J-31 2.0 New Upgraded Prototype... #J31 #PLAF #China #Stealth

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Waltham1892 : The J-31B will be equipped with particle beam weapon, proton torpedoes and a egg-drop soup dispenser.

Corrine Tsang : The J-31B will be getting the WS-15 engines and the graphene alloy airframe.The J-31B has the terahertz radar that can see stealth airplanes.The J-31B is armed with four PL-21 VLRAAM that flies at mach 6 speed with a 300 miles range.

Raymond Tay : Well done China

Jay Son Wong : Me first. Guess everyone has forgotten the J31.

Lam Tong : No body know how Chinese aircraft how it works talking great something like Iraq president talking big finally Iraq president was zero Chinese president must go for war and show your strength to world's how strong you are