Destroy a Wasps Nest by Hand With a Plastic Bag - Quick and Easy

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Rigby : This guy eats hammer nails for breakfast

HENRY THE RC CAR : I'm surprised that he was able to climb that step ladder, while carrying those huge balls of steel!

Happy Hoovy : Just another normal day in Russia

Doomreb : 'I do NOT like how he did this!' - Gillette

yumii :3c : I feel significantly less of a man after watching this guy strangle a wasp nest to death with his big meaty claws.

19thHour : If you paid close attention to the video, you can see that the key strategy is to remove the nest from the house before using the flame thrower.

KnownNiche : The diameter of this man's testicles is beyond science

AFGThugonomics9 : I followed these instructions exactly in the video but the wasps managed to put the plastic bag over me. Help me.

Dough Boy : This man is capable of slamming shut a revolving door

Static Shock : *Top 10 Superheroes who can defeat Thanos*

Charblastaur : No damns were given that day

kel petch : i thought he was gonna do this cautiously without getting stung. dude just rips it off and nonchalantly says ya i got stung about 3 times not too bad this time. what a savage

BrightSideOfLife : Lol he probably drinks pepper spray

Brian Buchanan : Legends say, this man conquered Euroupe with just a plastic bag, near the end of his life he was asked if he could go back and change anything what would it be, his reply was to put his hood up next time but he was still pleased he made it through with very little injuries.

10K Subscribers with no videos? : Him: *Gets stung three times no reaction* Me: *starts crying and screams for help in fear of death.*

Showey the shower : I was expecting him to cook himself a steak over the wasps ashes

Username #0516 : This man is brutal, he uses a bag and takes a large nest by hand, without flinching. Then crushes the the nest within the bag, so much so that no wasp is left alive. Next he uses his military grade flamethrower on the nest

Sak Gt : He protecc He attac But most importantly *he put wasp nest in a plastic bag*

Iron Body Martial Arts : The comment feed on this is gold

Syrtech : Never hurt a bees nest. If you see a wasps nest though, destroy that thing to pieces wasps are mean and terrible

Liquid Potato : Who would win A whole god damn wasp nest Or one baggy boi

Jomppa : All dislikes are from wasps.

Andrew Gonzales : The stings probably felt like soft kisses to him.....

Rohit Verma : *I was expecting the gentle removal but then it all changes*

Leon F. : I thought he was going to take that off softly and with all possible care in the world but the dude just ripped that thing off like it was nothing What a *SAVAGE*

Laurent D'Hondt : In the next episode: watch me chase a crocodile from my porch with a butterknife. And then torch it.

Michael S : He had a bowl of spiders earlier, that's why he didn't just eat the wasps.

Trevor_on_Youtube : Don’t know why he needs his front door. It’s clear that he can only enter through the garage because of the size of his balls.

Salty Dog : He “couldn’t be bothered” to put his hood on once he decided the nest had to go. Jesus...

Justin Y. : This guy is the very definition of badass

Arrowhead Driver : This is why one doesn’t invade England. Since 1066.

Kevin Hays : he was stung 3 times. That doesn't sound easy to me. I've been stung before, and it HURTS. 1 sting HURTS.

Cody Rileywilliams : Wow this dude got stung 3 times and it didn't affect him take notes savage 101 over here

Adam DeShields : I don't think this is an informational video, I think it's just a flex.

No this is patrick : This mans balls of steel protected him from the wasp stings

nameless Manuel : Destroy it with facts and logic

DD- 563 : It would be MUCH easier for you to do this at night when they are NOT flying around which means you would not be stung

David Bakker : Is this what you mean with toxic masculinity Gilette?

Harrison Simpkins : For whatever reason this was in my recommended. As soon as I heard the hull accent I instantly subscribed!

David : This is very strange and makes me very confused. How is he able to climb that ladder with those massive balls of steel?

r322c : They come unexpected bringing they're freaking friends to build the nest on your front doorstep of all places and want to get angry about you walking in and out of your house and they act like they pay the freaking bills you have every right to take down their nest

Dan Slotea : Insecticide FIRST, bag second. That's why you got 3 stings.

Ya Boy Frosty09 : This man has the biggest peen in history

The Cat That Ate The Hat : My hero

Cars Simplified : Even for a three minute video, that was much more straightforward than I was expecting!

Nikolas Rose 123123 : They have like actual red blood 🤢🧐

Max Asamoah : How the hell he climb that ladder with those *B A L L S O F S T E E L*

DarkShadow : His balls are bigger than the nest itself...

Boabl1690 : Couldn’t see the wasp nest for this guys *massive* balls of steel

Exhaust Sports Auto : Jesus what an absolute legend