ECW One Night Stand 2006 - John Cena vs RVD All Chants

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Adam Smith : I think Cena might have made history and gotten some respect if he would have shifted gears with Van Damn out there and finally put his body on the line and given them a fuckin show. But then he wouldn't have gotten his movie deals and he would no longer be the guy soccer moms have their children watch unsupervised.

NGL Boyz : best crowd ever

Bam Bam The Hitman : Can you imagine a main event between Cena and Roman Reigns in that building?!

wesker9041 : best crowd ever

rubenalv65 : imagine reigns in a ecw crowd lmfao probably be riot just by him entering

Boy TrueBlue : Imagine wearing a Cena shirt in that crowd

Michael Gonzalez : Cena wouldn't have made it out of that arena alive if he retained the championship that night.

Kpac : imagine roman chants here

.Jazz.Unger : I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard.

Ὁ Γιαννάκης : Cena was really out of his enviorment lol

prototype 2.0 : Guys imagine if reigns did his shield entrance in that ecw crowd.. He'll be half dead while walking through stairs

Gentlemen Blue : In Cena's defense this is 06 back when people still liked him not Cena 2011 to now..... RVD was a god in ECW. Any WWE star would have got the same treatment.

marylain69 : Cena is all pro though he could of walked out in that hostile crowd.

EkumPokum : "You can't wrestle!" *Cena proceeds to have a great main event match*

nikhil hembrom : Roman after wrestlemania 33 is even worst

Winston McGregor : This is why Vince ended ECW, they're fans will never respect wwe.

Tyrin Williams : ecw vs wwe

Kási : Gotta love the ECW fans!

NbaNflWwe : Imagine if Cena won there would've been a riot

Felmo Gilbaliga : Even though I was a Cena fan back then, this chants were pure gold. Sadly, we couldn't hear these chants in the PG era anymore.

Eric Cartman : I wish I was in the crowd.

Ponce p : The world most brutal wrestling company of the history ECW

Alfons SecAcc : It's kind of sad

Hoden Beutel : Talk about a crowd with no respect and the mentality of a 6 year old brat. None of them likely went to college like myself.

MadRoberts22 Gaming : hahhaa cena sucks

Blake Harvey : XD

Prince : lol no women and kids in the crowd

NickC Productions : I kinda wanted to see the riot but im glad RVD one

KORO Sensei : Imagining roman reigns with that hostile crowd

Lamborghiniboy 2017 : Best moment of my life when I watched this video

Carlos Inda : Cena took it like a pro.

wwe Levon Bagdasaryan : John cena WWE cempion


kurt james : i miss ecw one night stand 2006 im 6 years old when wwe air this ons 2006 crown sucks they hate cena cause haters sucks

no one cares : on this day and in Chicago in 2011, cena did something reigns could NEVER do, embrace the hate and understand why he's hated reigns wouldn't be able to take this much heat and his heat would be nuclear infront of such a rabid crowd he often bitches and moans about his haters about how much they "hate their own lives" and how "they're jealous of him'' even though he's never seen this much hate

Hugh Jass : So judging from the finger gestures from this crowd, all these fans think Cena is #1


Brayden Alexander : top 3 loudest boos would be 3. Roman reigns the raw after wrestlemania 33 when he beat taker 2. cena one night stand 2006 1. mitb 2011 cena vs punk

Iam Avinash : golden days...... made my childhood aswome.... luv u cena

wwe Levon Bagdasaryan : Fuck RVD 💩💩💩💩💩

Onell HawilX : Jeez

Matthew Gudino : Fuck yourselves Motherfuckers!!

Crazy4TheWeekend : I wish they'd killed him that night

Aidan LaRose : This is possibly the most hostile crowd in sports history.

The Finn : The Cena hate has gone too far.

thegreatpoopmen : What in earth is edge I hate him now booo edge 😒 booo edge

WORLD OF WWE : Ecw sucks

Frankie Vids : Just think about what if Roman reigns coming out to a classic ecw crowd? Lmao cups and paper will be thrown at him. Sigh if only they did that to him at WrestleMania

Celt04 - WWE & UFC Gaming and More : Lol this crowd on some serious rage xD WWE crowds silent with chants pretty much xD

Regie Maata : I think in the mids of their fight, they decide to change the script that rvd will win. They realize it's gonna a riot. Haha Edge saves the day.