Cows vs. Crime—Why These Cattle Chased a Suspect Through a Field | National Geographic
Cows help apprehend criminal

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A high-speed chase in Florida ended in a field of cattle, and the cattle were the unlikely heroes. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Cows vs. Crime—Why These Cattle Chased a Suspect Through a Field | National Geographic National Geographic


Azliana Lyana : Way to go cows! Years of being herded has earned them the skills to herd a lost human back to its own habitat. Well done. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

Doc Holliday : Bad Cows Bad Cows What you gonna do What you gonna do when they come for mooooo I'll show myself out

ghostt girl ghostt spook : the police cows, better get them hired!!!

Zena Safira : Cows: 1 Crime: 0 I'm laughing so hard lmaooo x"D

Mauriel Knight : I guess now she can mooo-ve right on to jail😁

H. Yahaya : I guess the cows herd her coming through...

Everything : She lucky they are only cows and not bulls

Carl Keller : The cows were obviously part of the crime watch commooooonity.

Respected Viewer : Call the cowps

Paul 78 : Lol..🤣Cow's are awesome. 🐮

Gilderoy Lockhart : This is what happens, when you plant your marijuana plants in a cow grazing land....

Daniel Kauffman : That explanation was much simpler than I thought it would be. "The Cows were protecting their young"

UpBeat HighTuned : Who says you can't fight crime with comedy? XD

Masaharu Morimoto : Cow-9 units responding...

Fairy Frequency : Epic! Wishing you a lovely day x)

selcouth86 : Cows helping pigs catch a couple of jackasses.

Elly Greaves : Yes i think they should be hired too :) They did a great job

Boy God : why do we need police men when we got police cows

Manuel Martinez : Medal of honor for these cows! 👍🏼

alekst1923 : Thumbs up for the cool augmented reality helicopter camera displaying the street names. Cool technology.

Canuck Fundy : Note to self: Don't have steak on your breath when you run thru a herd of cattle.

Sweet Jaysus : COWS is filmed on location by the men and women of law enforcement, All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law... MOO! BAD BOYS! WATCHU GOIN'- WHATCHU GOIN'- WHATCHU GOIN' DO? When Sheriff Brown Cow come for you? ~

LETS WATCH UTUBE : Thought the thumbnail was santa floating majestically with his rain deer

B uppy : Bovines depending on how they are raised will do the "chasing" for several reasons. 1) Simple herd behavior, they may sense her as running from danger and are *running with her* to a place of safety. 2) They are curious, and trying to figure out what is going on with this person. 3) They see her as a threat, and are truly trying to chase her off. The woman and cattle were like responding to the presence of the police helicopter and vehicles. One bovine seemed aggressive, they mostly seemed curious which is why they followed but didn't get too close, and most split off from following the perp, likely because the alpha "lead bossie" headed in a different direction because she sensed danger.

AgAug Gaming : Cows: We will get a reward on that crime! Cows: *-Attacked*

Shyam Parakkal : Those cows are actually smarter than that woman.

Paul Deleon : Wow that could have been a "cattlestrophic" situation for that suspect!!!!!!

yadunath mahadeo : Lol..well wat do we have here ..cows on a bounty hunt 🐄 😃😄...well that's something u don't see on a regular basis lol

Jake Clay : Welcome to Sanford, Florida aka Bokey. 😂

MyLifeAsLouis : This is the premium content that I'm looking for.

madhavyu : This was a mooving video that I udderly enjoyed.

Michele Harbaugh : Bad gal Bad gal Whatcha gonna do Whatcha gonna do when the cows come for you

Fion : Is this a reupload? I've seen this before

Michael Jacobs : Boy those cows had the suspect on the run She was mooving............. Ya wanna bet she stepped in poopy ???

Jeremiah plays : Those criminals better COWer in fear because these cattle are on the MOOve.

Christopher Pazen : ❤️ heffers vrs criminals 👏🏼 absolutely ❤️ it

Htown Lifer : suspect was apparently a meat-eater...the cows assisted a vegan suspect just last week

馬行空 : Pardon them from being eaten and hire them as cops

JCW 7777 : Zits because they have small calf’s to protect that they are more aggressive

KrazyKrzysztof : Good job cows now get ready to get decapitated and eaten by the ppl making this video

ExploMation : Moooo🐄

Garth Murray : 👍👍👍 To let the hero cows live a full life without ever seeing the inside of a slaughterhouse!

H. Marsh : I love each and every one of those cows

odair petri : Acharam que o sujeito estava levando sal ou mineral para elas.

Sparrow 27 : I thought they try to inspire the suspect to run faster

Jesus Reyna : Stupid mf's have no clue what the cows were doing.

Tom Nally : Clearly, the cows sought revenge for all the hamburgers eaten by the perpetrators.

Paul Mathew : Those are no cow-ards...💃

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