Columbine - The Big Picture (Part 1)
Columbine The Big Picture Part 1

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This is the first installment of a multi-part documentary series and covers the thoughts and events between Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold preceding April 20, 1999. And for the deaf people, I HAVE CLOSED CAPTIONS!!! Video contains: - Disturbing content - Violent content - Offensive content - Sudden loud noises Viewer discretion is advised. "Hitmen for Hire" video: "Rampart Range" video: Website: Forums: Google +: just kidding Music Credits: A Companion of Joe Ephgrave: End Credits Score Kevin MacLeod: Ossuary 6 - Air Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Ossuary 5 - Rest Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Anguish Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Myst on the Moor Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Satiate - only percussion Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License --- ENJOY THE PROGRAM.


Corey Fellows : When Marilyn Manson was asked "what would you say to the shooters " given the opportunity. His response was perfect.. "I wouldn't say anything..........I'd listen". we could all learn something from this.

Kraker Phat : I've studied more then I will admit about columbine. I like this video. 1, because it's new material about columbine and 2nd it's accurate and well presented. Good work lads

Phillip Burkett : This is one of the best Columbine documentaries I have watched. Seriously can't wait for part 2!

travis metzger : Half a thousand? Weird way to say $500

onthebits : Yo where is part 2 I’ve been waiting since you said 6 months ago it was coming? Bro?

Dragon Platelegs : Drives me crazy that all these school shooters are so young it's like if they would have pushed through and not gone through with the act they would grow up and realize the world is completly different outside of high school

Protector Drone : Dave Cullen "I can't find evidence that bullying contributed to the massacre" Eric Harris journal entry 11/17/98 "If people would give me more compliments all of this might still be avoidable... but probably not. Whatever I do people make fun of me, and sometimes directly to my face. I'll get revenge soon enough. fuckers shouldn't have ripped on me so much" - *Eric pretty much saying that he'll get revenge 'soon enough' for the fuckers that are ripping on him, and he'd even consider calling the revenge plot off if they gave him more respect. He goes on to state further:* " then again its human nature to do what you did... so I guess I am also attacking the human race." *- Eric understanding that bullying is part of human nature, so his attack on random people that will be killed in the bomb blast will be killed because he's attacking human nature because bullying people is built into them naturally. It is clear as day stated in his journal that bullying is a huge motive.* Eric Harris journal entry 11/12/98 " Everyone is always making fun of me because of how I look, how ****ing weak I am and ****, well I will get you all back: ultimate ****ing revenge here. you people could have shown more respect, treated me better, asked for my knowledge or guidance more, treated me more like senior, and maybe I wouldn't have been as ready to tear your ****ing heads off. " - *Eric pretty much stating that the attack is 'ultimate revenge' for everyone making fun of him, again stating that if they gave him more respect then he wouldn't be ready to kill them. The motive is clear as day.* NOTE: I had to add this as morons kept responding to my comment. 1. I'm not trying to defend Eric and Dylan, this is simply a response to the quote of Dave Cullen in the video where he states that bullying wasn't a motive. I agree that bullying wasn't the only motive, but to deny it as a motive at all is ridiculous. All of the evidence is out there including: Eric's quotes above, where he clearly refers to the attack as a revenge in response to the mistreating he'd face and going as far as to acknowledge that bullying is part of human nature so his attack on everybody is justified, along with 100s of interviews all across YouTube, the 11k document, Randy Brown's video "How to Stop a School Shooting" where he goes into detail about hyper vigilance, Brooks Brown's reddit post and No Easy Answers Book (look it up, the whole book is scanned for free on Archive Org) where a student who knew Eric and Dylan confirmed they were bullied and finally A&E's "Columbine Finding Out Why" documentary, where FBI agents conclude that bullying was a factor. 2. I did NOT in any shape or form state that bullying was the ONLY motive. There were hundreds and hundreds of motives. Bullying was one of them. It wasn't limited to that one motive. I did not in any shape or form state that this was an attack on bullies, I did not state in any shape or form that they went in there with the intent on hunting down bullies, that is ridiculous. Also take it into consideration that the original plan of the attack was a bombing and bomb doesn't exactly kill specific targets, ya know? I did not in any shape or form state that this was a bully fueled attack. I am merely disproving Dave Cullen's quote about bullying not being a motive at all with Eric's own writings which clearly point at bullying being one of the many many motives. Now stop replying with your boring comments that are acting as if that quote above means that I'm some how defending Eric and Dylan and that I'm somehow trying to justify their actions and trying to act like the people they killed were all asshole bullies and because of that it is justified. No. I did not mean that at all.

