The Disturbing REAL STORY Behind Moana

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airkrd : If you look closely at the Kokamura in Moana, they are small humanoid creatures. They are actually wearing the coconuts as armor.

NekoMouser : Pretty sure they intentionally didn't to make Maui look like a teenager to make it clear that there was not going to be any Moana/Maui relationship subplot--which, creatively speaking, was a good dramatic choice because it kept the focus on her and her growth as an independent woman and character and made the relationship clearly more brother/sisterly and not a "will they/won't they kiss" one. It was artistic license used to make a better dramatic story, not one to dismiss or ignore the culture of origin.

Sincerely Tesh : People find ANYTHING to be offended by!! Annoying af

Nico Marquez15 : Classic of Disney. Always putting dark and disturbing stories behind their heartwarming beautiful stories.

PatrickAllenNL : People get offended over anything

Kalaninui Akau : As someone who is Native Hawaiian and been raised with the culture, this video has very little substance to go on. Everything sounds like people finding the smallest things to dislike the movie. I take it as creative liberties that didnt veer off too much from source material, but it wasnt so off that I would consider it offensive.

TayPlayz : Where was the disturbing real story? All u did was explain a bit about what Maui really looked like and how the new him offended people. Either, change ur title or ur vid. Also, why was Pele on the front? U didn't bring her up once.

Galaxy Queen 101 : i hate Moana

Julieeta Zavala : Hi! You've Pele in the thumbnail, she's the Hawaiian goddess of fire and Moana it's not Hawaiian. To skip that kind of confusions, say that she's Polynesian, because Moana it's a word in Māori and it is not the same. Moana means ocean btw (Te Moana, The Ocean). I didn't watch the movie but in a video I saw that Disney was working with natives for so long and I think that's gr8, because now they know more about this beautiful culture. 💕

Glenn Graves : What story? She literally just listed off what was wrong and right about Moana. No story here folks

Uma Asaeli-Save : Let’s face it us islanders are big boned? That’s the way we are, we’re not offended.

THAHAWAM MAYAM : I wanted to hear more about the real story. But y’all skipped right over that making this a waste of time

BrK HrT : when have you ever heard the word coconut used as a racial slur against islander's..????. WTF..??? I never heard that before in my life.

Pen/Emm : Being Maori we were told the story's of Maui and his brothers and how he fished up the islands, slowed the sun, tricked to get fire, separated the earth and sky etc, and my partner (Samoan) were told similar stories, the movie is a relation of all of us Islanders and I thought it was great to see it on screen and the voices were from Hawiians Auli'i, The Rock, and Maoris, Rachel House and Temuera Morrison and samoans Oscar Knighly, I know for a fact that Temuera is fluent in Te Reo so if he had a problem with the script and if it was "disturbing" none of these actors or actresses would not be voices for it, what IS disturbing is this video - know your facts before shading this movie and note pictures of Rapa nui (Easter Island) is a whole different culture in the South Pacific that Maui was not originally from, while this video completely passed the map of New Zealand 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤦🏾‍♀️

djubreles89 : SJW BULLSHIT

Maria herradi : Whats the disturbing thing about Moana , the title of the video ?

Kikyo Akiyama : Im a New Zealander and I loved the movie I personally don't see anything offensive about it even mom watched it with me the first time and she loved it to hell she loved it more when they sung in Maori you don't see many New Zealanders speak it now days I long forgotten the language because I had to learn English when mom and I first moved to Australia and to her speaking to me in 2 languages would confuse me but she sometimes throws in Maori words in her sentences but regardless she and I love the movie nothing wrong with it

Lisa Davis : I loved it!!!!!! I had no idea that a coconut could be used as a derogatory name I loved the movie !!!! Maui was amazing Moana was amazing the whole movie was just wonderful I've watched it several times and it is my grandson's favorite movie .

Mele Tuivai : I'm Polynesian and I loved the movie. I am not offended at all and whoever is you're just a crybaby complainer

Zoom Wayne : "People were getting ready to be offended"? What? Don't they have anything better to do?

Mythical Factory : Although yeah, maui was different than in the original Polynesian mythology version, they did a great job adapting it for a larger public.

J. S. Artur : In my culture acting offended is offending. What do you do now morbidly politically correct people, hmm?

Mi Mingkai : I'm Asian, and I haven't gone to other countries before. But I didn't know people get offended so easily.

MrMahazestar : What I find offensive? The creators of this clip used a black guy 4:59 to portray as Polynesian.

