Why is it a bad idea to have kids?
Why is it a bad idea to have kids

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My website: http://wildtruth.net My Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/danielmackler ••• A short talk explaining the three main reasons why I think people shouldn't have children.


TheSpazModic : It's ironic...the most conscientious people are the ones not having children!

Elfen41 : I'm 41 and never had children and I just can't bring a child into this world. I agree with you that the earth is overcrowded and to bring a child into this absolutely miserable world would be a tragedy.

Sandy S : I totally agree with this man 100 percent. Why have kids so they can suffer and go through pain and sorrow. Besides there are too many bad parents anyway.

Simon5005 : I think most people have kids because they're brainwashed from Day One that it's what you're supposed to do. There are so many things a person can do with their lives! And it's obvious today that the kids are getting the sh*t-end of the stick because there are so many "adults" that want so much, and therefore, both have to work, and the kids get forgotten. It's damn sad.

MarcusSchmalzlockus : The most important reason: Life is suffering. You can avoid a huge amount of struggle by simply not creating a new suffering person. No one is harmed by not being born, whereas most people are harmed by their parent's selfish act of forcing them into existence. #Antinatalism

The Ultimate Reductionist : We need COURAGEOUS people like you WAKING PEOPLE UP!!

Mycoblue : I agree with you 100%, As a male I had kids (2) in my thirties with my 2nd wife, most people are not mature enough to be having children, hence the major dysfunction we see all around us today. I really didn't grow personally until my kids were grown and gone, if I were to do it over, I would not have had kids in today's world.

Kriel : Having a child in such a terrible world (for most part) is (not always though!) a very selfish act which allows the parents to 1 - act out their trauma on pure little kids, 2 - receive unconditional (but undeserved) love and compliance in return (a mini cult), 3 - use the kid to feel a fake sense of meaning in life which they won't otherwise, 4 - using a kid as an instrument of control over other adults. anything else?

MegaZ : finally someone with some sense

Marvin Simelton : Excellent observations. People who have kids seem to have great disdain towards individuals who don't.

Moé Ramirez : you're damn right! I have 0 and I love it!!!

Moshe Weinfeld : At 22 years of age I have decided not to have children and am quite firm (at least now) on my reasons. If I do desire to raise a child later in life, adoption would be preferable. Additionally, I wanted to thank you for your style of presentation, the simple interview format. (Your other stuff is good too) A number of videos on these subjects flash fancy images at you which I find to be quite pushy.

NS : Been married 20 years and we chose not to have children. When we got married we didn't realize we had experienced major (violent) trauma as children. We had been attempting to avoid it with addiction, anger, fear, selfishness, arguing, denial, being fake, etc. But, deep down (that God) we did not want children. We wouldn't have been able to articulate why we didn't want any kids back then, but now after years of healing we know why. Marriage was a great place for our wounds to be open and in our face. It's been years of healing and we are "part way" there too, individually and as a couple. A child would not have allowed us time to see our need to dig deep and heal our past trauma's. We would have just passed on our pain to the child. You are right Daniel your 3 points are so true! Our society is so broken with broken people having babies and creating more broken people. It's funny, now in our 40s/50s we have considered foster care. But, I can see why, because now that our past is being healed the future with kids seems possible.

shapaco89 : Agree! It is so hard to talk to a parent who thinks he's a perfect parent. They are totally blind and think their kids are somehow guilty for their own misery.

kidokacio : I agree. I did choose not having children. Never regret is!

Cynthia Allen : I never wanted kids and didn't have them. It seemed so unappealing to me. All of my sibs did and every family get together was void of adult conversation. My parents did take out their unresolved issues on us and they were winging it, like most people. I'm sure that played into my decision but I wasn't fully conscious of it. I had too much pain to work on at the time, and was very aware of it. I too, like kids but prefer German Shepherds.

veruc w : The sad part is that less educated people will fight to have their offspring, yes they will fight with greater motivation than the educated people, but also sad are the reasons because of which they have children. Pretty stupid truth

Ri Ni : By the way, I know people with kids and not happy with their situation will hate you for speaking the truth. It is a norm 😊

heekyung Kim : I have decided when I turned 35. Not to have kids. I think i made right decision for me. And i am not mature. 😎

Haru Hinoki : I found people with kids its more selfish as a family , i found iver The years that some mothers just use you in The name of frienship, and that its The extrange superiority complex as a woman Who is a mother,It seems like they give them very elevated qualities...but is not , sometimes its an entitled behavior..because you are a mother you deserve more .This happens in countries where there is underpopulation ,and The whole system hypnotize Women to value this over everything else.

