Minecraft ASMR - Episode 20
Biggest Minecraft Chicken Farm Ever At End Of Video

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Relax as I goof around a bit in Minecraft. I'm still learning the many aspects of Minecraft, so please have patience with me as I work to better my skills. Feel free to give me tips and pointers in the comments section. Your input is appreciated. I began playing Minecraft in my spare time in June of 2017. At the time of this video, this is the only Minecraft world I've ever built and I did it entirely in survival mode. Though I'm no longer considered a newbie, the only thing I know for sure about Minecraft is that there is much to be learned about Minecraft. In my first two Minecraft videos I showed you my castle and mining outpost. I've made several more videos since then and I hope you are able to see how my skills have progressed. Still, I have much to learn. See all of my Minecraft videos with this handy playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HawdFdsv6wk&list=PLKJ3ft4uSvmfvyc0Lccwz3v_VwQ1bxU6_ Concerning "survival" mode. I don't know much about creative mode other than you don't have to worry about anything happening to you, or the treasures you've accumulated through hard work. Survival mode is what I prefer, and please keep in mind that this is only my opinion. You see, for me, there needs to be the element of "loss" involved in any video game I might play. In Minecraft, I am compelled to build and gather in order to better my life within the game. I think this aspect of the game is brilliant because it is our human nature to want to "make things" to make life easier and better. Survival mode brings in another element of real life, an element that keeps us alert and vigilant, and that element is "consequences of our actions". What I mean is, like life itself, in survival mode, Minecraft has consequences, though thankfully not as devastating as those sometimes encountered in real life. The thought of having the fruits of my labor lost all because I carelessly decided to tangle with a Zombie on my way back to my home base, is enough to make me avoid the Zombies until I have safely deposited my haul of gold, silver, diamonds, and coal, into my storage chest back home. So, more than just the decision of where to place the next blocks, the decisions one needs to make in order to survive are what seems to appeal me. Minecraft is much more forgiving than real life though, probably because in order to survive and prosper in Minecraft, the right decisions seem so blatantly clear, and more importantly, easy enough to execute. Where as in real life, for whatever reason, things aren't always as clear for people. My message to everyone: when it comes to real life, think about what it took to get to whatever point you are now. Think of the hard work, the sacrifice by you, and perhaps by someone else that might have helped you get to wherever you are in life, and don't blow it...don't carelessly roll the dice with the Zombies when the consequences can be devastating. My videos are best enjoyed using headphones or earbuds. The videos on my YouTube channel portray some of the typical day-to-day activities that I do for relaxation. This video was produced with relaxation in mind and hopefully has some ASMR qualities. Too much stress is harmful to your well-being and in today’s fast-paced world, stress management is more important than ever, and so I hope this ASMR video acts as a stress reliever for those watching and a sleep-aid for anyone having a difficult time falling asleep. If you enjoy my videos and feel like you get something of value from them, you might consider becoming an official “patron” of my channel over at my Patreon page. Your patronage makes it possible for me to obtain the technology and other resources needed for improving this channel. Check it out at the link below: http://www.patreon.com/relaxingasmr You can also follow me at: https://twitter.com/RelaxingASMR ASMR information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response If you enjoy the videos on this channel, you might also like the videos on my toy channel so be sure to check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChOrQoKYuVucm0bRrVxsoww


wazoski boi : I can totally see him laughing maniacally, spawning a thousand chickens.

glayshur : When I watch your videos, I feel like I'm a kid again. Your voice reminds me of the smell of warm milk and honey and the feeling of being tired as you're getting tucked into bed. I can faintly smell tobacco and beer and aftershave, which to me are not negative smells, and I have the greatest sense of calm. The idea of you sitting down to make these, and editing them, is just so soothing. I truly love your work, you are by far my favorite ASMR'tist. I may not always get "tingles" but I frequently turn your videos on to listen to in the background while I work, and it always relaxes me so heavily. Thank you for taking the time to do this. By the way, love watching your fort grow.

DarkSkyASMR : You should go try to find a warm ocean and get some fish make a big aquarium

Mike Green : Look at all of those chickens! 🐔 🐔 🐔

Fry _ : You should go on a adventure to find a warm ocean! There you can catch tropical fish with a waterbukket to make an aquaruim or a fishpond at your base!

