Destroy a Wasps Nest by Hand With a Plastic Bag - Quick and Easy
Man Destroys a Wasps Nest by Hand With a Plastic Bag

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I remove a small wasps nest inside a plastic bag and crush it with my hands, completely destroying it in seconds.


edouard br : me when im stung 1 time : *dead* him with 5 f*ukin stings : *n0t 2 bad*

Mckydo : "Let's incinerate that" *pulls out a flamethrower

Bradda : CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON *grabs a plastic bag

Guillermo Garraton : Wow. This gentleman’s underwear must be custom made!

NavyCop0105 : I tried this. Works great. Soon as I get out of emergency room I will post the video. Few more weeks.

lll•A_German_Ewok•lll : Does the job by hand: ✔️ Is bald: ✔️ Doesn’t get hurt in any sense: ✔️ I think we found another thanos boi.

The Bored Enthusiast : 0:24 "manageable compared to the other one I did" GUYS *THIS ISNT HIS FIRST TIME*

Auggie : *watches video* *goes to a party* *sees wasp nest* *”hOlD mY bEeR”*

Colby Martinez : I didn't hear a word he said... All i could hear was adamantium balls clinging together.

Dawson n : Looking forward to the next video: "Take down a pack of wolves with a plastic bag, by hand. Quick and easy."

BasedPrince : Idk why this is in my recommendations but thank you

Amanda S : "I was stung 3 times, not so bad..." Geez

Finlay Fletcher : Chuck Norris sleeps with pictures of Russell on his wall

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spooder-Man : My method is to smack it with a baseball bat and start running.

AFGThugonomics9 : I followed these instructions exactly in the video but the wasps managed to put the plastic bag over me. Help me.

The Bored Enthusiast : You should display their corpses off the fencepost as an example to all the wasps who want to infringe on your property.

Roman Gold : Is this dude a new Apex Legends character?

A professional shut-in : He eats toenails for breakfast. _..without any milk._

mastergx1 : Could you show me how to take down a mountain lion with a plastic fork next?

YourFriendFoxy : *Gets stung stung three times* “Not so bad” Me: *gets stung once* *is petrified of wasps forever*

Tony DC : This English dude has made 90% of US action hero’s Unemployed

BicheRobot : "I think I've been stung 3 times, not too bad"... what the hell, one sting makes me cry

GreenTeaBee 98 : I’m in the bag. Wasps are putting me in an incinerator. Instructions unclear.

turnitofftv : Top 10 most overpowered anime characters who can defeat Thanos. Number 1. This guy.

Wanted Walrus : "I should've put my hood on, but I couldn't be bothered really." This is the one the legends spoke of

Hardy Hydra : Me when I want to destroy a nest with 2 wasps in it: prepares for a decade long war with 4 layers of jackets, gloves shoes helmets and an arsenal of tools

The Bored Enthusiast : This guy: Takes down wasp nest with a plastic bag Me: Runs away from one carpenter bee

Armando Ferreira : Coyote Peterson: I'm about to enter the strike zone... Russell: Hold my Beer. 🍺

Foxy Brown : Meanwhile me and my daughter run from one bee 🤷🏽‍♀️

Triptastic : This man will be the one to defeat Thanos, with a plastic bag

William Cameron : That’s a pretty small bag tbh, I was expecting a 50gallon bag lol

Marks Channel : You have to put the plastic bag over your head Incase they sting you duh. Ps: don’t do this you’ll die lmao

TheExStig : Wish I lived next door to you mate.

Mikemaster X10 : *Casually rips out wasps nest*

b_t_s : I was wondering how he was going to get the bag over the nest without disturbing the ones on the outside and getting himself stung, and then...nevermind.

ItsOfficially TT : Who else noticed that the squished wasp nest was shaped like a heart. Just me😶...... ok

Jason Malone : M8 you got some bollox on ya, I would of run like forest gump... Fair play to you.

shure46 : notice the bullet holes in his jacket , from when he disarmed a robber by throwing a paper bag over his head

Saving Dimes Spending Pennies with Becki : This guy must have disarmed IEDs before becoming a rogue hornet annihilator.

Dough Boy : This man is capable of slamming shut a revolving door

1 : Top 10 characters Thanos was too afraid to fight (Even with the infinity gauntlet)

The Bored Enthusiast : He attac he protec but least importantly he got stung on his nec

bowl of soup : I don't know why this was in my reccomended but it sure was helpful lol

BBBIRYANI : What an absolute weapon you are, bravo

RyanHardt : *No 15 second long 3D intro* ✔ *Gets straight to the point* ✔ *Shows proof that it works* ✔ Great tutorial bud

murbly : Me: surely there's some editing trick and he is removing a dead nest... Me: surely he has repellent on or something... Me: I really have to see about getting some Testosterone supplements.

Sophie Grey : I will never understand how people like this guy can carry such massive balls around without being stared at.

Kyle Stokes : Chuck Norris looks under his bed and his closet for this man at night.

Elmano Locko : A smart wasp is a dead one, they don't do flower pollination, they don't make honey, nothing at all!!