Destroy a Wasps Nest by Hand With a Plastic Bag - Quick and Easy

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Rigby : This guy eats hammer nails for breakfast

J : This video raised my testosterone

Happy Hoovy : Just another normal day in Russia

Pyrovan : *This guy in WW2* I think i've been shot 3 times, not so bad.

A random Person : Next week killing a rhino 🦏 with a rubber band. At the end “yeah i only lost a leg but I got two so I’m good”

Charblastaur : No damns were given that day

J.I : Legend says Mr.Platten ended WWII. He entered Hitler´s bunker, put him on a plastic bag and squished him to bloody pieces.

Fuckk Face : All wasps were harmed in the making of this video

VVarrio : This is the most dad approach to taking down a wasp nest. Dude just walked in there, ripped out the wasp nest and went on with his day.

Username #0516 : This man is brutal, he uses a bag and takes a large nest by hand, without flinching. Then crushes the the nest within the bag, so much so that no wasp is left alive. Next he uses his military grade flamethrower on the nest

19thHour : If you paid close attention to the video, you can see that the key strategy is to remove the nest from the house before using the flame thrower.

Lt. Type1 : Rumor has it this guy won a wrestling match against 3 Grizzlies

eshort104 : He could just throw his nuts over his shoulder and carry them like Santa at this point

Jayasai Surya : Now *THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE*

Derogatory Name : This was supposed to be a how to but ended up being sum of the funniest shit I’ve seen in years.

Leon F. : I thought he was going to take that off softly and with all possible care in the world but the dude just ripped that thing off like it was nothing What a *SAVAGE*

SakGamingHD : He protecc He attac But most importantly *he put wasp nest in a plastic bag*

MrWutchuneed : The queen wasp was on her time of the month if you’re wondering where the blood came from . Lol

Joseph Rilling : It would be MUCH easier for you to do this at night when they are NOT flying around which means you would not be stung

Benny2daBryant : “Squished it good and proper”💀😭

David : This is very strange and makes me very confused. How is he able to climb that ladder with those massive balls of steel?

Vsauce Puppet : This is actually a really handy video

Dhoulmagus Rhapthorne : Just a note to anyone who's feeling like trying this: be sure not to touch or get the wasp eggs' pheromones on you. It leaves a chemical that triggers every wasp that picks up on it to attack, regardless of whether it was their nest or not

TJ West : Yer' a wizard Harry.

Harrison Simpkins : For whatever reason this was in my recommended. As soon as I heard the hull accent I instantly subscribed!

Syrtech : Never hurt a bees nest. If you see a wasps nest though, destroy that thing to pieces wasps are mean and terrible

Nikolas Rose 123123 : They have like actual red blood 🤢🧐

KnownNiche : The diameter of this man's testicles is beyond science

K Ranch17 : I dont think that is a wasp nest, but a hornet nest?

KnownNiche : Another video from Jesus our savior

No this is patrick : This mans balls of steel protected him from the wasp stings

ERIK OLSON : So, these insects are diurnal, which means they are only active during the day. If you remove such nests at night, you have very little risk of being stung by animals as they return to the nest, as they are all inside.

Dream Girls Daily : This was all staged. The wasps are paid actors.

KnownNiche : He makes it look so easy

Memest : Whoever makes this a fairy tale book will become rich

Cars Simplified : Even for a three minute video, that was much more straightforward than I was expecting!

Hik Lal : I made a vid on u

BLAQK ! : Russell needs to donate his balls to the museum of badasses! 😂

Cableguy818 : Bro, you have BALLS OF STEEL.

Bunny Wuv : Absolutely fearless. I would have pissed myself instantly.

VazzyCow : *Okay I think I messed up, I used the flamethrower before removing it, now my house is on fire*

Ronald Coates : Get it at your local store , called "RAID" , and why did they let the nest get so big?? 💯🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂🐝🐝

Kevin Hays : he was stung 3 times. That doesn't sound easy to me. I've been stung before, and it HURTS. 1 sting HURTS.

$CLYDEXVERSE$ : 0:48 that moment when ur parents whoop yo ass and say it hurts them more than it hurts u😂

Hugo’s Dank Memes : If you have a wasp problem grab you homemade packed lunch and shove it in the wasp nest then close it Hehe I caught a wasp with my lunch box 😂

Justin Y. : This guy is the very definition of badass

bigbluesparky : So, The crazy mans way of destroying a wasp nest...No Thanks

Fed Myster : The bastards deserved it

Gary Spaulding : I have an annoying neighbor, do you make house calls??

Arm Ore : Grabs that nest... *LIKE A BOSS*