Binging with Babish: Direwolf Bread from Game of Thrones (feat. Maisie Williams)
Binging with Babish Direwolf Bread from Game of Thrones feat Maisie Williams

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We're back with another culinary curiosity from HBO's hottest s-expositional serial, Game of Thrones, this time with the help of the murderous Queen of the North herself: Maisie Williams! Can we whip up a wolf-shaped treat that would do Hot Pie proud? Check out the inspiration for this recipe here: Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free Check out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: Binging With Babish Website: Basics With Babish Website: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Soundcloud: Stitcher:


Shahjahan Shahid : "The secret is browning the butter" -HotPie

Tyler James Wright : Next: Chicken with the Hound. Scratch that, I’ll take two chickens.

xdazamx : I can't be the only who noticed that Maisie's accent fluctuates between American and English... odd

Trinh Hieu : A man cooks food for a girl. A girl finds the food is dry. A man finds it worrying. Because another man died.

K17L53 : where can i get the measuring cup/spoon you used for the honey, it looks so cool

TheSovietTurtle : Ideal cooking channel collaboration. Binging With Babish + Life of Boris Binging With Boris? Life of Babish? Sadly, it may never come true.

ツLili : everytime I see his intro I can’t help but think “hi welcome to chili’s”

Charlie Brooks : Ok now make a milkshake with Night King ice cubes?

Zivillyn : I have been watching a TON of this channel while fasting for Ramadan, and I have no idea how I haven't gone mad yet

Joe Kerr : Oh my god!!! How did you get her to come on!?!? I love her her! You are the best! Literally best show on YouTube! Congratulations on everything you have achieved.

Dani : Babish: Yours is better Maisie: *looks to camera, looks at Babish* Maisie: Are you gonna keep that in? Babish: *Stares at camera* Babish: No..

Donut Operator : Did she give you any season 8 spoilers?

Axle Gallardo : Babby looks so self conscious here.... can't blame him.

Mario Rodriguez : There is a mexican bread called marranitos, which are kinda sweet piloncillo bread with a pig shape. Similar to the one you did. Look them up Babish!

Juicy J : The chemistry in the episode is just great.


Aradhya Khurana : Does anybody else get a warm fuzzy feeling when Andy and Brad reference each other in their videos?

Shaye Eller : So this was secretly a GOT/BA Test Kitchen crossover and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Wolf Mama : I know this is about food, but Maisie's eyebrows are so powerful, I'm in awe.

IsThisJustFANTAsea : How fun is this after the episode we just had.

Flash Gaming : You should make the triple gooberberry sunrise from the spongebob movie

JoeyDangerously : Not Maisie Williams. A girl has no name...

Mr_No_One : 4:18 Maisie Williams, confirmed fan of savory over sweet. Clearly a woman of refinement and culture. Also (Binging with babish found dead with his face cut off)

ava morales : he’s so flirty 🥰

Andrew : The first time i saw Maisie in the TV show i was pretty upset. I had been a fan of the book for a decade and Maisie did not look at all like the "Arya Horseface" of the book. The girl with the long sullen face of a Stark. However... Maisie won me over almost immediately by acting just as the character would. Even going so far as to play her character left handed (as in the book) even tho Maisie herself was right handed. Hands down Maisie Williams is the best book to screen character interpretation in the series.

chrzrd : Omg you have to make a whole video in the GBBO format! The ending was hilarious 😂

Sky_kun : 3:12-3:14 "Man found stabbed in his kitchen. Quote from stabbed man: "What're you going to do, stab me?" Maisie Williams charged."

Ali Rafiei : "I'm gonna try out this pastry cutter to cut the butter, *what? Did I stutter, motherfu-* ... _sorry, this is a family show_ "

emily h. : I love your vids, and I was wondering if you could do Sookie's famous mushroom risotto from Gilmore Girls?

Are Madrid : Mexican gingerbread would've worked well for this, methinks.

Jadin Andrews : The only thing not dry in this episode is the chemistry between the two. I mean they were definitely flirting, right? Anyways, I could watch these two cooking together for multiple seasons and will only cry when she eventually stabs him.

Great Value Bleach : Make the Bueno nacho menu from Kim Possible, "chimirito" (chimichanga and burrito), the "quesachanga" (quesadilla and chimichanga), and Ron's personal invention of the "naco" (nachos and taco).

jaffar abboud : Maisie looks like a cool person to hang out with I would love to hang out with her ( in my dreams obviously)

Tarzanjunglekungfu : Did he ever bring those fermented pickles out from the adventure time episode?

ArcAngel643 : Anything with Maisie Williams is perfect to me.

TheAntiTrope : Only seeing this now. What is that accent Maisie? 😂 You're everywhere... and no one 😐.

Wyatt Y : You should make Arya's pie she made for Walter fray.

Karry Nguyen : so what was the "personal defense knife"? I'm thinking Kershaw

PsychBurst : Bro, how you gonna have Maisie on here and not Hot Pie??? WTF?

omar sabur : Hey Babish, think you could try a GOOD veggie burger recipe?

MrDanish ButterCookie : Babish, would you kindly do Sea Salt Ice cream from Kingdom Hearts?

TheMattiePoo : You got to hang out with Maisie Williams... Lucky bastard! You have transcended to legendary my friend.

Gta 5 ASMR driving : What? Did i studder *mudder fu...oh wait this is a family freindly channel*

Chrisdafuk : since when did Maisie become Courtney Barnett

andrea : so...he didnt ask if it tasted like the one in the show...?

Brynley Louise : Maisie Williams was super cool, but I lost it at Babish being the entire cast and crew of Bake Off.

Zugolf : How do I get in the clean plate club? Where do I sign up?

Forrest Glenn : You have to send the Second, better scone to Maisie Williams!

Melting Doggo : Make Hobbit Bread from The Hobbit that smeagle throws off the cliff.