How 2 Barbie

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Barny [FKA Keyori] : That's all I need to be persuaded into buying the game.

Lucky Studio's : my mom walked in on me watching this... she was just silent and walked out again, things will never be the samel...

Andromeda : I came here from Mini Ladd

Gold7G : I think that this video will make me buy that game D:

Artem Karpov : What is reality anymore...

Senpai Kush : How do you not have more subs than pewdsipis

MrOsuGamer : Makes me want to do meth and become a lesbian 10/10

Maija Laine : i wonder if this has ever given someone a seizure

Repton : Miniladd was right, this is the best video he's ever seen

David Thompson : Some guy went out and bought a bunch of barbies, went and bought some liquor, came back, turned off all the lights, and started playing with them while recording it.

Dolan Dark : Ken out of ken m8 :^)

DWeaver : I came here from mini Ladd

Mishal Al Sajwani : ...........thank you mini Ladd

alli x : thanks to mini ladd, my life has changed

tyker liker : Starts with a steam gift.  Ends with Lesbian hangover central 10/10

Quintessence : thank you mini ladd for sending me here xD : At the end it says: "This makes me want to do meth and become a lesbian 10/10"

Napalm165 : *cough* darude sandstorm - showhawk duo remix *cough* Twine - say something *cough* yellow claw - shotgun

Tommy Croft : omg... Thank you Mini Ladd.

SilentPotater : Well time to clear my watch history!

xX_SWAGMaster420_Xx : you can change the quality to 4k 10/10

Illest Memez : If I die and heaven was nothing but montageparodies of this caliber I would be happy :)))

Scho : what is the dubstep song and no daruderino for serious

llxFALLENxll : iz it rong if fap 2 dis plz

momomum : My parents walked in so I switched to porn. It was much easier to explain..

NFKRZ : amazing use of shotgun

James Warden : who's here from miniladds channel

-_- : My mom walked in and I immediately switched to porn. It's easier to explain.

Akariakaza 13 : Why Nic and Ayn? Why did you send me here?

Napalm165 : It takes a pure genious to create a video such as this one. Makes me appreciate that I get to see pure human creativity such as this before I die. Such a beautiful thing the brain can be.

Fapplet : Morning. 

Primarina is my wife : that m'lady at the end was perfect

SuperVideoCompiler : OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! YES!

Mason Howells : This was the greatest thing I ever saw who else came here from miniladd?

Emils Vilskersts : what is the first song that u used the dubstep one

PiGuy3141 : This is the greatest video of all time

ItsNavy : Best barbie video I'v seen yet... Lol

Zoey Fournier : what is the song used at 1:32?

Tacodude11NL : Well, this screwed up my recomendation feed for another 10 years.

A.A.A.A : can u wach ur langage i omly 6

Worldadventure Lehderp : RIP headphone users

Expired : Im going to do this to my friend (buy and send him barbie)

Toxic_ Fate : grazie Fraws per aver condiviso una boiata del genere su facebook...

Psycho Named Jerry : guess i have a reserved table in hell

420 xXx_w33d_pr0duct1ons[HD] : i hereby crown you king of the interwebz

KorrinaOfPokemon : 666 dislikes?

Jaylen the Meowstic : My niece would watch that show all the time. Should I show her this?

Pika-Scout : Pink Glados?

MAGNUSTEF : wtf i just saw?

Andreiux : oh my god this was just to much, we are in 2017 and the quality is frighteningly well preserved