Cows vs. Crime—Why These Cattle Chased a Suspect Through a Field | National Geographic

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National Geographic : Cows become aggressive when they are protecting their young, as a crime suspect found out when she got too close. What are your thoughts on these cows' behavior?

Doc Holliday : Bad Cows Bad Cows What you gonna do What you gonna do when they come for mooooo I'll show myself out

Azliana Lyana : Way to go cows! Years of being herded has earned them the skills to herd a lost human back to its own habitat. Well done. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

ghostt girl ghostt spook : the police cows, better get them hired!!!

Zena Safira : Cows: 1 Crime: 0 I'm laughing so hard lmaooo x"D

Mauriel Knight : I guess now she can mooo-ve right on to jail😁

selcouth86 : Cows helping pigs catch a couple of jackasses.

H. Yahaya : I guess the cows herd her coming through...

Paul 78 : Lol..🤣Cow's are awesome. 🐮

Everything : She lucky they are only cows and not bulls

New Message : Not the heroes we deserve.. but the heroes we need. Also, there's a good chance they'll end up in a hero sandwich.

Masaharu Morimoto : Cow-9 units responding...

Carl Keller : The cows were obviously part of the crime watch commooooonity.

That one wise wishing genie boi : Call the cowps

Canuck Fundy : Note to self: Don't have steak on your breath when you run thru a herd of cattle.

Gilderoy Lockhart : This is what happens, when you plant your marijuana plants in a cow grazing land....

Daniel Kauffman : That explanation was much simpler than I thought it would be. "The Cows were protecting their young"

UpBeat HighTuned : Who says you can't fight crime with comedy? XD

Fairy Frequency : Epic! Wishing you a lovely day x)

• ʟᴜɴɪɪ • : Cow 🅱️olice

Boy God : why do we need police men when we got police cows

Shyam Parakkal : Those cows are actually smarter than that woman.

Manuel Martinez : Medal of honor for these cows! 👍🏼

Elly Greaves : Yes i think they should be hired too :) They did a great job

ExploXion Animation : Moooo🐄

B uppy : Bovines depending on how they are raised will do the "chasing" for several reasons. 1) Simple herd behavior, they may sense her as running from danger and are *running with her* to a place of safety. 2) They are curious, and trying to figure out what is going on with this person. 3) They see her as a threat, and are truly trying to chase her off. The woman and cattle were like responding to the presence of the police helicopter and vehicles. One bovine seemed aggressive, they mostly seemed curious which is why they followed but didn't get too close, and most split off from following the perp, likely because the alpha "lead bossie" headed in a different direction because she sensed danger.

alekst1923 : Thumbs up for the cool augmented reality helicopter camera displaying the street names. Cool technology.

seanautube : I've seen this first-hand. When I was a kid, we took a shortcut through a cow pasture to go fishing. We thought it would be funny to scare the "harmless" cows. All 3 of us yelled and made barking noises while we ran at them swinging our arms wildly. I'll never forget when the largest one reared up on it's hind legs and swung around towards us as a string of snot came swinging out of it's nostril. When it landed, it chased us several yards until we crashed through the barbed wire fence. We got what we deserved and we laughed our butts off. They may not have horns, but when 2000 lbs of fearlessness comes running at you, you know what to do.

Kynario : Cow's are intelligent sentient beings just like pigs. Go vegan/plant-based. Stop the violence just because of taste. For the planet, human health and animals. :-)

f00zh : yes, those cows one!

LETS WATCH UTUBE : Thought the thumbnail was santa floating majestically with his rain deer

otto suwen : Hahaha it was funny

Bam Bam : I think the cows had beef with her 😂😂😂

*#HaSoN* *#TuP* : *وين ويهة بنص البراري شارد*

Sean Martin : Batcow

Cheetos Ortiz : She is definitely eating beef for her last meal.

yadunath mahadeo : Lol..well wat do we have here ..cows on a bounty hunt 🐄 😃😄...well that's something u don't see on a regular basis lol

scorpiotez : First



My farm life 101 : Cows are the best police

Fergal Brennan : #5

Sanjay Tiwary : nice one

Benaiah Ahmadinejad : Snitches get slaughtered and fed to the public. Love me some ribeyes.

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Maria da Luz Moutinho : Este vídeo está incrível e original, digno de um thriler!! Quem se mete por atalhos mete-se em trabalhos!! As vacas fizeram um bom trabalho! Será que vão ser condecoradas?? Esta espécie é inteligente ...uma vez vi um documentário que até fiquei pasma... uma vaca grávida ia para o matadouro e quando ia para chegar a vez de a matarem ela fez tudo para ter a cria...uma história verídica e muito emocional... Que nome darão para este facto??

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odair petri : Acharam que o sujeito estava levando sal ou mineral para elas.

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