Dr. Johnny Sins - The New Avenger

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Doctor Russia : You can just see the look of distress in his eyes

Guilherme Houck : *BRING ME ANUS*

DJ Plague Boy : R. I. P. Your Girlfriend 😂😂

Barros Perez : Nothing personal kid...

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Hopefully he goes for the head this time

KiLLeR-_-CLoWn55 : 0:09 I dont feel so good...

Kapitein tug : Is this a leaked avengers 4 trailer

Venu Gopal Joshi : GET THIS MAN A CONDOM!

Bone Daddy 69420 : I just torrent a few of his old videos when I'm bored just for the plot.

Ben Fucking Shapiro : Rip this guys wife

Desolate Carnage : Wonder if the man himself will see this...

I HAVE CUTE DOG xD : I’m sorry dude but she’s gone Just go home and play fortnite

Sirkillurass : That's real fear in that dude's eyes...

Steve Rogers : I'm sorry little one...

Steven Vu : Johnny Sins will return in Infinity War

The Rival : This girl won't feel soo good

last24 days : God dammit stop spoiling future marvel characters please

bastiisalive : 0:11 He knew it was over....

Forgotten Saints : Ragnacock

goddard : now the Infinity gauntlet can be put to some real use.

Romariusz : Finally a hero we all have been waiting for!

Broner : The Man. The Myth. The Legend!!!!!.......0:11

Im a nigger and im fast as fucc boii : *Captain Marvel who ?* *Real comic fans knows this mf will be the true hero in Avengers 4*

Brobi V2 : *hey vsauce, Michael here*

Prince Link600 : This is the real price of Obamacare

Cosmin 36 : My hand is not felling so good

MLBson09 : the perfect youtube video doesn't exi-

Risovarka : Bringing a whole new meaning to, *"You should've gone for the head."*

Calvin Boone : Thanos has nothing on Dr. Sins

Buğra Kızılateş : 1 dislike woman's husband

Rohan Mandal : *It's a teacher,* *It's a astronaut* *No, it's a doctor*

i want the succ : why this was reccomended for me

Hanthome : he attacc he protecc But most importantly *he fecc*

luc hai : *it feels so good mr Sins*

villager #2 : this will be the post-credit scene of the avenger 4

ElVailux MC : *He kills ThANUS*

Hugo Auditore : you motherfu....

Dixit Koteshwar : PG 13 ??😂

Lanngeax. : Johnny Sins: You can't defeat me *Ricardo Milos: Hold my beer*

Λlex : Thanos Sins

Party Ghost : Kills me every time

marcel ps : This is captain marvel

Juvia -Chan : Tony: We have a Sins

FailGreat AchieveGreat : And Johnny... Smash.

Chickin Who Makes Video’s : Mr clean gonna make your girl dirty

Anime Cool : He such a good guy doc. He cares a lot for his patient.

Neo Nazi : If only Avengers called Johnny Sins for help

The Walking Meme : He’s the only one who can defeat thanos. And we all know how he’s going to kill him

hangman18x : I hope they remember you.