Gamer Slasher : Honestly this is the most informative and best documentary I’ve seen so far 👍🏼

Zc 1993 : All those warning signs!! This massacre could've been stopped!!

Sharkcaster : I forgot I was even subbed to you. What a welcome surprise

Long Shlong : Finding the pipe bomb on the bike path with the fact that they learned about Eric’s writings on that website should have been enough to end all of this before it ever began.

Pommie bears : If only they had waited. Waited long enough to realise that school is not how life is. I got bullied for having epilepsy, and for being poor. I would fight back....but, it was miserable. Then, I left school. I worked and realised that the childhood dramas are left behind. And, if someone does try to oppress can wield such power outside of the small community that is school. I do believe that Eric was a sociopath. I believe Dillon was severely depressed. A follower. Not sure about Eric, but I believe Dillon would have not participated in anything like this without Eric’s leadership. What they did is unforgivable. They are serial killing (mass murdering bastards, thank you, faulty brain, see comment below 👍🏼) bastards......but, they are also a reflection on how depression and personality disorders are incredibly dangerous to leave unchecked. Suicide for depression.....murder for the personality disorders.

Art T. : Dude, this was really well done. I was 14 when this tragedy happened. I have never thought to do any research into these guys, since this seemed so long ago. Looking forward to part 2 & hopefully 3.

Hailey Shannon : What sickens me is that these guys have fangirls!

Daniel : I never understood people who claim they weren't bullied. They obviously were tormented, but naturally that doesn't justify their actions.

auntie panda : I can't wait for part 2. Wonderfully done.

SoulFor Sale : If you would have asked any of the victims about the Trenchcoat Mafia on April 18 they would not have known who you were talking about. The media legitimized the TCM after the shooting.

Surgé Land : I think what scares me most about this, is just how similar I was to Dylan in high school. Good thing I never had access to guns, and I could grow up and become a better person.

Miss H. : I hate Dave Cullen. He is a liar.

Stephanie Pike : Bullying has only got worse. Kids aren't held responsible for their actions by their parents or government. That's why they feel the right to bully.

supertroll : They were bullied over and over they complained the teachers laughed

stevepxs : Clearly the link here is pizza. Not guns or games.

GrumpyPear : One of the best Columbine documentaries I've seen. The clips you use in this make everything so much more immersive. Also now that the True Crime community has uncovered a lot of new information since the slew of Columbine documentaries released back in the early 00s, you have the potential to make something very special here. I hope you include the footage of the pair planting the bombs in the cafeteria, such crucial evidence which was overlooked at the time.

Phil Roach : Absolutely brilliant! Easily the best video I have seen on Columbine and I have seen everything! Part 2...

Jared Wignall : This is extremely well made and sheds more light on what happened to those two years before that tragic day. Seems as if there were a lot of things going on with them then just being bullied. Looks as if self esteem issues and perhaps some sort of mental health issues played a hand in them going on this awful massacre on top of the bullying. Lot of red flags that were there, yet nothing was really done about them. Perhaps if someone caught any of these signs, then this massacre could’ve been avoided. But then again, this is all after the fact.

Emma Knightley : They felt so small and so helpless that they wanted to be ultra strong just one time, in control just one time, retaliating big time. For me such acts show any kind of long suppressed helpless anger coming out in that final scenario to make the world See, and Feel. And they were a deathly combo. Tragic all around.

Katarzyna Lozinska : Omg this was so good, why part 2 hasn't been posted yet? :CCC

Bizzare : When’s part 2

Reaver : Please tell me why Dylan literally looks a younger Logan Paul and an anarchist combined lmao.

