r/entitledparents | fresh | STORY TIME ep. 7

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Lindsay Daly : Seriously what the hell is it with entitled parents and wanting to steal other people's pets?


Fatty Mc. Fattyface : Whoever that deaf waiter/waitress is, they rock for having such a job and still doing the duty as a deaf being. Keep on rocking!

daniel janiec : em:my child is a s good child me:ok em:give them your soul. me: wait wha- *entitled mom turns into a demon and rips the soul out of my body* true story

big chungus : If I was the flight attendant I would have yeeted them of the plane

alyssa : i am a parent and my child wants to be famous so give me your channel pls & thanks

Vanessa Pelayo : Yo can you make a "they tried to take my dog" edition? R/dogstealing should be a thing, it seems like it happens often enough

Lions 1967 : Imagine saying to some with no legs “OH YOU CANT WALK THATS SCARED MY KID” wow some people are really some low lifes

eri : "Why won't the person who's serving food take my human waste?"

Smash3636 : I hate these so much but I also love them Someone help... please

Dvaxinator : The flight attendant should've kicked those people off the flight midair.

jayden Lambertus : If I was the deaf person I would've quit right then and there but not before causing a scene for being criticized for something that's not my fault

Webo Cosplay : I hate people that don't respect disabled people, I can understand why disabled people get mad because I am too

Lil Kay : My child is getting really good grades he deserves your money

Vanessa Pelayo : I got reminded of the time my grandpa tried to sell my dog when he was house sitting while my parents were away. Right in front of me he was about to accept $40 for my beautiful bichon frise. I was about 9 years old but I fought both my grandpa and the neighbor trying to buy her. I didn't give a fuck. I still got yelled at by grandpa and then my parents for being disrespectful. I'd do it a million times over for my dog.

Diedrich : i think you're too old for oxygen and my child wants it

LePhantomChick N : "An expression that would make Satan cringe". 😂

InteractiveHero : Every one of these EMs are called Karen.

LaMarque Drew : They should have been kicked off the flight while the plane was in the air

Kit Graham : My next door neighbor stole my little sisters cat once. A little back story. The cat is named catniss. We named her that because we initially were going to find her a new home. He’s mom was a stray, probably dropped off in our area by someone who didn’t want the sweet girl, which is somewhat common in my area. Once every few years. Anyway, we found homes for her siblings but couldn’t get rid of her. The first hungergames movie came out recently at the time, so we named her catniss. She was a normal cat in every way. Got cauliflower ear once though. One winter, she disappeared. We also noticed that our outside cats were getting a little over weight. We fed them the recommended amount of food. My mom met our neighbor (ccl for crazy cat lady) at the mailbox (that they moved up beside ours because of the hill going farther down the dead end road) and this is how it went. Ccl: hey, uhh, I kinda stole your cat... mom: WHAT!? Ccl: she’s at my house. Mom: we-we thought she was DEAD! Ccl: no, I brought her inside because it was cold out. Catniss was a cat who goes inside and out at will. As for the outside boys, we let them stay inside when temps get into the low teens, and we have a heat lamp and shelter for them on the porch. Mom: WE LET THE CATS INSIDE DURING THE WINTER! They said something else that I can’t really remember Mom: (little sister, s) S is going down there and getting her cat back. Ccl: but I love her- Mom: S loves her too!! It’s her cat! You want to take a cat away from a 10 yo? I forget the rest of the conversation but we got her back. My little sister says that when she went down and was walking away with her, she briefly glanced back and ccl was watching her go. When she got back, we were shocked. S couldn’t wrap her arms around her. Ccl has made her so fat. Ccl said that she gave her diet food and everything (which doesn’t matter if you overfeed them) The first week she lost 3 lb from eating the right amount. I think the lost five altogether, then she was unable to lose anymore and is just forever fat. (But we still love her) A couple facts I left out. Ccl already had a cat of her own. She fed our outside cats as well, which she stopped once we asked her a couple times. Also, catniss was captive there for about 6 months. (I know because I started reading the eragon series the time she went missing, and finished the time we got her back)

fresh : man yall really wanted this video lol

Tachanka Is mounting his lmg : This friends is why the purge should be a thing

EasyC3 : This video makes me want to punch these people in the face and scream the loudest I can at them

Mintie Moo : A woman forced my family back in line at an airport because we were directed to a different line, My family was going on an economy flight, but were directed to a business line, for who knows why, and this woman tried to separate my dad and I from my mom and sister! She then forced us behind her family of 8. She continued to yell at us and whisper to her family about how we were being bad people. We were told by airport security to go to that line!

