Comparison between normal lungs with smoker's lung

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Fëanor : They need to add this kind of videos in biology lesson in schools, so that they know from the start what will happen to them

glenn giger : lesson learned: smoker or non smoker both owner of those lungs are dead

Index Error_ : This is why i dont smoke..

udubdave : So glad I never took up smoking. I want to be healthy, I don't want my last and final days to be in a hospital suffering from lung cancer or something.

Yummy, Hot Vidz : as of today, I'm 3 days clean, no tobacco. I hope it lasts forever.

Aaron Jarvis : So Many Smokers here in Denial LMAO

Doris Torres : My sister life is coming to a very painful end, due to complications from COPD, caused by 40 years of smoking.  Her heart is failing her, she was rushed to Coney Island hospital via ambulance for chest pain and she was discharged with pain killers.  It is so tough to watch her suffer, very difficult. She made a choice, she would rather smoke even if it meant choking on food, gasping breath, difficulty even going down the stairs. She is schizophrenic and there is a link between schizophrenia and nicotine addiction. If you smoke QUIT!

Dominick Estrada : Well when each cigarette has 4,000 plus chemicals in it what do you expect. Unfortunately I have a lot of family members that smoke... :/

Hhvv Jbi : Seeing some smokers here commenting "We're all gonna die anyway" saying that cuz you already are, too bad for you, you don't even have mercy for yourself. *Stop smoking start living*

sam souders : watching things like this has made me quit smoking. before anyone says anything, I know my profile picture looks very young but I haven't updated it in years. I'm 19 currently and was a smoker for 3 years. but I haven't picked up a cigarette in 7 months thanks to this

Kirk Kimberly : damnnn I can't believe this is my lungs I'm going to Walmart right noe to get some rubbing alcohol n salt so I can get all that black stuff out PRONTO!

Dan Coulson : I didn't quit because of this. The only reason I quit is because my teeth were becoming slightly yellow in appearance. I was smoking for about six years since I was 17. Now I have not had one in seven months. The money I saved I got my teeth professionally cleaned, and bought a load of whitening strips from the US. Now they're almost perfect. I am lucky though. I've heard that smoking heavily can even cause some people to need a filling in their teeth before they are even thirty years old!!

Vinoth Sel : masturbation is better than smoking..haha

peter yuan : smoking should be illegal in America. just like country England. in England everyone born after January 1st 2001 is not allowed to smoke in their entire life. that's the law. think about it there's no such thing as a medical cigarette.

Jake Halvernod : How did i get here from how to enjoy pipe tobacco ?????

Sally Lemon : We live only once. The lungs you were born with are all the lungs you have. some said who cares about death but how about living all years with less functional lungs. Like you got a good car but purposely lowered it into some junkyard produce

ke Vin : I don't sympathies for people who die from smoking

Stang the pro channel : My lung may get worse and worse even if i don't smoke because many people smoke and release their smoke to harm another.

Casey Ferrer : The human lungs naturally start to heal and remove tar from the lungs after a week of smoking if you smoke the average amount of 6-7 a day. They more you smoke the longer it takes for the lungs to heal. Most of these demonstrations are results of studies in which they hook pig lungs to an air compressor to simulate breathing. They then light a cigarette and make the lungs inhale half to the whole cigarette in one hit. After that cigarette is done they put in another and repeat. They do this to an average of 50 times to simulate a smoker's lungs. However, if you're a smoker you know that is not how it is. You understand that if you did how they do in an experiment you wouldn't have to worry about your lungs because you would be dead from nicotine, smoke inhalations, suffocation or a variety of other things. So to summarize, all these "test" do is show what you're lungs look like if you speed smoked 50 cigarettes finishing each cigarette in one hit.

The Rage Commenter : Smoking is the epitome of irresponsibility and inability to handle your problems.

joseph mckeown : Any video or picture can be used for propaganda purposes. I worked in a Frisco dog lab in the late seventies. All country dog lungs were pink. Every city dog had "smoker's lung". Let that sink in. EVERY city dog had "smoker's lung"! We have had smoke free workplaces for over twenty years.....there has been NO reduction in lung cancer! It was never cigarets. It was car exhaust. They don't dare take on big oil. We are all breathing car exhaust right now! Few of us are breathing tobacco smoke. Your babies are breathing car exhaust.

Ebony Mitchell : Am I the only one currently smoking while watching this?

The White Bill Clinton : It's a good thing people who don't smoke are immune to lung cancer

zadose : I don't even smoke, and this still freaks me out. The healthy lungs looked like it was gonna pop lol. Scary!!!

Kevin Ale : anyone else smoking while watching this?

Jenine Hill : but?? They're both dead. :(

White Monkey : yeah I would like to know what else the bad lungs were exposed to. also how much said person smoked. I have seen actually photos of lungs by an average smoker and that is no where near as bad as the average

HotWax93 : Are the black lungs actually taken from a smoker?

Morgan Elizabeth : is it bad that as soon as I clicked on this video I wanted a cigarette? even at the end of this video, seeing how harmful this is... I still want one.

JELH : I have to say... The healthy lung looks... Tasty.

Satrio Prakoso : am i the only one who watching this video while smoking?

Urmom gay : Watch this while eating a stake

Louis Barningham : Smoking kills you and everyone around you!

ThatGUMPY cat : Is that real lungs and where they get them?

Gaz Ed : so what do they have in common? they are both from dead people, not smoking really benefited the non-smoker . so a nice clean lung goes in a coffin, so what

jamiekarlnz : The lung on the right is from such a healthy person it's been put in a tray ???? Lol

Mike Hundredson : smoking causes erectile dysfunction nuff said

tigistul lakew : Black is the new Red

Tildie Scalé : It doesn't natter if you die anyway, it's about how you feel when your alive!


Darla Sanders : They are both dead.

VoRx_ShaDow : Will you smoke 150 cigarettes for 100 billion dollars?

S X : FAKE. Although smoking is not good for you, it does not discolor the lungs. There are plenty of evidence for this if you care to google.

Roxanne Chavez : I’m scared... I don’t want my lungs to be bad!

vampire Boy : This is why I vape

Marlon Aviz : Lots of stubborn smokers in here, its incredible that you argue "I may not have the best health, but at least I function." I don't think "being able to function" is a satisfactory state of health for people. I personally want to function and be healthy. I don't want any of the symptoms that come with smoking, why would anyone? People just do it because of lack of self-control and discipline. If you really want relief from stress or a bad day there are less harmful things you can do, for example: meditation and yoga. If you think that is too much work, then go ahead and watch some mindless TV, play some game, its not healthy if you do it too much as well, but at least its less harmful than cigarette addiction.

Halia The_Wolf : My dad has been smoking for 26 years... my great grandma lost her dad when she was 11 from a heart attack... I’m 11 her smokes,vapes, and eats to much salt.... which can cause a heart attack

Daddy : 125 smokers disliked 🐍 i was smoker too myself like 2 years ago, smoked for 3 years from 2013 to 2016 then I left it feels good now & it totally worth it just don’t waste your life by smoking & drinking 👌

sharon rodriguez : i m just 10 and i think smoking is horrible but if you want to die go ahead i can't stop u but if u want your lungs to be red thats good

Rocky Scape : smoking weed vs cigs or weed vs healthy lungs