Columbine Documentary - The Big Picture (Part 1)

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Bizzare : When’s part 2

DuncasterWood : I forgot I was even subbed to you. What a welcome surprise

Antonio Quezada : Been a while, Squid. Glad to see you've made an upload. Youtube has been so boring as of late so as soon as I saw the notification for your vid go up I immediately came to watch! I can't thank you enough for the amount of work you put into these videos, they'll always be appreciated by us fans!

Tyler Burke : When will you come out with part 2??

Naithan Hernandez : God has answered my prayers, thank you NationSquid for uploading another interesting video.

Alyxendrr Paezaneo : *god has returned*

Minicule X : holy shit, he uploaded

auntie panda : I can't wait for part 2. Wonderfully done.

Jared Wignall : This is extremely well made and sheds more light on what happened to those two years before that tragic day. Seems as if there were a lot of things going on with them then just being bullied. Looks as if self esteem issues and perhaps some sort of mental health issues played a hand in them going on this awful massacre on top of the bullying. Lot of red flags that were there, yet nothing was really done about them. Perhaps if someone caught any of these signs, then this massacre could’ve been avoided. But then again, this is all after the fact.

PanCake Face : Wow just watched the whole thing very well done!

Mr Release : Part 2 ?

Bizzare : I was literally watching all your old videos before you uploaded. Nice surprise !

Gabriel Bernabe : About two hours ago I was just watching your previous videos what a coincidence

Philbert And Tommy : DADDY HAS RETURNED!!!

Spider :3 pugz : Omg yes! I was literally on your channel yesterday! A 58 minute video!! This was worth the wait! I’m so happy rn, today’s been a good day.

Over Heaven : top 10 anime comebacks

uelホホ Eman : godlyrecon

blagh mrblafh : I can tell you that being mocked by people younger than you is very degrading.. especially when your a virgin and they are not.

blagh mrblafh : pls make part 2 asap

The Duck Solution : Welcome back, Squid, glad to see you again.

Tommy Sharp : Wait, is this real life? Is Squid back!

SmittyWerbenJaggerManJensen : I am looking forward to part 2

Danger Cobra : Love this cant wait for this series

hungry jack burger mman : They are the cool

Gamer Slasher : Honestly this is the most informative and best documentary I’ve seen so far 👍🏼

Emma Knightley : They felt so small and so helpless that they wanted to be ultra strong just one time, in control just one time, retaliating big time. For me such acts show any kind of long suppressed helpless anger coming out in that final scenario to make the world See, and Feel. And they were a deathly combo. Tragic all around.

LisaAnn Paiva : I'm on the fence with these two. It's tragic they didn't channel their negative/criminal energies to more purposeful endeavors. I bet Eric would have made an excellent Marine had his psychotic nature not existed.

Richard Straker : Are you allowed to talk about the Christine Chubbuck footage now?

RealisticFallYT : Masterpiece

blagh mrblafh : 49:30 does not sound like a psychopath..

Not Your Problem : YOURE BACCXXK

Chloe Moll : Well done. Glad you’re back.

Carlos Olivera : YOUR BACK YESSSSSS!!!! Never leave us omg THANKS FOR THE VID

Steampunk Juggernaught Plays : i love you nation squid!

•Jo• : Wow very well done 👍🏽 Thankyou for the upload. You put time & effort into this and it shows!

Trans gressiveRascal : thank you! what is the wonderful piece at the end 57:51 who plays it?

Top Lists : Glad to see you back dude! been wondering when you'll return!

AgentSaibot : Oh hell yeah! The king has returned.

Kevo A : Mind control


Sebben Sebben and Sebben : Glad you're back.

Edward Rogan : First

José Armando Collazo García : Columbine + Nation Squid = What a combo! :')

Leviathaz : Great video man, worth the wait.

Tyler Burke : Very good documentary type video when is part 2 coming and how many parts will there be in the series?

ModderJMT : Very interesting sadly this happened a year after i was born

astaria rex : This has cinema quality. Subbed.

Pamela's V Log Central (Getting real) : Glad those 2 are dead.... Anyone that has to kill to have fun should not be the society.....