Binging with Babish: Direwolf Bread from Game of Thrones (feat. Maisie Williams)

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Sheldon Gunby : This is amazing to watch how big you’ve become and how still big you’re becoming. This is another example of that and how awesome you and your show are. Congratulations on everything man

Sasha : He keeps making GoT references, and I was like “she doesn’t wanna talk about that babish”, then she goes and starts making BwB references and I lost it. She’s Maisie Williams, and he’s gotten so popular that they are fans of each other.

Lindsay Daly : Holy shit, loved the GBBO bit at the end. Ugh, you should do a British Bake off based episode or something haha

Hesusio : Her accent is just all over the place.

Numericalhorror : Two normal strangers: laugh and make a couple jokes to cut through the awkwardness of baking in front of a camera The comments: when’s the wedding, Babish?

Donut Operator : Did she give you any season 8 spoilers?

황통닭 : Look at all these wierdos that think friendly conversation is flirting.

Pixel Spy : shes adorable. They have good chemists together. Not like in a romantic way but they're both just equally as charming.

David Nguyen : 6:16 "I'm gonna try out this pastry cutter to cut up said butter. What did I stutter, mothe...." Combining cooking and poetry. Mmm that's what I like

Casi burro : There is a mexican bread called marranitos, which are kinda sweet piloncillo bread with a pig shape. Similar to the one you did. Look them up Babish!

Just another goat : Her accent is a mixture of british, australien and american now lol

Vincent R : In honor of Kingdom Hearts III can you do 'Sea Salt Ice cream'"

Josh Blount : Possibly the most flirtatious I've ever seen Babish to date.

Massive Dohoonkabhankoloos : Apparently friendly conversation = flirtatious

Pat’s Collections : “Oh no! 20 minutes! I don’t even have my wolf’s anus cut out yet’”

Emily Halpen Buie : I love your vids, and I was wondering if you could do Sookie's famous mushroom risotto from Gilmore Girls?


tdavis117 0 : Maisie: Lots of people name their blenders Babish: Lots of cunts

AG : I like to call the episode 'Flirting with Babish'

M3TRO : Next video: Wine tasting with Peter Dinklage

Travis Peterson : this was probably the most flirty video ive ever seen

Alexandre Zimmermann De Souza : Wish you could show us how to make Minnie’s stew from Hateful Eight

K17L53 : where can i get the measuring cup/spoon you used for the honey, it looks so cool

Jay Makane : Oh my god!!! How did you get her to come on!?!? I love her her! You are the best! Literally best show on YouTube! Congratulations on everything you have achieved.

manystar : You should bring Nick Offerman and do a bunch Ron Swanson´s favorite meals

Gta 5 ASMR driving : What? Did i studder *mudder fu...oh wait this is a family freindly channel*

James Cornell : Started from the bottom, now he's flirting with world famous celebrities. What a hero.

Evie Infinite : StoP nOw *_awkward high-five intensifies_*

David Carper : Aww, she's so adorable. It's been fuckin weird watching those kids grow up over the years, though. Another great episode, Babish!

MrDanish ButterCookie : Babish, would you kindly do Sea Salt Ice cream from Kingdom Hearts?

Stealthy Water : Hey Babish! There's a video of Sanji from the anime One Piece competing in a cooking match against the Navy cooks. Could you recreate his meal?

T Fox : I would have enjoyed this a lot more without the guest...just saying

Flash Gaming : You should make the triple gooberberry sunrise from the spongebob movie


SydPen : A girl is cooking with a once faceless man

Waheed Abdullah : Since Bunk'd aired its series finale, make S'more Dogs from the episode, Crafted and Shafted

Rushabh Bhakta : Babbish be blowing up. Someone look up High Valyrian for “must eat” so we can get a “Valar INSERT” going for “All Men Must Eat”

Eli Hughes : Make the Hoagie sandwich from Regular Show!!!

John Estrada : This is so charming I can't sit still.

Enchanted Biscuit : Awww i thought you meant from the stick of truth,the dire animals from canada!

Cplus Gravy : Desert dogs. Simpsons.

Teeb Seeb : Hunchback of Notre Dame and ethnically ambiguous Walter White

notanimposter : Missed an opportunity to bring in the catchphrase trifecta when you got it out onto a tray.

Rithrius : All these celebrities on your show... What's next? Binging with Barack (Obama)?

Jade O'Malley : Her laugh is adorable

St Kaleb : Holy shit maisie

Jacob Lawton : Please make haggis

Dark Wolf1 : ......Felt like dude was mad making moves on her though....I would too though can't lie

Tres Den : Damn dude, you really hitting it big since that first reddit video I saw of you. Can not be more happy with all your well earned success.

Daniel Parkinson : meh MW is overrated, if you watched her in Doctor Who and other shows outside of GoT you can tell that she's more hyped up than she is talented