Mountain Lion attacks deer

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Unbelievable video of Mountain Lion attack on Mule deer. Be sure you watch this video all the way through - you won't believe how it ends. Who knew mountain lions and mule deer understand English! Seconds before this video started I was watching the buck and a doe on the side of the road. The buck stepped into the junipers and next thing I know a tangled mass of flesh and hide literally rolled into the drivers side of my car. Startled, I looked into the rear view mirror to see a mountain lion in mid air jumping onto the buck's back. It was all over for the deer in less than 5 seconds.... That is until I got my wits back and started yelling. You'll never doubt the power and lethality of mountain lions after watching this video. Please note that although I am a hunter, I do not hunt mountain lions. I do believe in a balanced ecosystem which does involve managing the lion population through hunts. Hunters are our best conservationists. In this particular area of central Colorado, I have witnessed a dramatic decline in the mule deer population over the past 10 years. After witnessing this attack, and given the amount of cat sign in the area, i have to believe the cats are a major cause.


Asarra Marka S.A : Este subnormal piensa que el puma puede comprar chicken mcnuggets a cambio de unos dolares... Patán!

410 BENCH : 1st rule filming wildlife , never get involved! That lion could've been stalking that deer for a week only to be interrupted by a guy who's scared of raw nature !

Amonsterman01 : Not only have you prevented a cougar, who spent precious energy to get that deer, from eating, you also prolonged that deer's suffering. Idiot.

Cory DeStein : Reported for harassment of wildlife-your not invincible behind the Internet.

Paleo Green : Mountain lions are native to America. They have more right to be here than you have. Human population is the problem.

Palm Beach : and now the puma is hungry thanks to you food chain police

crasheit : change your channel name, you don't belong anywhere near wildlife. Buy a house near Walmart.

As3sinoL0C0 : One can only hope you get trapped by a mountain lion so the rest of us can stand by silently as it eats its single digit IQ meal.

Rugged Techie : why the hel did you do that?

Phil Jones : dont make another video

Angry Tito : You call your channel WoW Wildlife and yet you interfere with the way nature works.. What a joke..

WulfyGal : " I do believe in a balanced ecosystem " I.......don't think you do ?

David Clarkston : Why would you interrupt nature? Cats gonna just get him the next moment he can

Oscar Ranzoni : This guy have a poodle, certainly!

Philip S : why yell? just ruined that mountain lions meal

Daniel Sánchez : Dude, how can you drive or use a phone with that IQ?

fanji ali : who saved the cougar now???

estadler24 : Damn bro.......... Somebody was sipping on their haterade today. Let the animal eat.

Tyler Olenik : wow what did you accomplish

Ignacio Niveiro : Here are the most likely consequences. The deer would probably die anyway (it was bitten on the neck) to be eaten by ants and tiny vremin and the cougar would go hungry. Great job, man!

Rich Clark : So you go hunting for a deer, and i yell from behind the deer. "RUN DEER!" and there you go. You now have a missed shot.

utter trash : Why tf would you do that, it caught it fair and square. It's natural prey to the cougar

Fernando Garcia : What you did was wrong you have no right to interfere with the wildlife. I don’t know if you feel empowered by doing this but you earned no respect.

DOGOID : Absolute tosser. I hope next time your at a supermarket picking up your rib-eye someone drop-kicks you to the ground.

Todd Haub : Not good. You should be ashamed of messing with that lion's food.

Starcangel Foust : Red dead redemption 2 ?

Zachary Saulness : That cougar could of had cubs to feed

D S : So you dont want cats to hunt for their natural prey and you believe that soi boy hunters are supposed to hunt for Cougars so they dont kill the dear you want to kill?

Justin SDS : What a fool

geo rux : Millions of deer and thousands of cougars and you thought the cougar shouldn't eat!!?? Wuss!! It's life dude. Happening thousands upon thousands of times every day and night around the clock, around the world for millions of years!!!!! Better get used to it.

Matty Boy : What a tool.

A G : What was the point of you scaring away the cougar?

Guitar Man : fuckin idiot....

theoriginal Fuco : Why would you bother an awesome animal like a puma because of no reason ?(unles youre vegan and you think cats should be vegan too, in that case you should go directly to jail) however, wtf bru?

James F : If you are going to intervene do it before you get a little footage, the deer could of got hurt and went off and died anyways.

Tomas Galotti : Denuncienlo todos por idiota! Eso cuadra en abuso animal

Adam Davies : Awesome. I like how everyone is saying leave nature alone. i mean when were we not part of nature? I also think you are morally justified as one grass eating life is just as important as a meat eating one.

T3RMINVS : Tonto

t2300 w001200 : trophy hunting is just wrong predators exist for a reason they were not created for us to kill there is no single animal or primate that actively hunts them down to eat i say leave them alone and let the ecosystem take care of itself

Phelps Gaming : I would have done the same thing

IorvethTheXolo : Disgusting. Another person who feels the need to intervene in a perfectly natural event for his own ego. I ALWAYS feel sorry for the prey, but the predator is only trying to survive just like every other thing on this planet.


schlooonginator : Lol, why all the hate? I know the argument is that he interfered with nature BUT,if you think about it, as a human nature gave us the ability to empathize. Therefore, he acted out naturally as a human being. Its not as if humans happen to catch something like this often. He acted out in a natural human reaction that is no less natural than the cats urge to kill. Would I have done the same? Probably not, but I am not going to hate on a guy because he felt bad for a deer.

Wow Wildlife : i suggest folks read the text accompanying the video. and by the way i am acting as top predator in this particular food chain. bad news for the cat is good news for the deer hunter next season.