SteveN : Disney aren't the only ones that take creative liberties with these things. You think an angry man name Kratos actually went around murdering all the Greek gods? Many of the stories in these mythologies are quite unflattering. So, to make a movie, or other media, appealing, things sometimes have to be altered a bit. If you try and make a movie that's 1:1 with the stories, you'll most likely get a borefest with unnecessary and/or crude violence and sexual themes. People might see it once and forget about it, whereas Disney's Hercules (which should have been named Heracles and was WAY off in its story) was a big hit.

hellolala : someone didn't like the chicken?! I love the chicken!

Washing Machine : I liked the movie Moana, I didn’t really care about Maui’s looks or anything! But I have to be honest I did cringe when Maui done the haka, I think it was how the Rock was saying it. Anyways I liked the movie.

Patricia Harold : I thought this movie was well done. The team assigned to the film did a great deal of research and they listened to a lot of the people who gave them advice. Almost all of the voice actors had Polynesian background, so I don't know what the problem was there. If you want a demigod that was done wrong, let's focus on Disney's Hercules, not Maui! Another reason they cut the scene with Moana throwing the coconuts was because no islander would ever waste food in such a petty manner.

ThePrinceOfSpace413 : oh? disney changed a lot of stuff about a fairytale/ fable ? :0 I am so shocked (I hope the sarcasm can be felt) also buzzfeed? they get offened by almost anything.

CitricSyntax : I couldn't help but to burst out laughing everytime the stock photo of the triggered rat-face woman with the fivehead in the blue shirt would pop up. People are ridiculous, political correctness is a cancer. I am hoping that now it is beginning to turn on people and companies who once supported it -- it will be cut off from society. Moana was a fantastic film. To say otherwise is to be a contrarian snowflake.

Joshua Fuhrman : What? Maui isn't overweight it is literaly muscle. Also the story isn't about Maui it's about Moana's and there isn't a real myth or legend about Moana meaning that you can't say that Maui wasn't portrayed right. What if he is older here than in the legend

Fictively : Alright but...where's the disturbing story?

Tom k.williams : I'm offended that you used steflondon as a representative of Pacific islanders just case she has dark skin that's racist she is from London .....pot calling the kettle black

Kitty Strike NC : Omfg get over it you sensitive snow flakes

Satan I Dunno : This must be Buzz Feed in disguise

epique wenqa aka epik : this video was anything but disturbing..and most of the offended people's concerns werent legit issues at all..

Phnxkon : Getting ready to be offended rofl

Blacktiger323 : Jesus, people in the US are so butthurt about everything. If they wouldve made Moana fat and Maoi thin they they would rage about that. Those people have such boring lives that they dont have anything else to care about other than being butthurt.

connectingTheDots : There is no real story. They are both stories.

MTT Brand Cookie Cats : Even with the things they may have gotten wrong I still love this movie. Also I find myself googling the sources of Disney movies so I think it encourages us learn more about that culture.

Yasmine Flowers : Disney did a GREAT job! This is a CHILDREN’S movie! They’re supposed to create movies that will catch the eyes and keep the attention of the children and they did just that! If people want a more accurate story, then they should go read a damn autobiography!🙄

I Am Yepp : Is it me or is everybody so overly sensitive nowadays. I barely even heard these kind of opinion from viewers.

13USMCX3 : Just goes to prove, in America if you ask enough people, everything is offensive.

FuryMcpurey : How dare they not like Tamatoa

Tasoq : See, with this title I was expecting an original story being messed up, not about the work put into the actual movie

Micah Buzan : Offense addiction is becoming as real and common as any other addiction.

Diamond Gamer : Idk if its just me but don't hate. Disney just likes to piss people off. Coconuts are offensive, Maui looks like half my family, and they smooshed different cultures into one movie, it's not all the same, like Tongans Samoans and Hawaiians are not same, and the fact that they did that really pissed me off

Sweechie : Just enjoy the movie and leave your personal biases at the door. So what if a demigod is big? Cleopatra also wasn´t beautiful.

Mickey Bear : Aw boo-hoo-hoo, people got their wittle feewings hurt because the movie took some artistic liberties. Get over yourselves. And, I am going to take a guess that the "some people" who got offended were the writers of this video.

Kouya Williams : This move takes place after Maui's already done all the heroic things AND he's been stuck in an island for eternity, I find it perfectly logical he's older than what his myth depicts. Also, most of those complains are literal nitpicks about what 'they' didn't like in the movie, not what's inherently bad about the it. Did I not like the chicken? no, I really didn't. Do I think he existing ruined the movie? of course not! can you imagine being so petty you get offended by a minor comic relief character, wtf