Fagg0T GamesReviewer : This is my personal life so bear with me on this. I'm 22, I've been single all of my 22 years without regret, and all I can say is I respect and appreciate the people who made me who I do not even know (I was adopted at a young age), but I wholeheartedly agree that early 20s and even teen years are a great time to fail, fail, fail, learn from failure, and if you get to the point of 25 to 30 and you're all psyched about having someone in your life, go for it! After that, if you decide kids are an important thing to you, go for it! When it comes to choices about how to use your body whether for reproduction or whatever the hell, there is essentially no right or wrong. What I would like people in my age group to understand is "fuck trying to please the opposite sex to adore you through clothing, wealth, and all that stuff. If you have to wait for the right person for you to come along, then f&$$ing wait. Everyone else may be in a rat race to fall in love but you don't have to be like anyone at all.

Minarose : We have a world where people have children for selfish reasons men to spread their seed and women to "keep their man". Then once the baby is here you see how hard it is to get along. If your husband is controlling you have to do exactly as he says, or the mother could be irresponsible and not careful or vice versa. Why are we allowed to breed so freely? People need to be evaluated psychologically and quality to be allowed to have children. We have abusive and poor people having kids, pedophiles having kids, crazy people having kids ect.

Frederico Dalton : I totally agree with you. Thank you for making this video.

The Ultimate Reductionist : Because newborns never gave their permission to be forced into this world TO DIE ONE DAY. Breeding = murder. Simple.

Austin Parsons : YES THANK YOU! Finally someone who gets it

elizabeth croninger : Yeah human beings are turning out to be a pretty crappy species, there definitely need to be less of us, especially those who think they are the most deserving and entitled to have more than others despite being apex predatory humans amongst the herd.

0xoButterflyox0 : My parents didn't do their inner work. Great video :)

Cecilia Pearson : I was conditioned from a very young age that I would grow up, get married and have kids. I'm so thankful that it didn't happen that way and I'm grateful for this video. Too many people have kids because they enjoy the idea of having mini versions of themselves running around... I consider that to be a pretty shitty reason! haha - thanks Daniel. Stumbled across your work through the wormhole of the internet re: tapering off my meds (which I'm beginning in May) Thanks for your wonderful and arresting insight. Cecilia

twistedbydsign99 : I only had one child because that should still be population reduction. Watching this video made me think about adoption and how many kids really need parents and instead of getting adopted people make babies.

Doris Wanjiku : I totally agree with you 100%. Broadly speaking, it's the most selfish act. Let's know ourselves spiritually, make the world a better place then procreate.

Madam : Truth. And if you truly want he best for your children, you wouldn't bring them into the world in the first place. So many humans existing wondering why they were born. I've been there. The world has so many bad people in it who want to hurt others and so many wicked acts of hate and violence that are unspeakable towards humans and children.

lambchopxoxo : I'm 53 and never had kids.. I have zero regrets. Your reasons are good, but frankly virtually every woman I have ever met said that if they could do it over again they would NOT have children. Its usually women that say this because the "burden" of raising a child generally falls on them, in addition to working full time. Theres even a site about it... well, it has other content but the "I hate being a mom" portion of the site seems to generate the most interest. I'm really glad that women seem to be resisting the pressure to have children. Ive never understood the mentality of parents pressuring their kids to have kids.... its not their life not their choice. Another thing Ive heard people say is that having children made them less selfish which is frightening. I cant imagine the process for that while you have a child. I doubt that they popped out a baby and immediately became unselfish.

