Acupressure for a cat in heat. How to deal with your cat in heat.

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Alis Jones : Why is this in my suggested videos? What did I do to cause this?

AllThings Creepy : It doesn't help that the cat looks like a goblin

Apricot Theory : People who disliked the video got an erection and felt guilty .... they blamed the uploader instead of their sick selves. This video is instructional, if you disliked it, something is wrong with YOU.

Ramadan Steve : Did this and now my cat demands child support

Resilient : Okay, so you pretty much fingered the cat...

Master Epps : I am so uncomfortable looking at this....

Alec Mell : 911 what's your emergency ?

Danielle Trent : All he did was press down on a pressure point. It's acupuncture. How can so many people be this immature

Operation Reaper : How to restart your cat.

Kat Momo : Okay so, right now my cat was really annoying me as it's half past midnight, so I searched something I could do to help her out. I did EXACTLY as you said and it fucking worked!!!!! She started to make some "angry cat noises" just like your did when you were doing the massage and then she immediately started to roll on my bed. Just wanted to say that it was really helpful! Thanks!!!!

Grizzley : Can this work on my girlfriend?

Cool Pajamas : Not my proudest fap.

DisDork : Anyone from 2018? P..S.. to all those people in the comment section saying he put his finger in her bum, the answer is no. It's a nerve located near her tail that acts like a stimulant, and when pressed it activates the hormones normally released during mating. It's not her bum, it's near her tail and just above the bum.

solisium : Imagine being caught at school watching cat porn. ‘Billy WTF?’

RahMan : *So thats how Wiss handles Lord Beerus.*

when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hers : Have you ever orgasmed so hard you start spasming on the floor?

SpicyboiTM : *_FBI OPEN UP_*

Ken Truck : This is not a human responsibility

Aaliyah *Faith* : *what..the actual...fuck*

Robotik2708 : How did he even think of doing that in the first place???

George Christou : ive done this many times with my old cat. looks weird but when you need sleep you have to. told my friends about this and never heard the end of it. my mistake to tell them but never regret doing this because at least i can get sleep

II G0LD1NG II : This brought them closer together.

Freygeist : OMG! It's working! 😍 Thank you so much for this great advice. I was nearly going insane because my cat won't stop screaming and howling like a wolf and the date for her spaying is in the end of April. I haven't slept so many nights and now I'm finally able to sleep again. Thank you so much. ❤️

Druga Strona Medalu : imagine hashtags... shaved / pussy / fingering

7rue Op1n1on : I wouldn't let this guy come near my cat

Ubayd : I feel like I'd be less uncomfortable if the cat wasn't a sphinx

Lobsters Pasta : I’m somewhere where I shouldn’t be

Nicholas Vogt : Cat molestation

Goofy Goober : This makes me so incredibly uncomfortable

Christopher Robins : I've been trying not to look at this video for days.. Why YouTube? Why, do you keep suggesting me and all these poor people to see this???😨 😂 okay, okay, now for my especially prepaired comment! : That's a disturbing thumbnail 😬

Young_Weeb 22 : So....he was almost putting his finger in the cat's bum to calm her down.....welp, time to bleach my eyes 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

Amamiya Hibiya : Beastiality confirm.

DV : Have you brought protection?

immortal : this is like catpedohillia lol

selftaughttumbler 06 : *911 what's ur emergency* me : " hi I would like to report a rape" police "ok explain why this is rape " me: "A MAN JUST MOLESTED A DAMN HAIRLESS- BALLSACK- LOOKING CAT!!!"

Sub Zero101 : “I like to be behind her” dude pick your words correctly 🤦🏾‍♂️

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Moonlightdoggy _Roblox&More : This is gonna sound rude.. I hate those kind of cats but yours is ADORABLE!! 😄

Mr. Mr. : Damn...he didn't even wash his hands...smh...NAF!!!!

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stox : dont do that again

i swear bro im not gay : NIGGA IM DYING LMAO

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first one : she thinks yall a thing now, she gone make u breakfast

GuyFromNewark : WTF did i just watch!!!!