June Tabor & Oysterband : Love Will Tear Us Apart

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Sara McCauley : I love the original by Joy Division, so I had my reservations when this version was recommended to me by someone very special. Wow. I'm blown away! Utterly sublime. I love, love, love it! :-)

kinseymilkbone : This song gains such pathos when sung by people in late middle age. BTW, just from this video, June Tabor needs to be cast somewhere in Game of Thrones,.

vootie99 : This is a song that no one should cover, because the original was perfect... and almost ever cover is boring... but this... this is the real deal

Jill Eckersley : This is the saddest song I have ever heard.

Mike : It's freaking brilliant.

randomglen : i was not sure at first.. but I love how this is sung in full emotion as it is a very emotional song.. however the original is understated and static... but this is full blood emotion done very very good...

daniel f Bradley : this has actual made me love the song again, some fresh air on the tune

erkan müller : Mind blowing! It was no better sung

Steve Ansell : Awesome

1ElCondor : Iconic song written in August 1979 by Ian Curtis and Joy Division.

Paddleway : beautiful version, I watched almost all of the covers this is one of the best

LikeItDeep : nice

David Heavenor : June Tabor is at The Queens Hall Edinburgh with Quercus  on 24th October

Alison Hayward : one of the best cover versions ever

John McCready : Beautiful.

sumerisle : it is/was/will always be an amazing song and at its heart is a beautiful folk song for the people....pure class

nightowldisco : Just saw them do this on Jules Holland - stunning. Made me shudder like the original did all those years ago.

elvendon22 : Brilliantly filmed. Follows the music so well. Good job!

wals01 : Love the video, have just bought the single from iTunes - hope it makes the charts!