AdamOuissellat : Daniel have you heard of Lenon Honor? He talks about letting the mind heal itself in a similar way that if you have a physical injury you should rest, eat well and not further harm that area. He believes that the subconscious mind is always trying to heal trauma but that we continue to expose ourselves to it which is why we don't heal. If you're interested you should contact him about doing an interview or something. He's a very cool guy just like you. It would be awesome for you to do a video together. I'm sure he'd be up for it.

Jasmine Hetherington : Our culture glorified having children, especially your own biological ones, which I find is wrong. Women are under a lot of pressure to « procreate » or they feel as though something s missing. We need to change our culture and respect people who wisely choose not to have children. Another sensible option is to foster or adopt those that are already there and crying out for love and care.

jamk916 : Its massively crowed with wounded people who want to be bully or unconsciously want to be enslaved by control freaks. Ideally, you are right but its a progression and i hope in my generation people stop hitting and scolding their children that would be great seeds to plant for next generation. And i don't think the grown ups are going to change and empathise with their self anytime soon, people who are in self-knowledge and self-healing would be good parents if they had have taken their healing seriously. And who needs a perfect parent, i want my parent to understand me, support me, not hit or scold me, not bully me, see the healthy relationship of their parents, own their emotions & triggers. This is my definition of perfect parents in today's society (i think its achievable) and i would be very happy if my parents would have done this in this sick world.

Carrie Munnick : Quite the pessimist. I once read a story about a police officer that was terrified to let his daughter go out alone. The man had seen on many awful things during his time on the police force. That lead him to be suspicious of everyone and he was living in this bubble of fear. Of course we all know that most people are safe, and there is no reason to fear everyone or always be on guard. But to that man, because of his experiences, he saw the world jaded. After watching a few of your videos, I hear the same kinds of things from you. 1. Everyone is bad 2. The world is ending 3. You have to save yourself 4. Etc... It's not as bad as you think. And I'm not saying that because I'm not "woke." You have a small amount of time on earth. Do you really want to spend it staying up nights worried that the world is tainted and dirty and unsafe? Human beings are very resourceful. If we weren't we would have died off a long time ago.

KROOL : This world is too dangerous for children.

Anthony : My mother had an immensely traumatic and scarring childhood but having kids was an immensely healing experience for her. She wasn’t a perfect parent by any means, but as an adult I’m now able to help her recover from her trauma also. It has matured me and given me insights I never would have had otherwise.

dervxerox : unfortunately, idiot are having kids by the litter

Agua de Estrellas : Once you spiritually wake up and "see" very clearly the cosmic prison we are in, you feel very deeply the obligation NOT to bring beings here, because of what you now know from facing this virtual reality/matrix square in the face.

Sara D : I feel you 100%

Paola Paniagua : “Build a society around healing trauma” That society would be one that adopts more.

Zoe Esparza : i hope that in a soon future all people will have similar beliefs with this guy

JT : This is definitely an interesting approach, something to consider...I also agree that a lot of people do not work on their own issues before having children so they “project” these same issues into their children and the cycle continuously repeats itself. This is why we have many parent absentees and abusers and just overall childhood trauma/issues.

Biss Gee : This guy is right

Sylvester Weiter : Clever man, we should have more persons like him in the world.

gorilla twist : if humans were full humanity it would work out-- we would actually take care of eachother. I see lots of adult children living dysfunctional lives and are very unhappy. VERY unhappy.

Pax : No one has a child for the contentment of a being they don't know. WE CHOOSE to have a child to satisfy OUR own needs - this within itself is a self serving act.

Patrick Chapman : Interesting points you raise, but to play devils advocate here. If you hadn't noticed Daniel, birthrates in the West have already declined significantly in the last few decades and set to go lower even. However, the third world (where abuse is much more prevalent) child birthrates are through the roof. This isn't an argument, just my thoughts. If intelligent healthy people don't breed, the world is more likely to take a dip back into the past again. Not necessarily something that will effect us, since we'll be dead of course. But personally I would like to pass on a better world to the future if at all possible.