Messing around in the studio…
Will Smith is messing around in the studio

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Will is back in the booth and new music is on the way! SUBSCRIBE: WATCH MORE: Most Recent Videos: Best Of Will Smith: FOLLOW WILL: Instagram: Facebook: Westbrook Studios | Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner Director: Brian Vannucci Editor: Brian Vannucci Camera Operator: Jeff Blank VFX: Andrew Peyton


Itz L1ght : Will Smith: "...but I'm not a rapper"

Nick Wood : If this is him just messing around in the studio, we need him to get serious and put out another album to put these new rappers to shame

Jacob Shafer : Are we just gonna act like he ain’t drop some of the hardest bars in the rap game?

Spencer - : 0:53 REPLAY BUTTON

cccckxcckeo : “If I throw my money up, shi I’ll probably kill a stripper” can we just acknowledge how hard that bar is?

G O D : Damn , he can rap , act , vlog etc What I am doing with my life ???;;;;!

SCGunDog : "Everybody wanna do Will Smith numbers, I don't know if your life got that many summers." Destruction 100

Lanta : Can you just drop some new music so this generation can hear some good rap again. I'll buy two copies.

wdungee : "down with man in charge, where uncle Phil is" 🙏😥

Clarence Demaree : Will, imma need you to: 1. Make a full version of this song 2. Make a video of this beat with no vocals! 3. Hurry up and drop this new album so I can hear more of this!

Shweta Thakur : just for the record directors make movies... I make directors.... FUUUCK

crashpal : *The Best CLEAN Rapper in The World*

tristen W : Everybody Wana do will Smith numbers, I don't know if you life got that many Summer

Sumukh : “Directors make movies, I make directors !” This is everything the world needs to know.

ryx1993 : Seriously am i the only one that misses his music? And if he comes back spittin like that todays " rappers" gonna get burned

Susan P : 1.5 thumbs down. Stop being haters. I thought rappers rap about the truth. He does make directors. Everything he rapped about is true about his life. Stop being haters and get a clue and learn how to rise with your own craft like Will. Its not his fault he is multi-talented. Its not his fault that he,s winning. We all can win if we stop hating and learn how to make our talents work for us also.

Versuspl : I like Will smith music, because the beat's the flow and the rhymes are just different from all the other rappers and hip hop artists that I know.

Reda Moumni : it's been a year now when is this music coming out

BLAQK ! : _HOW MANY_ people got love for *WILL SMITH?*

Ninz Cfield : my #1 artist in my book since I was a kid. Taught me that I don't have to swear when i make my music.

Brandon yeates : Anyone else still waiting for this new music😂

WagoGang Norcal : Will Smith Is Gonna Change The Game. Like If You Agree

Michael Jones Jr : let's not forget ok. Years ago Will said a verse on one his old join " I know it's hard to understand what i said my paycheck from Wild Wild West was to delivered to me on a flatbed" so of course you know this Man still got them Bars 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

Ben Mcevoy : If this is messing around in the studio I don’t know if I’m ready for serious studio time

Doria Stanic : Who here wants a full lenght album?

Dean Jones : All these rappers beefin over whose the illest, big will laughing at them all whilst polishin the 1st ever rap grammy!!

Cᥲroᥣ Dᥲᥒvᥱrs : When this album drops, we won't be ready for it.

The softest part of a woman's breast is? : *FUUUUUUUUKKKKKK!* The F.P. is back!

TRUTH YAJA : This is true HIPHOP real rap

AIUE U : This is lit no joke

Supernova Network : ah that’s hot that’s hot

GK 13 : Will Smith we need an album my man.

Honest Hands : daaamn! the flow is sick! will still knows how to rap! hands down - J

sylenceexposed : Better than every mumble rapper combined

James Pitt : were the only one I've ever heard not swear and make a hit.. no one else can comp that

Kendall Murphy : Daaaaamn he shoulda never stopped rapping 😮😮😮🔥🔥🎶

CopenhagenLove : Stop playin Will, we need an EP at least. The game been without you for too long.

ALAN ADAMES TV : Will Smith is Always going to be the Fresh Prince.

Leroy Grier : OK WILL SMITH This song is LIT BRO🔥🔥

Fealiam Ofili : "The Fresh Prince Just Re-Wired"🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Henry P : First album I ever bought - 'He's the DJ I'm the rapper.' Where's DJ Jazzy Jeff?!

Daniel Aureo : How was that booth not on fire...

Nae West : Lol " If I throw my money up I'll probably kill a stripper". " your dinner table what y'all learn today my dinner table what y'all earn today" dope beat

Esla P : This goes hard!!!! 💥💥🔥🔥🔥ICON!!!

Mark Herzog : He said “your table what you learn today. My table what you earn today. The real life incredibles. Last name Smith” and he started naming his family. Will is still catchy and lyrical.

mahmoud badrkhan : Will smith the type of guy that flexes on you but you lowkey enjoy it.

Shimone Harris : Yesss Will Smith you need to drop another album!!!!! 💯💃🏽

Heavenly Controller : I sometimes forget Will was a rapper way before he was an actor

King Vice Vurze Entertainment : Still got it! #GrammyWinner#IconLivin'😎💪🏿👊🏿👍🏿