Postal Delivery Trucks Stink. Let's Redesign Them.

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Freedom Strider : Having never been to the US, this postal truck looks like someone painted a giant cardboard box, put it on a very weird boat and threw some wheels and went "eh, job done"

Yanis Ho : They just took a 3D model of an old Citroen truck and reversed the logo on the grille lol

Prins van Oranje : So get a 1950s French van and add a bunch of useless electronics which will make it less reliable and more expensive, an expensive, slow and short range electric motor, the steering wheel on the left so you have to leave the truck to deliver mail, airbags which deploy *before* a crash to waste money. That's the design of the future?

Kyle's cars : Ill just stop this video about half way through because it's obvious that you have absolutely no understanding of how vehicles are actually constructed nor why postal trucks are built the way they are. Lets just start with a simple criticism and your modification: All terrain tires could be put on the current model, it wont help. The current design is rear wheel drive which is why it isnt great in the snow. Tires aren't the problem, platform is. Aluminum is used because it does not rust, probably should stick with that plan from the original design. the steering wheel is not on the right for "safety" it's on the right because thats where you need to be to be able to deliver mail quickly without leaving the drivers seat. All the electronic crap you mentioned should NOT be permanently installed because it will become obsolete quickly and need to be replaced. no reason to add the cost of installing new fancy gadgets when this could all be handled by an easily replaceable tablet- everything from gps tracking, package scanning, and signatures. Let's just break it down to this- we need a front wheel drive, diesel, postal truck. probably based on a ford transit or similar van that is already available in europe as a FWD diesel platform. make it with an aluminum body. all right hand drive. Problem solved.

Coleman Adamson : Speaking as a former letter carrier of 25 yrs. experience you are correct these trucks are poorly designed but you made them worse....much worse.

Nathanael Snyder : This guy is clearly not an engineer LOL

Wolf9326 : Umm sorry but terrible design, I work for the USPS. I need to have my steering wheel on the right side so I don’t have to scoot over at every mail box I deliver to... if someone doesn’t know what I’m talking about, we have to drive in the right side of the road, also the mailboxes are on the right side, so there for having the driver on the left side means that they cannot access the mailbox with ease and efficiency! Another reason why this is a bad design is these need to be cheap for the USPS... electric motors and allllll that electronics like cameras and monitoring systems and on board computer and 360 sensors are no cheap at all! Another is it needs a more modern design, not a milk truck design. The only thing these things need are semi full time AWD, redesigned and updated engines, A/C / better heat, better insulated, and of coarse more comfortable and supportive seats (as long as I have a comfy seat I’m good honestly these seats now ruined my back)

Brennan : the more complicated and high tech you make it, the shorter it will last

TexasGTO : Steering wheel on the left? Have you never seen mail being delivered before?

Copper Creek Cuts : 4:18 This is very well put together, but one of us is missing something. I am pretty sure the steering wheel is on the right side of LLVs so they can deliver mail from their seat on the right to mailboxes on the right side of the road.

Yo-yo : Orrr... They could just buy a bunch of Ford Transits....

That Guy : Wow holy shit... Not only was his "facts" wrong about the current ones, the "new" (1950 Citroen) truck he came up with would probably be the worst possible design the postal service could use... I'm actually impressed with how this guy even remotely thought this would be a good idea... The heaters on these things are usually the best working piece of equipment. Bad weather stripping and bad rivets will cause water to leak onto the fuse box, not washer fluid... Which BTW is not flammable when it's diluted, which most sold is already prepared mixed correctly. You never mentioned putting in AC All terrain tires won't do Jack shit on ice, still need some chains or spikes. And BTW depending on where you're working the trucks will be fitted with the necessary tires. LED lights are used in some mail trucks already. Lifting it makes it even harder to reach the mail box. Which btw the door on the right side is so they can put mail into the box without getting out. But fuck that I guess. I didn't see a door to the back of the truck, so it takes even longer to grab the mail from the back. Very few places uses tablets, plus if they did, wouldn't it be better to keep the tablet portable so you can bring it to the customer so they can sign off on their mail? There are no shelves in the back for the mail, so dock a few more points from the design. In case of emergency it can be made to help? fuck that, the last thing I want is an unqualified mailman to come to my rescue with minimal training and minimal amount of equipment. I'll stick to the first responder who are trained to do those things. What's a electric powered truck supposed to do if there's a flood, or power outage? If it's a natural disaster they won't be much use. And of you're that worried about flooding (for some reason) how about not putting an electric motor in it? But an Electric motor is *almost* a good idea, except the expense that it would cause to buy, plus charging stations for thousands across the country, and although electric has come a long way already, I wouldn't say they are reliable enough just yet to put as many miles on it as a normal mail truck can. These have been going for 30+ years, but a current electric motor won't be able to do that yet for several reasons. There are larger mail trucks if they need to deliver larger packages. Honestly, they need to just put in a decent engine, maybe a efficient I4 with a tiny turbo and flex fuel, get good gas mileage and add AC. Call it a day. These trucks he explained would be horribly inefficient, and even more expensive to buy and upkeep.