Rose Ella-Grace : Excellently executed video! The links and details are wonderfully presented.. I think showing Dylan's antics and behaviour in the months before is so important, too many people believe he was this easily manipulated kid just following Eric, which is simply not true. Eric definitely was the more dominant personality in their friendship, as any group / friendship will have, but Dylan was just as eager and angry.

Cosmic Allis : It's so sad that these kids didn't get caught before hand dispite all the red flags!!!🤦🤦🤦 Dylan at one time didn't seem like that bad of a kid, just very troubled, depressed, anxious, lost and mislead...but Eric definitely displayed symptoms of being an all out sociopath😬😬 I know what it's like being vulnerable to people like that and they r very convincing, promising and manipulative... Dylan was desperate for a friend he could somehow look up to and give him confidence and encouragement so he was willing to fallow his every word.. I think if Dylan didn't get stuck by Eric's side thus becoming his stooge/puppet then he would have had a chance to turn things around and get better. It really doesn't seem like he actually wanted to die or kill others, I think he just thought he did.. i know how fucked up that sounds but in a much lighter sense i'v bn many children and teens, u don't take the reality of death seriously. It sux cuz he could have possibly had a bright future but now he's dead and brought many with him😥😰😭😭 devastating to say the least...smh...

AJTComicsBrand : All this could've been avoided if the police did their job and keeping these two off the streets. thanks police!

XanderBeau : This is a really High Quality Documentary. Looking forward to Part 2. Subbed with Notifications :)

Alex Friedman : So many noobs in the comments. People will just say random things they think. Also alot of miss information out there like Dave Cullens book.

Cody Columbia : 34:18 Eric’s eyes in that clip have always freaked me out a little.

Joi Robb : Dylan and Eric could have had excelling careers in film as actors, writers, producers, acting coaches...Its sad that they resorted to violence but hopefully can help others redirect their emotions into productive healthy lives...I always feel shattered for the victims, their families, and the perpetrators whose lives were taken so senselessly before they truly even began

miceo1212 : Hey Nation . Would really like to see the part 2. I have seen many documentaries on Columbine but this is the best one i have seen by far. In your documentary you showed things I never seen before. Footage, quotes, etc.. Amazing job man. Really look forward to part 2.

Over Heaven : top 10 anime comebacks

The Kentucky Gent : This is definitely a great video. I was a sophomore in 1999 and the Columbine shooting and September 11, 2001 are the 2 biggest events that i will never forget. I always had so much hate towards eric and Dylan but 19 years later i honestly feel sorry for them. (Especially dylan) i believe eric brainwashed dylan and Dylan just got so deep into depression that he went along with everything eric said and done. Dylan's mother (Sue) is such an amazing woman. The book she wrote is definitely worth reading. God bless all the victims that died that day. Again, great video my friend, keep up the great work (you definitely deserve more subs) By the way... you gained a new subscriber.

Mrs. A : I'm curious to know who the girl was that Dylan was in love with and whether or not she knew of his feelings.

Lagii : I NEEED PART 2 I didnt even know about the part with the doors at the school and the posters of the prom were vandalized

Faulty Brain : The lesson here is *do not* bully anyone. Sad to say, but this won't be the last time something this extreme happens.

Jenny Svensson : I really looking forward to Part 2!

Bully Hunter Over 9000 : This has to be the most detailed story I've ever heard on this subject by far. Where did you acquire all of this information?

Nik : I thought I had seen every piece of footage available but you showed a lot of new things I haven't seen before. This is really well done!

Tyler Burke : When will you come out with part 2??

Remmy Riffs & Review's : Why do so many tragedies happen in Colorodo? Does anybody else feel that it is a little suspicious?

Corey Fellows : Think about this you guys...... Imagine being so bullied, alienated, and disregarded so consistently that you'd be willing to take your own life. Imagine that school is so painful, you'd rather die then go forward with highschool .. It had to be a pure hell. Then to take it a step further and consider it's so painful youd be willing to kill and blow up (or attempt to) your bullies and anyone in your way. Wheb Marilyn Manson was asked what he would say to either Eric or Dylan he responded, " I wouldn't say anything, I'd listen". I think that said it all.

blagh mrblafh : I can tell you that being mocked by people younger than you is very degrading.. especially when your a virgin and they are not.