Igor Kralnova : My child has good grades, give her your lungs, dog and house because she deserves them more than you do you filthy sewer-rat

i really like rice because im asian : these type of videos make me mad, but I still enjoy them EDIT: wow 650 likes?!?!

Maggie Brownfield : The one about "the eps that haunted New Zealand" was 100% true. I live there (New Zealand) and it was all over the news, on every news station, every radio station, every newspaper, every article, every news channel was plagued with their existence. It was crazy. Every one was talking about it. The family was deported now though and I don't think they can come back, luckily.

Rad Plant : One day I was 8 or 9 (now 11) when I picked up the then new forza horizon game. I think that's what it was. This was a bit blurry because I often forget things. A 5 or 4 year old kid wanted my game. His mother said no. Then I was walking to my sister in a store really far away. It was Starbucks I think. This wasn't a coincide for them to follow me around the whole mall. She came up to me and said: excuse me can I have that. My son needs it more than you. I said no it was my sister's gift. She wad gonna take it of my hand but my sister gave her a dirty look. She followed us 2 hours to town. I've read this again and it sounds fake. 2 hours to a mid rural area for a 100 AED game....wowwww

Darth Turtle : Should have kicked them off mid air.

Sheadyn Monteith : 15:13 why do i imagine these parents looking like harry potter's aunt and uncle

iilluminaughtii : Very fresh 👌🏼

Tomáš Tříska : We introduce you THE GUN🔫 (an effective way to deal with those b***ards)

Moon-Eclipse : 8:34 I’m almost crying (I get really emotional about dog - related stuff). I can’t even imagine if somebody sold MY dog, and never got it back. I love my dog so much an I can’t even imagine how that would feel. I want to slap that aunt once, then twice, and beat her up.

ByteMe : more of an entitled kid story, but here goes. (sorry for inaccuracies because that was 3 years ago) My little brother is friends with this kid (bit of backstory, this kid is pretty entitled, cusses, breaks my stuff when he's mad, etc), so he invites my family and a bunch of other kids. he is bothering me and my brother and gets into a play fight with my brother. it starts getting a little rough and pry them apart gently. the little kid gives me a murderous glare and runs of to his slightly older brother, who looks over at me. soon, it starts getting dark and more kids arrive. the EK gathers them up while the parents aren't looking and they all fucking jump on me. so here I am, a bunch of 4-6th graders (kinda embarrassing) piled on top of me fucking beating me up (again embarrassing, but there were a lot of them). the parents glance over and look away, and finally they get off and leave. i was aching for the rest of the week and really annoyed. the worst part was my brother is still friends with them and they invite our family, including me, to see that devil child.

Engineer 7 : Those EP tourists in New Zealand made it into the news big time. One of the kids that cussed at staff was wearing a hat from Bunnings Warehouse. The same style hat recently sold for $1,000+. I think the money went to charity or something

Killing gamer : Tbh on the flight I would have yeeted the baby in the bathroom

Jewish Dad : there is a special place in hell for these types of people

darkdudironaji : Deaf guy should have sued the restaurant.

Jonathan Casey : The last straw for me if I was the flight attendant would be the eps (entitled parents) throwing the dirty diaper on the floor and them not changing the diaper in the bathroom

subscribe to pewdiepie : Random story thats not entitled parent's I was three and on my birthday i touched a lit sparkler and burnt my finger. End of story

Cunt Muffin : At this point I feel as if God is just trolling us with people like this.

Crucidon : That EP who chased the dog one was really made better by your Fallout-esque advertisement.

Alvo : If someone tried to take my dogs, i think i would honestly resort to violence and im sure some peoe who own dogs would think the same

Abbi Jenson : Don't call deaf and hard of hearing people "disabled." They hate it. Just call them Deaf or hard of hearing..

Ryan Cuber : Hey fresh may you please make a video on how you make reddit videos and edit them together

Kitsune Klove : Entitled parents are 10x worse than choosing beggars.

Andrew Newman : Those parents complained about not sitting next to each other on a short flight?! My mom and I have had to sit for 5 hours in regular seating while my dad got first class (not his fault, my dads awesome). We didn’t raise crap. I didn’t even raise crap when I was super thirsty and it took forever for the drink cart to come back there. Gosh! Some people just need to learn to shut up, comply with the rules, and put up with whatever minor inconveniences there may be.

Mackleboy TM : 6:23 "how about you go home and rethink the system of pet ownership, ***hole." [my response probably]

Scarfilier : My kid deserves your youtube channel he has been getting good grades plus your too old for that selfish teenager please he wants to become a twitch streamer that streams fortnite and minecraft battle royale games.