An aristocrat : Great, you designed a food truck.

dakota somers : 1:30 I like how you said "from experience" yet are completely ignorant of these trucks. You stated that they get 10mpg- simply not true, they have 4 cylinder engines, and generally get 17mpg. Your redesign is clear evidence that you don't know what you are talking about. You said LLV's are right hand drive for safety? Absolutely clueless. You drive on the right side of the road, genius, so you would need to reach out the right window to open mailboxes. Your design also showed 2 seats in the front. For who? The USPS does not, and will not, use 2 carriers on the same route. And where does the mail go if there's a second person? This is why LLV's have 1 seat, and a large tray on the other side, so there is mail/parcels handy. You also forgot the most important part of the trucks design- the front wheels are closer together than the rear. This is to create a sharper turn radius, important for weaving past cars to get to arms reach of a mailbox. It is also part of why they are so terrible in snow- now you are creating 2 sets of tracks, not just one. Your design completely ignores the advantages of the LLV. USPS would literally just use relabeled UPS trucks, or make a contract with Chrysler for more Caravans before they use the joke you just created.

UltimateKyuubiFox : The simple fluke of putting the steering wheel on the wrong side will follow Austin to the grave. The poor man didn’t remember that every mailman in existence drops envelopes into the mailbox through their right-side window. He designed a mail truck and completely forgot the most basic function of a mail truck. He was right about the flames though.

Quint van Dijk : In the Netherlands we have an amazing, groundbreaking design. They are called bicycles, you can get everywhere, they are cheap to make and cheap to maintain

Philipp Jeremias : You built a new Citroën HY.

Jebedo Nackle : The backwards L on the hat kills me.

*Matthew Noneya* : No slide doors for giving mail on the go? Driving on the left? Electric? Did you even put any thought into what you said?

rizz monster : flames are essential and should definitely make it through the committee

Yay Unicorns! : = 43,3° C thank me later :)

Nunu Rats : Wasn't this channel about film?

Beau B : Mail drones. Boom.

Raven : Electric is a stupid idea for a mailtruck. it dramatically cuts it's longevity. even with the most sophisticated and expensive electric vehicle batteries, such as those found on the higher end 100k+ Tesla model S sedans and model X SUVs, their battery packs only have a 10 year expected lifespan... So undoubtedly an electric fleet of USPS vehicles will have a similar lifespan and force the USPS to shell out millions each 10 years to service and replace these battery packs which will undoubtedly cost thousands of dollars per vehicle to replace.. unlike a gasoline engine which can last for decades and decades with basic checkups and maintenance. So the best solution imo for an updated mail delivery vehicle is to use a modified existing vehicle that would be suitable for mail delivery and offer modern creature comforts, insulation, basic amenities such as a good working AC/heater system, ride comfort, and safety (airbags and other safety systems).. such as a cargo van. A good example can be something like a Ford Transit Van.. it gets great gas mileage (2019 version gets 24 mpg city, 29 mpg highway), it's big enough to accommodate everything you mentioned in this video, and can be modified and retofitted for hauling mail and packages safely and securely and have the room for modularity (hot swap cargo). Plus much like how Ford provides customized vehicles to various police departments such as custom paintjobs, light packages, under the hood modifications, and custom electronics (integrated light/computer systems) packages, a company like ford can easily do the same for the USPS, provide custom usps paint schemes, add more lights to the exterior/interior, customize the dash and electric system to accommodate the electronics/computer systems that the post office needs/wants, and so much more. It doesn't even necessarily need to be ford either, as every major American brand, such as Dodge, Chevy, and even foreign brands such as Mercedes Benz, volvo, etc, who have highly reliable cargo vans in their lineups, would be willing to win a contract with the USPS and attempt to out bid (undercut) eachother to win the contract (sell hundred thousand+ vehicles to the USPS and have maintenance contracts/guarantees for decades, similar to their contracts with police departments). So yeah, there's zero need to build a unique special vehicle for the USPS in this day and age when there are plenty of suitable vehicles already out there by the various manufacturers. So the USPS needs to not seek out a custom built vehicle and instead seek out a manufacturer whose willing to modify and customize a pre-existing vehicle line for them.

FutureNow : Our government is great at choosing the least effective and most expensive option possible. Design by committee is always bad.

Rescuer 41 : Electric cars are incredibly unreliable and will cost an insane amount of money. they will also do more environmental damage than a Ferrari.

SkylineStudios : I want to buy the LLV SO BADLY. I don't care if there's a fire risk or a lack of an A/C, I love the look.

Testificte Man : Wait what about getting in and out of the truck? Won't it be difficult climbing in and out without some kind of step?

Elliot Ma : Lol just ask tesla to make a mail truck

soupisgdfood : Huh. Still no AC, two wheel drive, electric so heating is resistive or at best from the battery pack and upgrades are necessary to post offices to support vehicles that need charging and have a shorter range with downtime when juice runs low, the steering is moved away from the easiest location to reach a mailbox, electronics added to reduce reliability and increase part count, lifted to make reaching mailboxes even more difficult, and what is that, corrugated tin roofing on the sides? Man, if you’re gonna list a bunch of shit that’s wrong with what’s currently in service, suggest fixes for current problems and don’t make more. Edit: It was pointed out that this is rudely worded, and I agree. I’m leaving the text the way it is because I’d rather keep the context of the replies to this post. See my response for more information.

