The Disturbing REAL STORY Behind Moana

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The real story about Disney's Moana you won't believe was turned in a children's movie. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You probably thought that “Moana” was just another Disney princess movie like any other. But it was actually a big deal for many people as it is rare to see the Polynesian culture portrayed on the big screen. It all started with Maui and all the mythology from the Pacific Islands. But surprisingly, the demigod was also one of the things that people hated the most about this movie. We think that they should have stuck to the truth instead of trying to make things greater. This is why we are showing you the disturbing real story behind “Moana.” Stay tuned if you want to hear more about who Maui truly is in the Polynesian culture, what really happened to him in the stories that have been told for centuries, what Disney did wrong, what Disney did right, and what Polynesian people really think about this story. What do you think about Moana? Do you think that Disney did a good job or they should have stuck to the real story? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Comments from Youtube

Vanguard Films Ltd : As a Samoan Maori I wasn't offended. Sure Maui doesn't look like that but my judgement disappeared as soon as that first song kicked off. Our people and our culture front and centre in a Disney Film?! I never thought it'd happen in my lifetime. I cried twice because of Te Vaka's songs.

michael ashbrook : To sum it up. White people offended. Polynesians happy to see a child friendly version of a great story from their culture

Joseph Vitale : I was born and raised in Samoa. And i have no idea who you're quoting but all polynesian people love this movie. Stop talking shit eah !!!

Joshua Ligairi : I'm ethnically from Fiji, first generation American, raised in Hawai'i. I cried tears of joy most of the way through my first screening with my kids because I was so thankful that they'd have such a beautiful representation of their culture in the mainstream. I wish I'd had that as a kid. I think it would have helped me take more pride in my culture, instead of just trying to fit in as an All-American kid. Every Pacific Islander I know (first hand accounts from Samoan, Tongan, Tahitian, Fijian, Maori, Hawaiian, Filipino people) absolutely love Moana. And I don't know who you're quoting, but I personally love that they used some of the biggest Polynesian voice actors for main roles in the film and the real Polynesian band Te Vaka to write some of the music and sing as the "voices of the choir" you referenced. We really could not have asked for more. Especially considering Disney's track record with Pocahontas and Aladdin.

Random245 Random245 : As a Polynesia person myself I found nothing wrong with it we should just be thankful that Disney actually thought about casting us islanders . so yea

Michaelene Johnson : I think Disney wouldn’t be Disney if they didn’t add their own original twist everyone should just calm down sheesh

Coco Fish : 5:57 if they stuck to the 'real story', they wouldn't be able to present the movie to a young audience. It's Disney, they obviously needed to make it more appealing to children.

Waahaa _1 : *someone sneezes on ground* Offended!

Sabrina Yarmuhamedova : But it wouldn't make sense if Disney always stuck to the original story. It would be a very boring job because everything is already set up for them. I think the movie was great and didn't have really any flaws. The creators job is to (obviously) create and they have to put thier own ideas too.

Lejla : People are offended by anything nowdays...

Cao Ang : Comment section is just people screaming “PEoOLe ARe oFFeNdEd OvaH EveRyTiNg”.

elfen erza : The fact that someone didn't like the chicken makes me give up on mankind a little

totallyfrozen : So the creators took Maui who was original described as looking more Japanese and made him look Samoan. Seems more appropriate and believable. I was actually pretty glad to see him looking Samoan instead of Asian since he looks Polynesian that way. Having grown up in Alaska, I knew lots and lots of Samoans. They’re good people! Probably the largest people on earth too! I don’t mean fat; I mean LARGE. They’re tall and strong. Hardly a man among them is under 6’4”. Big dudes. Their women are very sweet too. Nice people! Anyone who got offended at the portrayal of Maui’s body in the movie has never met an actual Samoan. BTW, the coconuts were cute. If those things offended you, you have NO SOUL!

iiCookiezz : Put on a costume on Halloween Offended

Deborah Litia : I'm polynesian and i believe disney did a good job, its a KIDS MOVIE of course they cant put the true events/stories of Maui n our Polynesian mythology because it would scare the poor kids away!!! 😂😂😂 i love Moana and love how she too like Merida and Mulan dont need a prince in order to get things done! They represent strong independent young girls/women, so boo to all the sensitive people out there, I'm Team Moana alwayssss

Coco Fish : omg can't people just *_like_* movies nowadays? Why is everything offensive?!

Christine Welcome : People need to stop looking for silly things to be offended about. It's stupid. 😒

magravine manzanilla : Geez stop its a fictional movie of course its not that accurate

Richard Mattingly : Odd that most of those pictured as reacting with outrage weren't Polynesian, and if there was a theme song for PC/SJW crowd it would be the classic Cry me a River. Ethnic views for better or worse depends on the era in which a film was made but outrage is gotten out of hand because it's almost irrational now. You're not so much as Woke as having just swallowed some web wombat's often life loathing world view and childhood doesn't need disillusioned adults breaking their toys before they can.

Natalie : As an evil coconut myself, i am greatly offended by this video..

