Destroy a Wasps Nest by Hand With a Plastic Bag - Quick and Easy

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19thHour : If you paid close attention to the video, you can see that the key strategy is to remove the nest from the house before using the flame thrower.

Anthony Bovee : It took three stings to the head before the wasps realized his body thrives on wasp venom.

J : This video raised my testosterone

Ali Ahmed : This man had trouble climbing the ladder consider that the gravity of his balls were probably pulling his body downwards

camalo171 : Scientifically speaking, this man should not be able to walk due to his massive balls of steel.

Leon F. : I thought he was going to take that off softly and with all possible care in the world but the dude just ripped that thing off like it was nothing What a *SAVAGE*

Pyrovan : *This guy in WW2* I think i've been shot 3 times, not so bad.

0Axel0 : Anytime someone walks past him, he allows them to keep living.

boimackhead : They didn’t go without a fight though... they took his hat in the process

A random Person : Next week killing a rhino 🦏 with a rubber band. At the end “yeah i only lost a leg but I got two so I’m good”

Rigby : This guy eats hammer nails for breakfast

Sami Mejia : If he would of taken that plastic bag and snatched thanos gauntlet half of the universe would of still been alive

Irreo : *scrolls down just to read balls related comments*

Nae Nae : The man took 3 wasp stings.All these people saying it would’ve been better at night should go get their eyes checked,does it look like the man gives a damn..

Brent Nelson : This is the guy that allows Chuck Norris to live..

Charblastaur : No damns were given that day

Soul17 : "10 characters that can defeat Thanos (even with the infinity gauntlet)"

Latin Ace : Rumor has it chuck Norris called this guy for his wasp problem

Ege Kazak : Can we have Russel Platten in Smash Bros please

HazmatChemical : Just gonna incinerate that...

David : This is very strange and makes me very confused. How is he able to climb that ladder with those massive balls of steel?

Jordan Bennett : The amount of procrastination I have is limitless.

Michael Jae : 1:55 the pan out reveal was the best part

TheSimplePlot : 2:15 Ant man and the Wasp post credit scene spoiler

Sean Ozz : I can’t imagine doing that with red wasp. He would have been stung so many times before even reaching up to the nest. Ouch.

No this is Patrick : This mans balls of steel protected him from the wasp stings

lasanha : I think I just found God.

Lt. Type1 : Rumor has it this guy won a wrestling match against 3 Grizzlies

Jerrin Castillo : This man went John Wick on those Wasps

carsonclick9002 : Did he eat it?

Justin Y. : This guy is the very definition of badass

Benny2daBryant : “Squished it good and proper”💀😭

Buggy ThatShItCray : Savage no plastic bag,gloves...bare hands squize all nest that's mad lad!

Dhoulmagus Rhapthorne : Just a note to anyone who's feeling like trying this: be sure not to touch or get the wasp eggs' pheromones on you. It leaves a chemical that triggers every wasp that picks up on it to attack, regardless of whether it was their nest or not

Derogatory Name : This was supposed to be a how to but ended up being sum of the funniest shit I’ve seen in years.

Cars Simplified : Even for a three minute video, that was much more straightforward than I was expecting!

K Ranch17 : I dont think that is a wasp nest, but a hornet nest?

Cameron G : "Wasp nest? I eat wasp nests for breakfast."

Let me sleep in peace : Next video Destroy a wasp nest with your teeth

Savage Bird : This whole video is cursed.

Syrtech : Never hurt a bees nest. If you see a wasps nest though, destroy that thing to pieces wasps are mean and terrible

Memest : Whoever makes this a fairy tale book will become rich

Xander211 : Wouldn't try that in Germany. They can sue you because wasps and bees are protected and you can end up paying 50,000 euros (56,882.5000 $)

Ditty C : The level of badass shown here is too great

ComradeLlama : The dislikes are probably just people who think it’s not ok to kill wasps

VazzyCow : *Okay I think I messed up, I used the flamethrower before removing it, now my house is on fire*

VVarrio : This is the most dad approach to taking down a wasp nest. Dude just walked in there, ripped out the wasp nest and went on with his day.

Cableguy818 : Bro, you have BALLS OF STEEL.

TJ West : Yer' a wizard Harry.

Vsauce Puppet : This is actually a really handy video