Alexander Muniz : This is the best series on all of YouTube thank you for your hard work in giving us these videos!

Vortion : I don't think I've ever seen that many chickens before haha

Dragz johnson : You should consider supplying KFC with all those chickens lol

Harley James : I am never going to stop laughing about all the chickens and your comedic presentation.

-ARSFACE - : I have to say I honestly love all your videos, but your Minecraft videos truly are my favorite thing to watch I wish you made more of them. Keep up the great work. And I hope to see a creative video where you are free to build I'm sure you'd have some amazing long a perfectly paced asmr movie. P.s. I absolutely busted out laughing at the chicken village. Funniest thing ever. Love this hobby

Carter Mahnke : Many priceless works of art.....

Mason Langert : This is a good vid great work on the castle, if you make coal blocks witch take 9 pieces of coal in the table it acts like a lava buck which can burn 100 items but the coal block can smelt around 80 or so items. Get a fishing rod and start getting levels up to 30 use an enchanting table and try to get luck of the sea III which helps you get the book of mending which makes your armor and tools last way longer. Just a small tip for ya keep up the good work

Jetpacker Josh : Are you the voice of Ratchet in transformers??

Metal Head : Sick fort. I can't build anything close to that. Got some skills

Chris Schmidt : Do you plan on going to the Nether again?

dotcomnsense : I chuckled out loud when you started explaining why you had so many chickens, especially when the volume of them increased with every turn you took!! I needed that moment of humor. Your castle design just keeps looking cooler and cooler each time you add to it. Love it!

DELUXSONGAMING : Wait, he built all this using a trackpad!?!?

KAAS : I never have or even had inspiration to build a huge fort to survive, but after I watched this, I created a world AND STILL COULDN'T DO IT...

id k : That's quite the glass

Kaori Rodriguez : I’ll always be in love with your construction skills! 😍😍

joe boyter : I love how there's a picture of a flaming skull right next to your garden lol

Asheton Dunaway : This is the only kinda ASMR I can stand. Thanks for the vids!!

You're average day pickle : Keep up the good work! <3

Vijay V : If counting sheep isn't helping you sleep, try counting those chickens 😂

Dave Topper T : Pistons make nice looking tables

The One and Only : And the list of things I didn’t know I needed extends

hitmy dms : If I bought you a trackball would you use it

Patrik Nano : I really enjoy your minecraft episodes! So few days ago i started playing minecraft again! Thanks for the relaxing and the minecraft vibe!

Giovanny G : Finally I’ve been waiting for another vid from u I love your channel keep up your great work

Thomas Reed : 26:00 That is a lot of chickens. At least you won't starve or run out of food. o.o

Toxxicomane : all of those chickens xD

jack3sixty ASMR : if i wake up to a creeper boom ill be so shocked :D

Spencer Lee : The description is 👌

Mop Gang : Slay my day😍😍😍

NiklasLwiche Autism : Your intro reminds me of the beginning of the intro from archer dreamland


the puginator : I love the MINCRAFT ones

FJQuality : It’s kinda nice to see someone building like in the old days.Ive been playing Minecraft since it came out.The way I play survival has changed a lot since I started and learnt a lot of stuff too.Maybe I will start a let’s play or something.But all I am trying to say is that continue making these videos

TheLlamaHaze : I love the apartment! Here's one thing that I think you'll like: For a functional refrigerator, you can place a dropper on the floor with an iron block on top of it. Then, cover the front of those two blocks with an iron door and place a button or lever on the side of the iron block. Then, with food in the dropper, press the button and out pops a meal! I always store my food this way because it just feels more comfy than looking for steak in a wooden box. Plus, if you don't cover the dropper on its sides, you can access its contents directly, so it's basically a mini food chest that looks good in a kitchen.

Zombie Pigman : I love your Minecraft videos so much. It’s cool to see how much your castle has changed since your first video!

T.H gaming : Hey could you do more fountain pen videos

Jerdo2 : Go to the nether soon :)

freya reeks : I love this really tingels

Travis Drewett : very relaxing!

Owen Wilson : How have you not crashed your game with all them chickens

Matthias Wilson : I gave a like

Sound_of_Silence : Oh my god dude that IS a lot of chickens

normanatorr : Will we ever get to see what you look like ??

Kaden LaShare : Please do a face reveal