Kate Bush - Babooshka - Official Music Video

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Official music video for the single "Babooshka" by British singer Kate Bush, taken from her album Never for Ever. Released as a single in June 1980, it spent 10 weeks in the UK chart, peaking at number five. It was an even bigger hit in Australia, where it was the 20th best-selling single of the year. The track features John Giblin on bass. "Babooshka" became Bush's second top five hit in the UK and was certified silver for sales of over 250,000 by the BPI.

Comments from Youtube

PartiZAn18 : I used to hate Kate Bush's music whenever it came on VH1's So 80's. But dear God this woman makes incredible stuff now that my silly little ears have matured.

Adriano Del Valle : Lady Gaga did not invent the weirdness

Sophie Maze : Kate bush is so wonderfully weird

S A D A W A Y A N S : Babooshka Kate Bush She wanted to test her husband She knew exactly what to do A pseudonym to fool him She couldn't have made a worse move She sent him scented letters And he received them with a strange delight Just like his wife But how she was before the tears And how she was before the years flew by And how she was when she was beautiful She signed the letter All yours Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya! All yours Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya! She wanted to take it further So she arranged a place to go To see if he Would fall for her incognito And when he laid eyes on her He got the feeling they had met before Uncanny how she Reminds him of his little lady Capacity to give him all he needs Just like his wife before she freezed on him Just like his wife when she was beautiful He shouted out, I'm All yours Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya! All yours Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya! All yours Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya! Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya! Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya! Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya!

Thanos was Right : she hit the sweet spot between brilliant and insane

blxtothis : Without doubt the most talented artist of the time regardless of gender, great voice, superb composition skills, terrific dancer and all round original. The popular world worshipped Madonna but Kate was (and still is) the complete performer and trail blazing one.

PhoenixFan 666 : 2019 Anyone? No? Just Me, OK...

Rob Lewis Drummer : Beautiful Woman...and the Complete Performer.

John Dou : underrated song from an underrated artist

ProjectsBlack : You cant not love this crazy little witch...

PhilBFranklin : Is she mad or is she a musical genius. I'm going with a bit of both.

Kyle Nelson : whos watching in 2018?

Полина Раткина : БАБУШКА ))

PTTM2006 : Luckiest double bass in the history of the known universe

Milan : When I was 5, I always sat with my radio and listened to it for hours. I always heard tracks like Spin me right round, Heartless etc., you know, all these 00'hits, and almost everyday Babooshka came in the radio. Now after 10 years I remember these moments from when I was young :,)

Jo Ana : I'm a lesbian now

Bernadette Hynes - Cafferkey : Great figure and a saucy outfit for 1980 video, good on her, what a woman.

marien prototyp : "Babooshka" is a grandmother in Russian.

Madam Maiden : The backlighting is the thing here. I mean obviously besides Kate Bush.

Crystal m : i always thought she was a little odd, but thats what i like about her.

Russell Froggatt : Incredible performance. She is a genius.

Michael De Pauw : Maybe the most underrated artist ever.. In my opinion one of the best and in the same list as pink Floyd, the animals, Elvis, deep purple, Bob Marley, and last but not least Metallica.. all real heroes...

YogaYin : Florence Welch owes so much to this woman

monsieur62 : Oh yes the gorgeous, multitalented, super sexy Kate. Woman of my dreams back in the day and probably still, beautiful.

Gary James Mayes : Amongst one of the uk's Greatest singer song writers. Amazing talent.

AnnaAnnaYes : Music is just now catching up with Her!!

Andrew Markus : I just realized. Babooshka is grandmother, but she was basically signing it your old lady. She was tipping him off.

intraVRt : I thought I knew what seduction was. And then I saw this clip.

ROBIN HOOD : *Kate* *Bush* *~* *Babooshka* *1980* *FANTASTIC* *GOLD* *MUSIC* *SONG*

David Ramsey : her skimpy mesh outfit back then was quite something on her diminutive bod quite heavenly to watch as well as the song

ovhni : The creative direction of this music video is so beyond its time. The simplistic choreography with the double bass is so hypnotic and alluring.

Sameen Shakya : How can someone be so talented, intelligent, creative and beautiful? She is a Goddess.

pinaforesue : this is a true artist, creative genius in everyway possible. i adore you Kate! xx

Pauline de Rooij : Yeah she is my inspiration. ♥♥♥♥ Oh kate it sucks to get old. I know, but please write one more cd xoxoxoxxoxo . I need you!

misscritique66 : Creative genius one of a kind

declan dawson : Kate u have the most gorgeous looking body that I know and I love you

Shred Durst : I'm super late to the game but the other night, after I couldn't sleep, I decided to check out Kate Bush on a whim. It was like an epiphany! Seriously, she's with Bowie, Prince, and Bjork to these ears--just from an entirely different plane of existence, far ahead from the rest of the pack. I'm honestly overwhelmed by her originality and can't wait to dig into more of her music.

Yossy Ishak : So sweet this song N I remember 40 years before

Farina Marcina : Was sexy as hell, great style and sound

Matthew Barclay : I love this crazy little witch she's lovely buetifull gorgeous.

Funcheon Mc Truncheon : I am completely and helplessly in love with this hauntingly beautiful woman 💜 💜 💜

max rav : She's just a huge force of feminine energy. I think she's just one of the rarest of people in that sense

Matthew Barclay : Gorgeous beautiful lovely woman

ARC : Babushka is the 1st Russian word I know

SolidSixx : 2:02 I don't think I've ever fancied anyone as much as I do Kate from this point in the video onwards

Kitty cat : Love, love, love that song... J aime trop cette chanson ! Un must des années 80. Qui d autre est capable de faire ça ? Elle a son propre style. Et elle est " perchée" comme une vraie artiste. Bravo petite femme! 👏😁💪

Steven Rix : I was in love with her when I was 13 in 1983, I am still in love with her.

K B : After JFK documentary i m here.

i love my level 42 est 1981 : i want to be born again as kates double bass