Nexturz : *30 seconds in* *adds to favorites*

Mike Hunt : I really shouldn't be smiling

D Rizzo : This works!

Vol deMort : Why does it work?? Lol easy it has Vin Diesel in it..

corndog984 : I hate you for putting me in this situation.

Roger Channel : Wtf

John Brogan : "welcome to the human race"

kiltedanais : At First I didn't know what to think. I too was conflicted......But the more you watch it, the more the irony sits in and it works on many levels. Whether intentionally or not, it speaks volumes about WWII, about humanity, about stupid and important things. You have to keep fighting and keep singing something like this in your head if you were in this scene. It keeps you distracted from the horrors around you so you can push on and get the job done. It's psychotic too. What if someone there had been smiling and singing loudly some happy Jazz tune while mowing down Jerries? For a movie that'd be hilarious, but if you were next to that guy in a trench, you'd wanna get out, or possibly sing along. On another note, the song heralds in the coming future where eventually their sacrifices made the sun shine over darkness.

Baxter Rhodes : You know, it's only now for some reason that I realize the only reason we won D day is because we just had more bodies than they could shoot. What an awful plan.

zac warmkessel : All that's missing is a dancing groot

Kazuhira Miller : “Hey you with the pretty face” *SHOWS MAN VOMITING BLOOD*

MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN : This feels like an alternate universe where Tarantino directed it

Chocolate Robot : BFV looks great!

Daniel Viramontez : Why is this barely in my recommendations

Christian St Martin : I just pissed myself. But i am still groot

Azmodayus : This isn't the opening..

Albert25012501 : It must be the music playing in the mind of the guy who is operating MG42.

Orbital Nexus : I really tried to hold it in.

Ethan Novak : You should have just named it saving private Ryan but I played mr blue sky over it

Marc Brown : Here I was having a nice day

anthony simpson : War...War never changes

Sgrim : how does this work so well

Truman Sharp : I think is how Pyro feels when he's out shooting rainbows and butterflies from his flamethrower

Alexander Dumas : Happy 74th anniversary.

Eloi Montes : 74th anniversary of when it really happened. Let's not forget the men who lost their lives there fighting for their people and their believes (Allied and Axis soldiers).

Thomas Forster : Half expected Quentin Tarantino instead of Spielberg.

jtman2012 : This shouldn’t be allowed to be as good as it is

Cold Blooded : Mr blue sky - electric light orchestra

RCA G : I bet this is what the MG42 operators were listening to

My Pixel Adventure : I'm sure the Germans must have a word for feeling shocked and happy at the same time?

Szymon Holisz : I felt so bad for laughing

Shäde ™ : I really shouldn't be laughing right now

Jesus Gonzalez : And groot as vin diesel