Sam : Sounds to me like a less reliable more expensive option compared to a lot of the simpler options USPS is exploring right now. Also why the hell did you put the steering wheel on the left, makes no sense for mail truck drivers, duh they have to put the mail in the mail box on the right side of the road. Electric motors (plus heavy expensive batteries) are not practical for a reliable mail truck that will probably be functioning until mail trucks are irrelevant. Small reliable and efficient gas motors will do the job just fine. I like the flames though.

Uppy21 : +austinmcconnell Well, if this video proved anything, it's that the topic of how to make a postal truck better is messy and complicated, to the point it gets trivial and stupid... All these pseudo-engineers, "car guys," former and current drivers who can't decide what a better truck should be, in the comments. Like, yeah. Austin put the wheel on the wrong side, but instead of complaining about it, why don't you put together a video explaining and debunking his concept, to make something better? It's easy to sit behind a screen and complain about a video, some guy, you don't know, made. Like, it'd be cool to see better postal trucks, so *why* not do something productive and think of ways to make them better? 😑 NO ONE is saying the ideas will be used, but it can't hurt to try, anyway, it's better than whining like everyone is doing in the comments. At least Austin wasn't afraid to put himself out there.

michael smith : First off, why are people no longer expected to be able to drive? Sensors, cameras, computers... It’s all BS. 99% of commercial drivers don’t use or need backup cameras or lane position sensors... If you have to rely on a little screen to understand your surrounding... You’re stupid and shouldn’t drive! Second, Electric vehicles are far less reliable and have a finite life span from day one. I’ve towed USPS van with hundreds of thousands of miles on them and can say they are robust and reliable. In fact, the tow truck USPS uses, is in the shop more than the delivery vans.

MOBS DOGGO : I thought it said post malone delivery truck cause i was about to order some post malone

Pikapetey Animations : I want the calves of a mail man

Samuel Butler : I'm seeing lots of hate, so I like to share what I took away from this video: 1. The mail trucks currently in employment by the United States are old, unreliable, and expensive to maintain. 2. This fake concept mail truck would be cool, don't you think?

Luke Pickle : I always seen them trucks as being outdated but I didn’t release they where over 30 years old

Dillon Holsapple : My father is a mailman and his station just upgraded to the big Dodge Promaster vans and only use the LLVs for a backup

ImAName : My town still uses the jeep

crx5555 : this guy doesn't know what he's talking about if you make them higher getting in and out of them is going to be harder this more cause for injury to the carrier plus if the steering wheel is located on the opposite side then all routes that with curbline delivery will take twice as long. Your redesign is inefficient and dangerous

Derrick cushshon : As if the government will even pay for this... lol!

Shawn Marino : Looks like the Jeepers Creepers truck

cjoemex : 3:59 ....... anyone get a seizure?

Lewex : The way you delivered your words on this video was great. It makes me want to pick up your skills for myself. If you could, please drop them off in my mind. Then I'll open them like a box.

Devin Bruce : Getting rid of the right side wheel would be a huge mistake. It isn't on the right side of the car currently "for safety" as Austin says - Rural deliveries are spaced out and require the letter carriers to be able to reach over to the mailboxes and deposit the letters directly. If it were changed rural deliveries and deliveries to mailboxes at the street level would have to be done by hand (which, because of the distance between houses/mailboxes would add to the time it makes to deliver) . You could say to just reach over the right side seat and deliver it to the boxes that way but that would mean the driver would have to keep on taking off their seatbelt, dropping the letters and then put their seatbelt back on to them make a 15-20 sec drive to the next mailbox to then repeat... and repeat... and repeat.

presto steam plays : I think a soler panel should be on all the roofs

๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶ : I have first hand experience with this subject, and honestly the video was good right up until the part where you started talking about your own design for a new mail truck, you probably know this from the other comments but like everything you suggested is completely wrong lmao, it needs to be aluminum because iron rusts, all of those electronic gadgets and nick nacks are not useful and would just be even more work to maintain and repair, *maybe* add modern airbags and a collision-safe body but only because basically all new vehicles have them, but honestly the point where you said it does not need to be right-hand drive is the killing blow that shows you really have no idea what you're talking about. That is really laughable because, even if you know nothing about mail delivery.. why do you think mailboxes are right next to the road and facing it? Do you really think the mail carrier wants to reach all the way across the vehicle at every single stop and try to nudge the mail inside?

soum fasda : I live in canada.. all weather tires are bullshit... just get two sets of tires for all the trucks that live in winter climates... plus side is they last twice as long cause you only use them half the year. bad part is having to store all those tires.. but it is the much better solution.

Galo Xavier Lara : Forget about everything. I just want my taxes go to the flames in today’s delivery trucks

Fortune cookie productions : I’m still in high school but you’re my role model! Do you have any tips?