Natasha Haunui : Maui is apparent in all different Pacific island cultures with different variations. Most of this may be accurate for the Hawaiian culture. . . But maui is apart of all of us in some way. Who made this video! Are you even from the islands tho 🤔There is so much incorrect information in this video. Or onesided if you like. Also moana may not have been her name but ther ees is a famous character in Maori culture named hinemoa. Who in some people's eyes if you know her story is very much like moana. Minus the love interest 😂 some think they based moana of her but the again I dont know all of the other Pacific island culture stories. Like. . . There is a lot. like. . . No one was offended. I think the only thing that may have offended people was that we all wanted our own culture to be the main language used but it was Hawaiian. That's it but hey. It's a large nation with many languages and story's. We cant have it all.

My Mom : We people should not put too many meaning over little things. The movie is meant to entertain the kids and to be able to give thought and values of the story. So the movie maker should put best storyline that fit the wider audience. And about the body of Mui,making it bigger, is actually how kids easily understood of being strong. For kids the bigger,the stronger. The focus audience is actually the kids. So the images should be fitted based on the kids perception of things. I hope I made a point thier.

Wetworks Division, Team 7: Arclight : It's funny how so many non-Polynesian people were taking offense to this movie when it has nothing to do with them. The only people whose opinions matter where the making of this movie is concerned are Polynesians. I am Hawaiian by blood with both my mother and father being of Hawaiian descent. My great-great-grandfather, Lyons Baldwin Nainoa, was Ali'i Nui (great chief/royalty), descendant of Queen Ka'ahumanu, wife of King Kamehameha the Great, and cousin to our last reigning monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani. In Hawaiian culture women CAN be Ali'i (chief/ruler) so it doesn't matter that in Tongan culture women can't be chief.

Scrappy DappyDoo : Why do people purposely look for mistakes in movies, it is so stupid, but I likes the video amyway

Lenysea : Why are people purposefully looking for something to get offended by? Just enjoy the movie!

Helaman Maskaleh : How bout the story when Maui put huge limestone that weight tonnes into a gate way in Tonga in tonga tapu I love that story scientist and terrorist are very fascinated

Shadowkey392 : I think Disney did a terrific job. They stayed true enough to the story’s origins to give a fair representation of Polynesian culture and mythology, and took enough creative liberties to make the story fun and safe for kids.

Brian Dahlen : I know that alot of my students are Pacific Islanders and they love this movie, and I have never heard much complaint about anything in this movie.... as for how Maui looks, what's the problem.... a lot of guys looks like that, what's the problem... I use to know a guy who looked exactly like this guy.... he was part Hawaiian and part Filipino..... no it's not really culturally accurate, but I think alot of people out here on Maui like the movie anyway.... just my opinion.... I'm sure there may be others who may differ...

Hurricane Hunia : In The Maori story Maui's Mother thought he was a still born and so she cut off her hair and wrapped him in it. She then threw him into the ocean and the gods brought him safely to his uncle in Aoteroa(New Zealand) like if you are also a Maori and this is the story you know Edit: if I get ten likes I will do a part two

Mary Jane : Us polys are not offended, we're thankful that people from all around the world now know that we exist & see how beautiful our culture is. I think you're the only one offended admin lol

arshia sharma : Women can't be a cheif?! 🤔

Angela Esteban : The real story who cares about the made up one I want to see the TRUE story of moana

bongo fury : Disney needs to re-release Song of The South, THEN we’ll see who gets offended!!!!! “Zippity Do Dah, Zippity Yah”.....

Ally the cat : OMG people really want everything to be like it was!!

Jonna Katariina : Nothing is good enough. If they had make Maui that slender, muscular and dreamy teen there would be comments about unrealistic men image

xXWolfyXx : Oh don't mind me just looking through the hella long comments talking about idk cuz I'm to lazy to read them

ihaile shipman : Yes people get offended over everything, yes Disney movies aren’t suppose to be 100% accurate, but Disney is also known for racial incidents in their movies and shows even. They always have adult innuendos or jokes on a supposedly kid show channel so this argument really can go both ways. They could’ve done better bc look at how they did Mulan, so idk man.

Offended communist : I have a friend from thw Fiji Islands, And she doesn't agree witb everything here. Most and by most of the things here I mean 90% of the video was inaccurate.

Zero Scrubz : Honestly this is kind of disrespecting the Hawaiian culture no hate

Alyssa Keoho : Maui doesnt look over weight he looks Samoan Samoans are more broad not fat

isaac troy : I have never heard of coconut being a racial slur. Wow.

Emily C : "His father was a god and his mother was a mortal." Me: HE IS A HALF-BLOOD :O My family: You read too much Percy Jackson.

Jou Y : This is literally the most inaccurate video I’ve ever seen. 🐸🍵

Pita Toganivalu : Yo! Sister...Go do something useful ,you don't know's jst a movie. You're very disturbing.

keepmeposted25 : "The demigod was supposed to be a teenager on the verge of manhood" Okay...but this isn't Maui's story

Robert Ortiz : It is known that mauis looks were influenced by Dwane Johnson and his heritage! Dwane Johnson has many interviews on this subject!

Kathy Florcruz : People need to wake up to what Hollywood IS. It's a demonic disinformation propaganda machine & always has been.

psychedashell : I thought Maui got that image because he was always meant to be voiced by Dwayne Johnson. Stereotypes be damned if he was always meant to use the People’s Eyebrow.

Neal Starkey : Omg I found a poser in ralph breaks the internet from big hero 6