You're Disrespecting a Future US Army Soldier

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greenlegocats123 : just watch he's gonna end up like one of those guys in the movie 15:17 to paris

38th Meme Time Lord : "You're disrespecting a future Mojang Developer."

Adrian Zaldivar : probably getting picked on by a Future U.S. Marine

André Alves : Dont disrespect me, im a future elder

JoshuA F : 20 years later "hi welcome to baskin and robins how may i help you?

Polish Mayonnaise : Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne

CRUSTYDOGTAINT : He's not the hero we need, he's the hero we deserve.

T esT : We require him to follow up every year with a full report on his progress or else the disrespect will be real.

Thicc Booty : ROTC be like

Johnny Tindall : The few the proud the marines.

WackyTabakee : You’re disrespecting a future McDonald’s employee of the month

Biggie Cheese : "US Army soldier" *Shows clips of Canadian and British troops*

MasterBetty545 : PTSD at such a young age, poor child. War has taken so much from all of us....

RushInNinja : Yep, I'm from the future, and I've seen it. This is the kid who saves the world from the 3rd alien invasion.

SAMURI KAMI : this is how people in JROTC act when they get disrespected

NiFtY lAnD992322 : You are disrespecting a future roblox haker

Comedy DuDe : Press F to pay respects

Jent Bent : You can't be a soldier with autism

ItsEli : He would not qualify for it because he doesn't have 20/20 vision.

Canned Failure : 20K Views for something that took 20 Minutes to make. I'm happy with that.

TheRealPartridge : He fights... So you don't have to :'(

Gobble Monster TV : 12 years later Hi Welcome to Burger King how may I take your Order

Reilly Wolf : I want to be an astronaut, and I swear if you hear me say "You are disrespecting a future NASA astronaut!" I give you permission to punch me as hard as you can. Do not go easy on me.

LittleArmyNut : This needs to become a GOARMY ad on YouTube

2015 dead meme : In America this what all the 6-8 year-olds say

Krzysztof Szwajnos : Mom get me the gun I'm a meme.

Aiden Parra : Lmao. Thank you for ur future us army soldier 1 like = 1 respect

Delta 5403 : *ISIS is shiting on theit pants right now because of this kid*

soap : rotc kids in a nutshell

Frittser : I literally spit out my coffee lol

Trill_tyler_123 : mission failed,we'll get em next time!!

Xerzes HD : I mean, I have respect for the kid because he knows wtf he wants to do with his life maybe after college or high school and it looks like his determination and will won’t stop him. It will drive him further

Juan Alonso : Shooting up ur local school is not being a Soldier Kid

Chronic Depression : 10/10 would disrespect again

Kim Jong : I would be proud if my face was in the picture

Unicorn_Chibi Love : You know, I actually like this kid. I mean who would have the guts to say, "your disrespecting a future U.S ARMY SOLDIER!!" Yell it out kid, we need more future hero's 🙂

Weird White Kid : Jesus Christ, it's J A S O N B O U R N E

senisasu : US in a nutshell.

Dilan raza : Who needs Rambo?

Christopher Dorsey : Honestly I feel as if this is extremely rude to him. This may be ruining his dream. He may feel strongly about joining the U.S. Army. This may ruin it for him. And I think he does deserve respect because he already made a decision at his young age to join, and offer his life to his country and his brothers.

MrAwesomedude96 : He's the kind of kid going to basic training thinking that his JROTC experience means something.

Landon Mertens : I swear I think this kid is in my school

TyranosaurusNUT : “You’re disrespecting a future politician!”

Matthew Moore : I can't wait to be a us marine

Matt Degrading : regardless of his absolute cancerous cringe I still applaud his patriotism

assassinsknight : Wow that kid has been marked as a meme for rest of his life.

Anomaly _ : Even though this is funny he's determined to be a soldier which you don't see often.

Pretzels Gaming : plot twist, he joins ISIS and shoots up his school

Big money : This made me sad for that kid lol, four eyes dead add isnt going to be in any army 😂😂😂

NLrenzo : 10 years later : “ sorry our icecream machine is broken “