Telling someone you've never watched Game of Thrones

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Mia zuki : Relatable Ive never seen it and that's exactly how people react to that information

TheShadowLord007 : and the office and breaking bad fans be like this too

ᄋᄌᄋN A Y E O N : Game of Thrones sounds like a decent Nintendo game

cleverboy86 : Lord Griffy of LongBeach

AneeJay : when someone says they've never seen a LongBeachGriffy video

Poodie Tang : 😂😂 I just started watching game of thrones and I'm on season 2 . I'm actually glad I just started watching it. I don't have to wait all year for the next season to come back. 😎

firefighterstation3 : “I have never seen a single episode of game of thrones” has become the new “I am vegan”

Nosa Osayamwen : Lol.. I've never watched game of thrones And I'm ok

888 T.V : "GAAAAAAME OF THRONES, game of thrones"😂

Emily Heyes : this is the most intense ad i have ever seen.

len sanchvega : I’m playing the theme song of GoT with my orchestra 🤣

Greenz : Welp, we now know where Griffy been.

Zachary lemons : I’ve never watched Game of Thrones 😆😆🤷🏾‍♂️

abigail Williams : My teacher was literally talking about this with my classmates today

Yandwere : Bet the Neighbors are like "he's back at it again"

SavageRush012 : I've never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, nor Breaking Bad.

Ramiyah Thorn : Me when someone doesn’t says they don’t watch Harry Potter

Small Might : Lmao he added the intro😂

Salim Arale : Lord Griffy The Third From The South House of Long Beach HAS SPOKEN

QB Ak : *i feel attacked by this , i am also have never saw it* Edit: *i feel even more attacked by this thread*

FireDramine7 : have watched some parts and Im honestly not a big fan of GOT.

Ladybug201 : It took me while to finally get to see it myself. Started watching it in 2016-17 and I binged and suddenly I was up to date in two weeks from back to back episodes every night while studying for school and sleeping at 4AM almost every night. Would I do it again? Yes, yes I would. There’s a lot of people that don’t watch Game of Thrones around my area but hey, you do you. Your loss, not mine. 🤷🏽‍♀️😂😬

Paula Santana : LMAO a game of thrones ad on this video is alsdjcnlskdjn

Random Duck : I decided to watch GOT because of Griffey lol thanks I started from season 1 now I'm waiting for season 8 ep 3 to come out lol it's been only 1 week and I've catch up .a

Jesse Brophy : I feel this way about rick and morty tho

Y0UNG GVTS : Ive never seen griffy without a hat 😂😂🤣

Ruben Chapman : Best show? Breaking Bad? The Twilight zone?

Calvin's Path : I always wonder what his neighbor think bout all this loud voices 😂

Keondre No cap : I would’ve ve been like “Pay me 5k rn to watch it,since it’s more important than life itself🤦🏽‍♀️🤣”

KJ Legacy : More important than my KIDS!😂

Random Comment : I actually never watched GOT.

Rabia Iftikhar : I have never watched game of thrones too :D

FBI Jones : “More important than my kids, my religion, life itself” 😂😂💀💀

darkoniification : Ahahhha i love this man 😁😂😁

Matthew Spurs : If you've never watched GoT, what are you doing with your pathetic life lmao

toph : The fantasy genre isn't for me 🤷🏾‍♀️

J Williams : In 2002-2010 this could’ve worked for 24

OhNoABlackMan * : Why his gap make everything he do 10x funnier 😭

Fortnite Trash : I’m on episode 6 so far and I like orphan black way more

Moni Slots : Never going to watch it because I don’t have HBO

Jesus Christ : I might just watch game of thrones now

Mark B : Goddamn I’m so happy I found your channel

Delta_Sly : Rewatching LongBeachGriffy videos, waiting for the final season.

billie snow : I have a work friend EXACTLY like this

incrediboxboi : I got a GoT ad before this.

supasik1 : I never seen game of thrones either or breaking bad

KingTaichi : Every Game of Thrones Stan out there

cali : “I would kill my whole family for this” well that escalated quickly 💀

Fullrusher : I’ve never actually had time to see this show nor do I care to lol