Acupressure for a cat in heat. How to deal with your cat in heat.
Acupressure for a cat in heat How to deal with your cat in heat

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Don't use this video on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission. © All rights reserved The best way is to spay or neuter your cat. There is no other option for a cat in heat. This technique works definitely for a couple of hours... It relieves them of the urge to mate. Try it.. Do not press too hard as this will hurt the cat. Do not try this with a cat that is not in heat. . JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: .


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Danielle Trent : All he did was press down on a pressure point. It's acupuncture. How can so many people be this immature

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Kat Momo : Okay so, right now my cat was really annoying me as it's half past midnight, so I searched something I could do to help her out. I did EXACTLY as you said and it fucking worked!!!!! She started to make some "angry cat noises" just like your did when you were doing the massage and then she immediately started to roll on my bed. Just wanted to say that it was really helpful! Thanks!!!!

Goofy Goober : This makes me so incredibly uncomfortable

DisDork : Anyone from 2018? P..S.. to all those people in the comment section saying he put his finger in her bum, the answer is no. It's a nerve located near her tail that acts like a stimulant, and when pressed it activates the hormones normally released during mating. It's not her bum, it's near her tail and just above the bum.

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Seth Whyel : I accidentally did this. And she ran and started spazzing out. I thought I broke my fucking cat.

Alex & System : Thank you so much for this, our little girl, bat, goes into an ear piercingly loud and agressive heat and we had no way to quiet her and we werent real happy with the idea of a quiet collar. We just tried this trick and for the first time is 2 days, shes quiet and calm. Thank you so much for this. And btw, your kitty is beautiful :) she has a very elegant face and seems to love you very much. Have a great night 👋 -Alex

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Sir Science : Thank you for this, it actually worked thank God I can sleep again. And thank God that it didn't involve any q-tips.

Amy Snell : Thank you for a very informative and humane partial solution. My cat was pacing back and forth all day yowling. I gave her an acupressure near the hollow part on each side of tail which ever the opposite of curve tail. She growl a bit but now she’s a lil bit calmer. And took a lil catnap 3 min. Although she is not pacing around anymore but still a bit of in heat. It really do work! Ty again.

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