Plug in Baby but Matt Bellamy refuses to stop ascending the harmonic minor scale
Plug in Baby but Matt Bellamy refuses to stop ascending the harmonic minor scale

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Tai-Bere : *Laughs in B Harmonic Minor*

Bass Weapon : Congrats, you made the best video on the internet

Gli occhiali : It could honestly be something Matt would do.

Teddyman : Shouldve kept going untill only dogs could hear it

Ya Boi Solzhenitsyn : He's not the only one who's ascending

VEGA4554 : Matt should see this and try it sometime.

WMDistraction : The greatest victory of Google's YouTube algorithm is finding me this video.

crazyblue501 : I was there, can confirm this happened totally 100% L E G I T

Adam Nope : More music memes please, makes my brain the big brain.

surferoza : what happens when you plug 3 digitech whammy on the same loop

L.L. : This is a cursed video

CitizenE MansonSky98 : Sound like a new riff tho

Daniel Marques : Anxiety level: over 9000

Dominic Rouleau : I was there! Now I can communicate with dolphins

Sam Hawkes : This is art

Lee J : Matt Bellamy is such an underrated guitarist

Edwin Pope : The funniest thing about this is 'refuses'.

Ben W : This is the greatest video ever.

Robyn : In another not to distant reality, Matt Bellamy can play a guitar like that and and preforms this exact scene.

Joonas Saranen : I cannot find those notes from my guitar. Not even with whammy...

diegomarpla : Thats quality content

Logan Arzuaga : Make this a whole song Chart it on clone hero Send to Jason paradise

No Signal Pictures : *Takes sip* honestly, it’s not that bad.

Shonalika : I genuinely clicked thinking he'd actually done this

Almria Özek : 0:20 the time when I started to scare a lil bit..

Silent Birthday : This is beautiful

Woodhouse Studios : ur a pure soul

my iq is 2 : Lmao I was at that concert. Was surprised at how quickly they showed Plug in Baby, seeing as its one of their most popular songs. Pretty sure they played Reapers first

Meine Namen : Somebody send this to muse on twitter

El wey de los dibujos :V : Does anyone know how can i tattoo a whole video in me?

Rach Frisella : Conversation went something like this. "Matt, you can stop." "No...not today..." "Why?" "I'm Matt Bellamy. Do you need more of a reason?" Come to think of it, I think he's humbler than that.

thechucknorrisofNSMB : I'm not even a Muse fan and this is my favorite thing

Jakfrost25 : Somebody stop him, he’s out of control

E301 NS : This hilarious, nice😂

happy : having a hard time at the moment but this made me laugh, thank you

chemicalhorror : I want this to actually happen!!


LittleTinyElvis : Idk what I expected, but here we are. This is the peak of all content

PersonEighty9 : now add sausage fattener

Karl Morrison : I wasn't there and I can say this is 100% legit.

Ramadan Steve : Now make Matt Bellamy singing Hysteria but he can't stop hyperventilating. Pin this and do it. Please, I beg you.

Creepin' Jesus : That editing is top notch bud! 🤙

Koyaanis qatsi : why cant i just like the description

scream : *blip*

Luke Harkins : Wow... I literally have no words to describe this *GREATNESS*

Zeroblizero : This is what i call Top Quality Shitposting

attk177 : I dont understand whats happening

SuperWhoLocked Browncoat : THE CHEEKBONE SHADOW I know it's weird to find that attractive but OMGGGGGGG

Party_Poison03 : When the video finished, I looked to the side to find my dad was playing it on the guitar.